Cayce Family Slave Births
According to information compiled as part of a self-guided walking
tour published by the First State Bank and City of Farmington, the
Cayce family "owned slaves who lived in quarters behind the house
until the end of the Civil War." That site is believed to have since
been rebuilt as a shed. Records housed in the genealogy room at
the Farmington Public Library also show that 19 markers have been
identified in the Old Cayce Cemetery, situated beside the "Cayce
House" on adjoining property. The oldest record dates back to
Pleasant Cayce, who was born in 1767 ........

From Goodspeed's History of Southeast Missouri:

"Pleasant and Anna (Claybrook)Cayce. (Pleasant) was born in
Chesterfield County, Va., in 1767 and was a coach maker by trade.
He learned his trade in his native county, and about the time he
attained his majority he went to Charlotte County, where he erected
a shop and began business upon his own responsibility. In 1830 he
immigrated to Missouri, settling in St. Charles County but in 1834,
he moved to St. Francois County and here bought 440 acres of land
four miles north of Farmington. He was one of the pioneer settlers
of St. Francois County, and died in 1840. His wife, Anna Claybrook,
was born in 1770 in Charlotte County, Va, and died in 1822.
Pleasant then married Mrs. Prudence Ellis, who was a native of
Lunenburgh County, Va. She died in 1833. He was the father of
eight children -- six daughters and two sons -...."