McKinstry Cemetery
Gardiner, Ulster County, New York
Ulster County
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Survey originally conducted August 16, 1924 by Dr. J. Wilson Poucher and
Byron J. Terwillinger. Located about a mile south of Bruynswick on the
McKinstry farm. These are the only stones left on the McKinstry family
burying ground. They were found scattered about the pasture, there is said
to have been many more, but they have entirely disappeared.

Cornelius Bruyn - Son of Nathaniel & Cornelia Bruyn, August 29, 1836 8 mos. 22 days.

Hiram Hawkins - Son of Henry E. & Catharine Hawkins, January 26, 1848 2 mos.

Ellen M. McKinstry - dau. of David S. & Abigail McKinstry, December 27, 1842 6 yrs. 12 days.
Sarah McKinstry - Wife of Stephen McKinstry, April 16, 1843 80 yrs. 8 mos. 2 days.