Norway, Maine Civil War Soldiers
A Centennial Memorial
To The Norway Soldiers
Who Served Their Country
During The Civil War

Research and data by Donald L. McAllister
Published in the Annual Report of the
Municipal Officers of the
Town of Norway, Maine
For The Fiscal Year Ending
December 31, 1964
When the Confederate States of America fired on Fort Sumter on April 12,
1861, Norway was a prosperous and growing Town of 1982 inhabitants.
Norway sent down to the war more than a third of its adult male population.  
Maine furnished thirty-two regiments for the was and the commanding officer
of three of them came from Norway.
5 Lieutenants
10 Captains
44 different commissions in all
Norway had one Brigadier-Genereal, two brevet Brigadier Generals, one brevet
Major General, three Colonels, one Chaplain, one Assistant Surgeon and one
Regimental Quartermaster.
No citizen of Norway enlisted either in the Cavalry or Light Artillery.  All but
two enlisted in the Infantry.  The two mentioned enlisted in Heavy Artillery.
One of the very first soldiers to give his life in the Civil War was Sumner
Henry Needham.  He was born in Norway, moved to Lowell, Massachusetts.  
He was a member of the 6th Massachusetts Regiment.  He was killed by a
mob as the regiment was passing through Baltimore.
Forty-four gave their lives for the cause.  Ten of them fell in battle and seven
more died from wounds received in action.  Twenty-seven died from disease
incident to military life.

Norway Civil War Roster

Charles R. Atwood
, Co B, 32nd Regt. (Killed at Petersburg, July 30, 1864)
George L. Beal, Co G, 1st Regt. Colonel of Co G, in the 10th Maine Regt.
Jonathan Blake, Co G, 1st Regt. Captain of Co G, in the 10th Maine Regt.
Marcus Bartlett, Co G, 10th Regt. (Wounded at Antietam and died at
Smoketown, Md.)
Kenneth S. Bartlett, Co G, 10th Regt. (Wounded at Cedar Mt. Died at
Culpeper Court House, Virginia)
Caleb C. Buck, Co G, 1st Regt.
David L. Butterfield, Co G, 1st Maine, Co H, 23rd Regt.
Lucius I. Bartlett, Co G, 10th Regt. (Imprisoned at Libby Prison)
Frank J. Bradbury, Co G, 10th Maine
Isaiah M. Burnell, Co F, 14th Maine (Died in service)
Ephraim H. Brown, Co F, 17th Maine
Edward W. Bumpus, Co F, 17th Maine (Died in service)
Uriah W. Briggs, 1st Lt., Co F, 17th Maine, promoted to Captain
Granville M. Burnell, Co G, 29th Maine (Drowned on his way home to Norway)
Fitzroy Bennett, Coast Guard
Hezekiah E. Brown, Co B, 32nd Maine, Co B, 31st Maine (transfer)
Frank L. Berry, Co G, 1st Maine, Co F, 17th Maine, transferred to Veteran
Reserve Corps
Sumner W. Burnham, Co C, 17th Maine
James Crocket II, Co G, 10th Maine, Co G, 29th Maine
Horace Cole, Musician Co E, 5th Maine.  Served in Navy as Engineer USSS
Isaac C. Cross, Co I, 5th Maine Regt.
Grosvenor Crockett, Co G, 1st Maine, Co G, 14th Maine
Charles C. Cole, Sergeant Co F, 17th Maine. On Discharge served with Coast
Asa G. Charles, Corp. Co F, 17th Maine
William C. Cole, Co G, 29th Maine
William F. Cox, Co H, 23rd Maine, Co B, 32nd Maine. Taken prisoner.
Discharged and later joined Co F, Maine Coast Guards.
Alonzo B. Crockett, co G, 29th Maine
Charles B. Callahan, Co G, 29th Maine
Philo S. Cherry, Co G, First Maine
oseph Crockett, Co G, 5th Maine
Jere Dempsey, Co G, First Maine, Co G, 10th Maine
Charles W. Dinsmore, Co G, 10th Maine, transferred to 10th Maine Battalion,
then to Co D, 29th Maine. Taken prisoner.
Alvin Davis, Co G, 14th Maine (Died in New Orleans)
James Danforth, Co H, 23rd Maine
Horation B. Downer, Co D, 1st Maine Heavy Artillery. (Killed at Petersburg)
Claudius M. Favor, Sgt. in Co G, 1st Maine Co, 29th Maine. Later served as
2nd Lt in Captain Cobb's Company at Fort McClary.
John F. Fitz, Corp. Co G, 1st Maine, Sgt. Co G, 10th Maine Co, 29th Maine
Wallace Foster, Co G, 1st Maine, co G, 14th Maine, Co G, 29th Maine
Archelaus Fuller, Corp. Co G, 14th Maine.  Transferred to 14th Maine Battalion
Joseph Faulkner, Co B, 5th Maine.  (Dropped from rolls General Order 162)
George Foster, Co G, 14th Maine (Reported missing)
George W. Frost, Co G, 14th Maine (Died in New Orleans)
David Flood Jr., Co G, 14th Maine. Transferred to 14th Maine Battalion
John C. Frost, Co G, 14th Maine
Weston Frost, Co G, 14th maine
Mark F. Frost, Co H, 23rd Maine (Died in Service)
Gilbert L. Fisk, Co H, 23rd Maine; Co B, 32nd Maine (Killed at Petersburg)
William E. Frost, Co H, 23rd Maine
Nathan Foster, Co H, 23rd Maine Co B, 29th Maine. Died in service
Levi C. Fogg, Co H, 23rd Maine; Co B, 32nd Maine. Died in service
William H. Foster, Co H, 23rd Maine; Co G, 29th Maine. (served as wagoner)
David F. Frost, Co B, 29th Maine. (Died in service)
Edward Flood Jr., Co B, 32nd Maine
Eliab R. Frost, Co I, 32nd Maine. (Died from wounds)
Lucius D. Fisher, Co B, 30th Maine (1st Lt.)
Nathaniel G. Frost, Co G, 32nd Maine
Albert C. Gammon, Co G, 10th Maine
Atwood Gammon, Co A, 29th Maine
Andrew P. Greenleaf, Captain Cobb's Company at Fort McClary; Co A, 29th
Maine (Killed at Cedar Creek)
Solomon Greenleaf, Co G, 10th Maine; transferred to Co B, 10th Maine;
transferred to Co E, 29th Maine
Wellington Hobbs, Musician, Co G, 1st Maine; Co F, 17th Maine; Co H, 17th
Maine, Captain (Killed at Petersburg)
William F. Hale, 1st Maine; 10th Maine
William F. Hill, Co G, 1st Maine
J. Frank Hobbs, Co G, 1st Maine; Co G, 14th Maine. Discharged as Captain.
Charles Hall, Co G, 10th Maine
John G. Hayes, Corp, Co G, 14th Maine (Died in New Orleans)
Chandler Hutchinson, Co G, 14th Maine (Died in service)
Albion L. Hutchinson, Co G, 14th Maine
David L. Holden, Co G, 14th Maine
Daniel Holt II, Co G, 14th Maine
Harrison B. Holden, Co G, 14th Maine (Died in New Orleans)
Austin C. Hayes, Co G, 14th Maine (Killed at Baton Rouge)
Henry Herrick, Co G, 14th Maine
Calvin Holt, Co F, 17th Maine (Died in service)
Henry A. Hutchinson, Musician, Co H, 23rd Maine
George Whitehouse, Co H, 23rd Maine
Charles L. Hathaway, Co H, 23rd Maine
Nathaniel P. Hall, Co B, 32nd Maine
Lorenzo D. Hobbs, Wagoner, Co B, 32nd Maine
Benjamin G. Holt, Co B, 32nd Maine
Joseph H. Herrick, Co G, 32nd Maine; transferred to Co G, 31st Maine (Taken
Francis W. Hill, Co F, 17th Maine
Granville P. Jordan, Co G, 1st Maine
Asa D. Jordan, Co I, 5th Maine
Timothy Jordan, Co G, 1st Maine
Porter G. Jordan, Co F, 17th Maine
Isaac H. Jordan, Co F, 23rd Maine
William P. Johnson, Co G, 29th Maine
Amos C. Judkins, Co F, Coast Guards
Henry M. Judkins, Co B, 32nd Maine
Josiah P. Lovejoy, Co. G, 14th Maine
ohn H. Lovejoy, Co D, 16th Maine; Co G, 29th Maine (Killed at Cedar Creek)
Lewis Lovejoy, Co H, 23rd Maine; Co I, 32nd Maine
Samuel Lord, Co I, 32nd Maine
Joseph E. Long, Co G, 29th Maine
Henry R. Millett, Co G, 1st Maine; 2nd Lt, Co G, 10th Maine; 1st Lt, Co G,
29th Maine, Captain, Co E, 29th Maine
Frederick R. Merriam, Co G, 1st Maine
James L. Merrill, Co G, 10th Maine
Charles Matthews, Co G, 10 Maine
Ezra A. Merrill, Co G, 14th Maine (Died of wounds received at Cedar Creek)
David A. Morse, Co G, 14th Maine (Died at New Orleans)
William D. Merrill, Co F, 17th Maine; transferred to Veteran Reserve Corps.
Edward F. Morse, Co F, 17th Maine
Fessenden Mills, Co C, 17th Maine, wounded at Gettysburg and died of
Charles F. Millett, Co G, 10th Maine; Co F, Maine Coast Guards
Franklin B. Morse, Co G, 29th Maine
Charles H. McIntire, Co K, 30th Maine (Taken prisoner)
James Merrill, Co M, 1st Maine Heavy Artillery (Killed at Petersburg)
William F. Merrill, Co F, Maine coast Guards
Willard H. Mallett, Co C, 32nd Maine; transferred Co B, 31st Maine
Andrew M. Merriam, Co G, 14th Maine
Benjamin F. Morse, Co E, 10th Maine
Harrison Noble, Musician, Co G, 10th Maine, Co G, 29th Maine
Amos F. Noyes, 1st Lt., Co G, 14th Maine; Capt., Co H, 14th Maine; Capt.,
Co B, 32nd Maine. During the summer of 1864 he commanded the 32nd Regt.
Francis M. Noble, Co G, 14th Maine
William H. Noble, Co G, 14th Maine; Co H, 23rd Maine; Co B, 32nd Maine;
transferred to 31st Maine
Charles M. Pressey, Co G, 10th Maine (Killed at Antietam)
Charles D. Noble, Co F, 17th Maine
William O. Needham, Co G, 32nd Maine
George E. Needham, Co G, 14th Maine (Died at Ship Island)
Joseph L. Oliver, Co F, Maine Coast Guards
Darius F. Pike, Co G, 10th Maine
Daniel Pike, Co G, 14th Maine (Died in prison)
Rufus C. Penley, Co I, 5th Maine
Charles Pike, Musician, Co B, 29th Maine
Albert E. Pike, Co F, Maine Coast Guards
Henry Rust, Jr., 1st Lt., Co G, 1st Maine; Capt., Co G, 10th Maine; Lt Colonel
of 13th Maine Regt., promoted to Colonel of 13th. Discharged as
Francis H. Reed, Co H, 23rd Maine
Leonard D. Randall, Co H, 23rd Maine; Co B, 32nd Maine; transferred to 31st
Calvin Richardson, Co H, 23rd Maine
Jason F. Rowe, Co F, Maine Coast Guards
Charles S. Robbins, Co C, 10th Maine
George W. Sholes, Co G, 1st Maine
William H. Smith, Co F, 9th Maine (wounded)
Josiah H. Smith, Co G, 14th Maine (Died in service)
Freeman H. Shackley, Co H, 23rd Maine; Co B, 32nd Maine; wounded at
Petersburg and died shortly after his return to Norway
Henry S. Shattuck, Co H, 23rd Maine
Luther L. Sampson, Co H, 23rd Maine
Charles Thompson, Co G, 1st Maine, 10th Maine Regimental Commissary
Sergeant promoted to Quartermaster. Quartermaster of 29th Maine Regt.
Henry Tucker, Co G, 14th Maine
William W. Twombly, Co F, Maine Coast Guards
Osmond Towne, Co B, 32nd Maine (Died in service)
Cyrus S. Tucker, Co F., 17th Maine, detached as Brigade Saddler
William W. Virgin, Colonel of 23rd Regt.
George W. Verrill, Co C, 17th Maine, promoted to 1st Lt., later to Captain of
Co E, 17th Maine
William W. Whitmarsh, Co G, 1st Maine; 2nd Lt., Co G, 10th Maine; Capt., Co
G, 29th Maine
Hannibal S. Warren, Co G, 1st Maine; Co F, 17th Maine
Benjamin F. Whitcomb, Co F, 14th Maine (Died in service)
Orrington Wilkins, Co G, 14th Maine
Levi A. Whitcomb, Co F, 17th Maine (enlisted on quota for Paris). Reported
missing following the battle of Chancellorsville
Samuel S. Yates, Co G, 10th Maine. Served as wagoner
Charles A. Young, Co H, 23rd Maine

Captian Cobb's company of Volunteer Militia

The company was enlisted for sixty days, it was mustered April 27th, 1864
and discharged 9 July 1864.
Sylvanus Cobb Jr., Claudius M. Favor, Henry Tucker, James M. Favor, Arthur E.
Denison, George A. Cole, Wallace Foster, Benjamin G. Barrows, James G. B.
Bradbury, Charles B. Cummings, James C. Drew, William D. Earle
Charles J. Edgecomb, William E. Frost, Edwin Fisher, Atwood Gammon, Abram
Green, Andrew P. Greenleaf, Joseph F. Herrick, George F. Howe, Frank H.
Hamlin, Levi E. Holden, George F. Leonard, William F. Merrill, William A.
Merrill, Hiram Merrill
Charles F. Millett, Charles M. Mallett, Benjamin H. Noble, Edwin J. Newhall,
Charles S. Penley, Isaiah V. Penley, Scott Partridge, Frank H. Reed, Oliver
Shackley, Edward F. Stevens, Clarence M. Smith, John Tucker, and Rodolphus

Norway Men In Service Out Of State

E. Wright Bisbee was promoted to Capt. of his company in a Massachusetts
Aaron W. Brown served in a Massachusetts regiment and died at Falmouth,
William A. Evans of the 28th Massachusetts was killed at Spottsylvania.
Stidman Bennett, Wagoner in 1st Massachusetts Regt., died at Mt Pleasant
James L. Merrill, Sergeant in the U. S. Signal Corps. Died at Norfolk, Virginia.
Other Norway men who served in Massachusetts regiments were Henry O.
Beal, Henry T. Merrill, James Merrill, Joseph H. Newhall, Charles E. Newhall,
and Charles A. Smith
Stephen C. Yeaton served in the 54th Massachusetts Regiment.
Daniel S. Morse enlisted in the regular army and Daniel Latham, George F.
Latham, and J. C. Davis served in the United States Navy.

Service History of Maine Volunteers

First Maine Regiment of Volunteers
Company G: Used to defend Washington, D.C. during the First Battle of Bull

Fifth Maine Regiment of Volunteers
Company G (This was one of the regiments in The Army of the Potomac).
Mustered into service 4 June 1861.
First Battle of Bull Run, Peninsular Campaign, Antietam, Fredericksburg,
Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Wilderness, Cold Harbor, North Anna River.

Ninth Maine Regiment of Volunteers
Mustered into service 21 September 1861.
Service was mostly given in the south.
South Carolina, Battle of Cold Harbor, Petersburg.

Thirteenth Maine Regiment of Volunteers
One Norway officer, colonel Henry Rust Jr. was the commanding officer.

Tenth Maine Regiment of Volunteers
Most of the men whose duty terminated in the First Maine enlisted to serve in
this new regiment.
Sent to guard and inspect railroad cars and lines on the Baltimore and Ohio
Railroad.  Reconnaissance duties Luray Court House, Sandy Hook, Flint Hill,
Warrenton, Battle of Cedar Mountain, Second Battle of Bull Run, Antietam,
Guard duty at Maryland Heights.
Mustered out of service 8 May 1863.

Fourteenth Maine Regiment of Volunteers
Company G. Mustered into service in December 1861 for three years.
Battle of Baton Rouge, Siege of Port Hudson.
Returned to Washington D. C. to join Sheridan and his and his troops on the
famous "excursions" into the Shenandoah Valley to meet General William T.
Battles: Opequan and Cedar Creek
Mustered out of service 28 August 1865

Seventeenth Maine Regiment of Maine Volunteers
Companies F and C. Mustered into service 18 August 1862.
Battle of Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg (Second days Battle),
Wapping Heights (in pursuit of General Robert E. Lee), Locust Grove, Mene
These battles and campaigns were carried on in connection with the Third
Army Corps. The Third and Second Army corps were then consolidated, to be
known as the Second Army corps.
Wilderness, North Anna River, Petersburg, Spottsylvania Court House, cold
Harbor, Richmond.
The Seventeenth Maine then returned to Washington, D.C. for the Grand
Review at the end of the war.

Eighteenth Maine Regiment of Volunteers (Became the First Maine Heavy

Defense of Washington
Spottsylvania Court House
After Spottsylvania Court House the Regiment became part of the Second
Army Corps.

Twenty-Third Maine Regiment of Volunteers, William A. Virgin, commanding
Company H. Mustered into service 29 September 1862
Duty: Guard the crossings of the Potomac.
Engaged in mo major skirmishes.
Missed involvment in Battle of Gettysburg, because their enlistments were up
on the 27th of June.

Twenty-ninth Maine Regiment of Volunteers
Company G. The commanding officer of the 29th Regiment was General
George L. Beal.
Sabine Cross Roads, Battle of Fisher's Hill, Battle of Cedar Creek, Battle of
Regiment took part in the final Grand Review.
Later ordered to the south to assist in administration of military government
and Freedmans Bereau.  General Beal was military governor of the South
Carolina Military District.

Thirtieth Maine Regiment of Maine Volunteers
Red River Campaign
Regiment served mostly in the south.
After the war the Thirtieth Maine was on duty in Georgia until 20 august 1865
when it was ordered home to be mustered out of service.
Most of the men re-enlisted from the 13th Maine Regiment of Maine

Thirty-second Maine Regiment of Maine Volunteers
Mustered into service in February 1864.
This was the last regiment raised for service in Maine.
Most Norway men served in Company B.
The regiment was held in reserve during the Battle of the Wilderness and
Cold Harbor.
Because of the large numbers of casualties suffered at Fort Hell (Battle of
Petersburg) the Thirty-seconds was consolidated with the Thirty-first Maine
Company B, Thirty-first Regiment took part in the capture of Petersburg and
took pursuit of the Rebel Army.
Mustered out of service 15 July 1865.
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