Wells Farm Cemetery        
Somerset County, New Jersey
Originally published in the Somerset County Historical Quarterly, Volume 3,
1914, page 302.

By John J. De Mott, Metucken, NJ

There are three burying grounds along the Easton Turnpike between New
Brunswick and Bound Brook, on the south side of the Raritan, and an
of the inscriptions they contain are as follows:

On the farm of Floyd Wells, one-third mile west of Smalley Farm burying
ground.  This ground is in a fenced enclosure, in a field.  It show evidence
of care.  The stones, though old, are erect and clean.

Conover, Michael, d. Nov. 3, 1825, aged 34 yrs., 11 mos., 3 dys.
Conover, Capt. John, d. July 23, 1837, aged 66 yrs., 19 dys.
Conover, Phebe (wife of John and dau. of Rulif and Catherine Voorhees),
d. Dec. 16, 1804, aged 24 yrs., 6 mos., 20 dys.
Conover, Joseph, d. April 6, 1814, in 75th yr.
Conover, Mary (wife of Joseph), d. July 2, 1798, aged 54 yrs.
Conover, Peter (son of Joseph and Mary), d. May 6, 1791, aged 21 yrs.,
2 mos., 14 dys.
Conover, Garret (son of Joseph and Mary), d. Nov. 4, 1809, in 27th yr.
Conover, Mary Ann (dau. of John and Eleanor), d. Dec. 2, 1834, aged 20
yrs., 4 mos., 10 dys.

Rappleyea, Allice (dau. of Joseph and Eliza), d. Feb. 1, 1842, aged 5 yrs.

Van Wickle (flat brick tomb, brown stone slab on top, reading): "On the 3rd
Day of March, 1757 Evert Van Wickle and Cornelia his wife accompanied
each other to the Land of Spirits.  One Grave contains their ashes & this
Stone is erected over it by their only Child Ann, then an Infant, but now the
Wife of Abraham Beach, D. D."
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