Oak Grove Cemetery
Washington, Daviess County, Indiana
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GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 38.66110, Longitude: -87.21140
N 240 W
Washington, Daviess County, Indiana

Benjamin Tolson - Born: October 30, 1844 in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, son of Matthew & Martha Jane (Shaw) Tolson;
Married: Mary Ellen Spears; Father of Nellie J. Bennett, George Walter Tolson & Martha J. O'Neal; Died: December 19,

Mary Ellen (Spears) Tolson - Born: February 14, 1844 in Indiana; Married: James Solomon; Married: Benjamin Tolson;
Mother of Ida Solomon, Clarence Solomon, Dora Solomon, Nellie J. Bennett, George Walter Bennett & Martha J. Tolson;
Died: January 1908.

Charles Henry Yenne - Born: November 30, 1858; Married: Dora Shirey; Married: Mary Ellen Marley; Father of Ralph
Vernon Yenne, Edna Uncapher, Claudia Marie Courtright, Shelden Yenne, Leah Albaugh Wright, Harlan Yenne & Sarah
Eliza Yenne; Died: August 17, 1929.

Mary Ellen (Marley) Yenne - Born: 1868; Married: Peter Yenne; Married: Charles Henry Yenne; Mother of Madge (Yenne)
Pierce & Sarah Eliza Yenne; Died: 1968.

Myrtle Bessie (Bennett) Yenne - Born: 1884; Married: Ralph Vernon Yenne; Died: 1971.

Ralph Vernon Yenne - Born: March 22, 1884, son of Charles Henry & Dora (Shirey) Yenne; Married: Myrtle Bessie
Bennett; Died: 1919.

Shelden Yenne - Born: 1891, son of Charles Henry & Dora (Shirey) Yenne; Died: 1896.