Mount Pleasant, New York
[Later known as The Brewster]
Mt. Pleasant, N.Y.
Also known as Mount Tremper or Shandaken, Ulster Co., NY
Riseley Farm House
Riseley Farmhouse with Riseley Family
Parents: Wilson C. & Adelia (Van Debogart) Riseley
Children: (in age order, not picture order) Mabel C., Addie S.,
Kathleen E., Lewis C., Gertrude, Dorothy, Iola, Egbert W., Harold H.
Modern View of the Riseley House
Part of the Catskill Corners/World's Largest Kaleidoscope Complex
Greetings from Mt. Pleasant
Pine Grove House, Mt. Tremper, Catskill Mts., N. Y.
Road Leading to Mt. Pleasant Station
Showing Hedges' Cottage
Mt. Pleasant, N. Y.
[Possibly owned by Grover C. & Nellie (Smith) Hedges]
Spacious Porch of Mountain Breeze House
Mt. Pleasant, N. Y. O. L. Every, Prop.
Mountain Breeze House
Mount Pleasant, N. Y.
[Original Building, later called The Annex]
Later Green Tint Postcard
Note: Now run by Orville Every with his daughter Mabel E. Riseley and
her husband Harold H. "Bill" Riseley. [See Riseley Farmhouse photos to
the left, Bill is on his father's lap]
Mountain Breeze House, A Home away from Home
O. L. Every, Prop., Mt. Pleasant, Ulster Co., N. Y.
Mountain Breeze House
Mt. Pleasant, N. Y.
"A Home away from Home"
O. L. Every, Prop.
Mt. Pleasant, Ulster Co., N. Y.
View from the Tennis Courts
The Corner, N. Y.
Mt. Pleasant House
The Pines, Road between
Mt. Pleasant and Mt. Tremper
Catskill Mts., N. Y.
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Brochure for The Dolphin Cottage,  Owned by the Every's before the Mountain Breeze House, believed to be removed for the making of the reservoir.
in Pine Wood
Mountain Breeze House foot bridge 1965
New York