Poor of Chemung Co., NY
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A list people getting relief in Chemung County through various means. The
majority are residents of the Chemung County Poor Home, some have receive
medical, outside relief or transportation. The entries are mainly based on
fiscal years, 1879 being the period of Nov. 6, 1878-Nov. 6, 1879.
The Chemung County Poor House, or poor farm, was located in Breesport,
Horseheads. It was a working farm and all residents who were able were
expected to help out with the work.

The following sources are used, with their reference codes after:

Proceedings of the Board of Supervisors for 1879 - [JBS79]
Proceedings of the Board of Supervisors for 1885 - [JBS85]

More sources will be added as they are acquired.