Corinna, Maine World War 1
Soldiers and Sailors
Barker, Richard A.
Barney, Ernest W.
Bemis, Jacob E.
Bemis, John W.
Bemis, Milford R.
Burrill, Albert L.
Burrill, Carroll S.
Burrill, Josiah H.
Burton, Roy H.
Buswell, Lester L.
Coffin, Ernest J.
Coffin, Harry E.
Cullicut, Hartley
Cullicut, Millage
Curtis, Sidney A.
Day, M. Claude
Dearborn, Harry W.
Dearborn, Errold
Downs, Chester
Eastman, Charles
Folsom, Sidney C.
French, Stanley I.
Gilbert Guy J.
Hall, Guy M.
Hall, Robert W.
Hamm, H. Ray
Hatch, Harold F.
Hayden, Lindley
Kelley, Elwin J.
Knowles, Guy
Lank, Roy
Libby, Leland
Leo, J. Augustus - Died in camp
Littlefield, Ora
McFarland, Norris R.
McKenney, Emerson
McKenney, Rex L. - Died in France
Nutter, Fred J.
Pearson, Guy J.
Pearson, Roy
Proctor, Clyde J.
Proctor, Guy J.
Richardson, Donald P.
Ross, Wentworth
Seavey, Roy E.
Shepherdson, Edwin B.
Shorey, Henry C.
Smith, Donald
Sprague, Chester P.
Tewksbury, Maurice P.
Thompson, Charles E.
Tuttle, John
Vaughn, Wilder L.
Walker, Joseph F.
Worthen, harold W.
White, Edward P.
White, Percy E.
York, Leroy N.
Young, Winfred H.
Roll of Honor
As published in the Annual Report of the
Municipal Officers of the Town of Corinna, Maine
For the year 1918-19
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