Oak Hill Cemetery - Irwin, Iowa
Oak Hill Cemetery is located just south of the City of Irwin,
Shelby County, Iowa on route F24. It is a non-perpetual care
cemetery situated on a knoll with good driveways throughout.
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The information provided for the individuals is from a
number of sources: the tomb stones, cemetery records,
obituaries, death notices, funeral handouts, newspaper
articles and Irwin's Centennial Book.

The subjects will not be in strict alphabetical order within
the surname page. I have strived to keep couple together
and even their children when I can. This takes precedence
over alphabetizing. Women are also listed under their
maiden names when known.

Not all links are working at this time, I populated the
surname pages before building the actual pages because it
seemed to work a lot smoother. More pages will be added
as this project is being built. More pictures will be added as
well, both of the tomb stones and portraits of the

If you have additional information or photos please email
me at admin@onentofl.com so we can arrange the best
way for me to get the images and information.
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