Cemeteries of
Saratoga County, New York
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Town of Ballston
Town of Halfmoon
Town of Charlton
Town of Providence
Town of Clifton Park
Town of Corinth
Town of Edinburg
Town of Malta
City of Mechanicville
Town of Saratoga
Town of Galway
Town of Greenfield
Town of Milton
Town of Moreau
City of Saratoga Springs
Town of Northumberland
Town of Stillwater
Town of Waterford
Town of Wilton
Most of the entries to Saratoga County cemeteries will be from the surveys conducted by
Cornelius Durkee. The listings will not be in alphabetical order, but in the order Mr. Durkee
listed them. While other sites may have these listing in alphabetical order, you loose where the
placement of stones are in the cemetery and in relation to one another.  Some other sources
may also be included, so all of Durkee's listings will be followed by a code listing the volume
and page number such as d1-559 [Durkee Volume 1, page 559]. Entries from other surveys will
not have this code.