Marriages - Dorset, Vermont

Abbott, Margaret A. to James F. Lyon, Jr. August 14, 1976 TR1976

Arthur, Constance Ann of Pawlet to John Stanley Towsley of Pawlet
September 10, 1983 TR1983

Arwe, Muriel E. to Grant R. LeFevre August 7, 1976 TR1976

Auburn, Travers Thomas to Ann Leslie Minges May 19, 1979 TR1979

Baird, Debra Lynn of Dorset to Peter Craig Wyman of Dorset May 28, 1983

Baird, Ella L. to Richard C. Jarvis June 28, 1976 TR1976

Baker, Bonnie K. to Ronnie C. Bruce July 7, 1979 TR1979

Baker, Gardner Clifton to Agnes E. Marcellus April 22, 1956 TR1956

Baker, Kellie Lynn of Dorset to Matthew Harold Waite of Pawlet February 12,
1983 TR1983

Baker, Vickie A. to Peter T. Haskins May 20, 1978 TR1978

Baldwin, Bruce R. to Ramona L. Hitchcock June 6, 1976 TR1976

Barden, Barbara to Mark C. Ross April 15, 1979 TR1979

Barry, Lynn S. of Dorset to Edwin W. Elmore of Manchester August 21, 1983

Beattie, Stewart Nelson of Peru to Vickie Lynn Davis of Dorset August 13,
1938 TR1983

Begun, Kenneth B. to Carol A. Probert May 21, 1978 TR1978

Bellafato, Lauren M. to Richard A. Keyes Jr. September 8, 1979 TR1979

Berger, Jonathan to Kathleen L. Wallace September 2, 1979 TR1979

Berkey, Andrew Schultz of Dorset to Edith Dulles Sylvester of Dorset
February 12, 1983 TR1983

Bierwirth, Robert J. to Gloria B. Lacoste August 12, 1978 TR1978

Bovey, Sharon H. to Clifford B. Stone October 14, 1978 TR1978

Bovey, Teresa A. to Steven F. Casey August 11, 1979 TR1979

Bowen, Joan M. to Stephen M. Hazelton August 25, 1978 TR1978

Boyce, Jennifer Lynn of Granville, N.Y. to David George Warner of Granville,
N.Y. April 16, 1983 TR1983

Brascombe, Katherine A. of West Hartford, Connecticut to George R. GRaf of
Dorset June 5, 1983 TR1983

Brophy, Michael P. to Darlene L. Greene October 21, 1978 TR1978

Bruce, Ronnie C. to Bonnie K. Baker July 7, 1979 TR1979

Bullock, James to Connie Miller November 20, 1976 TR1976

Burns, Margaret N. to Richard N. Stannard February 18, 1978 TR1978

Butler, Hazel Alice to Harold James Hale November 2, 1956 TR1956

Cadoret, John E. to Gisele A. Ford July 10, 1976 TR1976

Carigan, Joanne M. to Eric E. Thum December 20, 1978 TR1978

Carney, Edith H. to Frank M. Gregory February 14, 1979 TR1979

Casey, Cindy Lee to Daniel Arthur O'Leary May 12, 1979 TR1979

Casey, Steven F. to Teresa A. Bovey August 11, 1979 TR1979

Chambers, Donald E. to Cynthia D. Stannard June 24, 1978 TR1978

Coglan, John K. to Anne Glover December 11, 1976 TR1976

Cole, Marilyn E. to James E. DeBarbieri Jr. June 19, 1976 TR1976

Connors, Mary Jane to Harold Edwin Moffit November 10, 1956 TR1956

Connors, Paul H. to Barbara R. Sargent October 26, 1956 TR1956

Connors, Robert Donald to Mary Louise Greene February 14, 1956 TR1956

Daggett, David M. to Betty Joan Staskiewicz January 4, 1976 TR1976

Daley, Teresa Louise to Charles Hans Mench June 23, 1979 TR1979

Davis, Glenn Edwin of Yarmouth, Maine to Kathy Jean Hockman of Dorset
April 23, 1983 TR1983

Davis, Vickie Lynn of Dorset to Stewart Nelson Beattie of Peru August 13,
1983 TR1983

DeBarbieri, James E. Jr. to Marilyn E. Cole June 19, 1976 TR1976

Devico, Jane R. to Lewis Stan December 31, 1979 TR1979

Dufresne, Jeffrey L. to Jane M. Stevens December 15, 1979 TR1979

Elias, Joseph to Christine Tsuchida June 19, 1976 TR1976

Elmore, Edwin W. of Manchester to Lynn S. Barry of Dorset August 21, 1983

Faszholz, James Milton to Mary Ellen Moore June 26, 1979 TR1979

Fendel, Christopher Jay of Manchester Center to Susan Michele Geldbaugh of
Dorset Janaury 4, 1983 TR1983

Ford, Gisele A. to John E. Cadoret July 10, 1976 TR1976

Franzoni, John Raymond of Dorset to Lisa Ann Paskiewicz of Dorset July 23,
1983 TR1983

Gawell, Karl P. to Martha-Jo Limbacher June 17, 1978 TR1978

Geldbaugh, Susan Michele of Dorset to Christopher Jay Fendel of Manchester
Center Janauary 4, 1983 TR1983

Gilbert, June Elizabeth to Thomas William Hitchcock December 22, 1956

Ginn, Thomas B. to Jill Merritt May 12, 1979 TR1979

Glover, Anne to John K. Coglan December 11, 1976 TR1976

Graf, George R. of Dorset to Katherine A. Branscombe of West Hartford,
Connecticut June 5, 1983 TR1983

Greene, Darlene L. to Michael P. Brophy October 21, 1978 TR1978

Greene, Mary Louise to Robert Donald Connors February 14, 1956 TR1956

Gregory, Frank M. to Edith H. Carney February 14, 1979 TR1979

Hale, Harold James to Hazel Alice Butler November 2, 1956 TR1956

Harkins, Jamieson E. to Antonia L. Rosencrantz December 29, 1979 TR1979

Haskins, Peter T. to Vickie A. Baker May 20, 1978 TR1978

Hayes, Roger Winfield to Leah Hamilton Hook July 8, 1978 TR1978

Hazelton, Stephen M. to Joan M. Bowen August 25, 1978

Heaton, Jack Edward to Phyllis G. Schwartz October 6, 1979 TR1979

Helmus, Alyce to William H. Manley August 5, 1978 TR1978

Hitchcock, Margaret W. to Charles E. Nichols July 10, 1976

Hitchcock, Ramona L. to Bruce R. Baldwin June 6, 1976 TR1976

Hitchcock, Roger to Brenda Quackenbush June 20, 1976 TR1976

Hitchcock, Thomas William to June Elizabeth Gilbert December 22, 1956

Hoard, Robert Harold to Nancy I. Lueth December 5, 1978 TR1978

Hockman, Kathy Jean of Dorset to Glenn Edwin Davis of Yarmouth, Maine
April 23, 1983 TR1983

Hodgin, Mark W. to Mary Ann Kelly February 14, 1976 TR1976

Holmes, Jennifer L. to Richard E. Thoma October 6, 1976 TR1976

Hook, Leah Hamilton to Roger Winfield Hayes July 8, 1978 TR1978

Jarvis, Richard C. to Ella L. Baird June 28, 1976 TR1976

Johnson, Barbara E. to Donalad E. Smith May 26, 1978 TR1978

Kelly, Mary Ann to Mark W. Hodgin February 14, 1976 TR1976

Keyes, Richard A. Jr. to Lauren M. Bellafato September 8, 1979 TR1979

King, John W. Jr. to Linda A. Wallace April 17, 1976 TR1976

King, Wilma Ethel to Leslie Harold Taylor November 17, 1956 TR1956

Lacoste, Gloria B. to Robert J. Bierwirth August 12, 1978 TR1978

Leach, Henry Bromley to Jaska Ann Nichols November 3, 1956 TR1956

Lee, Elizabeth L. to William A. Sanstead June 24, 1978 TR1978

LeFevre, Grant R. to Murial E. Arwe August 7, 1976 TR1976

Limbacher, Martha-Jo to Karl P. Gawell June 17, 1978 TR1978

Lindsay, Margaret N. of Albany, N.Y. to Michael Bernard Picotte of Albany,
N.Y. September 17, 1983 TR1983

Linville, John E. to Anne W. Warner December 31, 1976 TR1976

Lueth, Nancy I. to Robert Harold Hoard December 5, 1978 TR1978

Lyon, James F. Jr. to Margaret A. Abbott August 14, 1976 TR1976

Manley, William H. to Alyce Helmus August 5, 1978 TR1978

Marcellus, Agnes E. to Gardner Clifton Baker Aprill 22, 1956 TR1956

Matteson, Nancy Carolyn to John Chester McDaniels October 16, 1956

McDaniels, John Chester to Nancy Carolyn Matteson October 16, 1956

McWayne, David Henry to Elsie Caroline Niles June 29, 1979 TR1979

Meachem, Bruce E. to Beth A. Nelson September 9, 1979 TR1979

Mench, Charles Hans to Teresa Louise Daley June 23, 1979 TR1979

Merritt, Jill to Thomas B. Ginn May 12, 1979 TR1979

Merwin, John H. of Dorset to Martha Louise Poole of Dorset March 27, 1983

Miller, Connie to James Bullock November 20, 1976 TR1976

Miller, Donald A. to Amy I. Smith November 27, 1976 TR1976

Miller, Joyce C. of Dorset to Frank A. Tarbell of Dorset November 11, 1983

Minges, Ann Leslie to Travers Thomas Auburn May 19, 1979 TR1979

Mithoefer, Martha P. to Frank Simon II August 28, 1976 TR1976

Moffit, Beverly A. to David V. Trafford June 5, 1976 TR1976

Moffit, Harold Edwin to Mary Jane Connors November 10, 1956 TR1956

Moore, Mary Ellen to James Milton Faszholz June 26, 1979 TR1979

Nelson, Beth A. to Bruce E. Meachem September 9, 1979 TR1979

Nichols, Charles E. to Margaret W. Hitchcock July 10, 1976 TR1976

Nichols, Jaska Ann to Henry Bromley Leach November 3, 1956 TR1956

Niles, Elsie Caroline to David Henry McWayne June 29, 1979 TR1979

O'Leary, Daniel Arthur to Cindy Lee Casey May 12, 1979 TR1979

Paskiewicz, Lisa Ann of Dorset to John Raymond Franzoni of Dorset July 23,
1983 TR1983

Paskiewciz, Lucy to Everett E. rush February 13, 1978 TR1978

Picotte, Michael Bernard of Albany, N.Y. to Margaret N. Lindasy of Albany,
N.Y. September 17, 1983 TR1983

Poole, Martha Louise of Dorset to John H. Merwin of Dorset March 27, 1983

Probert, Carol A. to Kenneth B. Begun May 21, 1978 TR1978

Proft, Matthew Eric of Dorset to Bethlin Emily Thompson of Dorset August
19, 1983 TR1983

Prouty, Richard A. of Manchester to Hazewl M. Troumbley of Manchester
November 5, 1983 TR1983

Quackenbush, Brenda to Roger Hitchcock June 20, 1976 TR1976

Robison, Maragaret to Dale Woon October 16, 1976 TR1976

Rosencrantz, Antonia L. to Jamieson E. Harkins December 29, 1979 TR1979

Ross, Mark C. to Barbara Bardin April 15, 1979 TR1979

Rush, Everett E. to Lucy Paskiewciz February 13, 1978 TR1978

Sanstead, William A. to Elizabeth L. Lee June 24, 1978 TR1978

Sargent, Barbara R. to Paul H. Connors October 26, 1956 TR1956

Schneider, Rebecca E. to John Edward Schumacher January 26, 1979 TR1979

Schumacher, John Edward to Rebecca E. Schneider January 26, 1979 TR1979

Schwartz, Phyllis G. to Jack Edward Heaton October 6, 1979 TR1979

Scribner, David B. Gale D. Tifft May 26, 1979 TR1979

Simon, Frank II to Martha P. Mithoefer August 28, 1976 TR1976

Smith, Amy I. to Donald A. Miller November 27, 1976 TR1976

Smith, Donald E. to Barbara E. Johnson May 26, 1978 TR1978

Stan, Lewis to Jane R. Devico December 31, 1979 TR1979

Stannard, Cynthia D. to Donald E. Chambers June 24, 1978 TR1978

Stannard, Richard N. to Margaret N. Burns February 18, 1978 TR1978

Staskiewicz, Betty Joan to David M. Daggett January 4, 1976 TR1976

Stevens, Jane M. to Jeffrey L. Dufresne December 15, 1979 TR1979

Stone, Clifford B. to Sharon H. Bovey October 14, 1978 TR1978

Sylvester, Edith Dulles of Dorset to Andrew Schultz Berkey of Dorset February
12, 1983 TR1983

Tarbell, Frank A. of Dorset to Joyce C. Miller of Dorset November 19, 1983

Taylor, Leslie Harold to Wilma Ethel King November 17, 1956 TR1956

Thoma, Richard E. to Jennifer L. Holmes October 6, 1976 TR1976

Thompson, Bethlin Emily of Dorset to Matthew Eric Proft of Dorset August
19, 1983 TR1983

Thum, Eric E. to Joanne M. Carigan December 20, 1978 TR1978

Tifft, Gale D. to David B. Scribner May 26, 1979 TR1979

Townsend, Deborah Ann to Bruce William Towsley July 28, 1979 TR1979

Towsley, Bruce William to Deborah Ann Townsend July 28, 1979 TR1979

Towsley, John Stanley of Pawlet to Constance Ann Arthur of Pawlet
September 10, 1983 TR1983

Trafford, David V. to Beverly A. Moffit June 5, 1976 TR1976

Troumbley, Hazewl M. of Manchester to Richard A. prouty of Manchester
November 5, 1983 TR1983

Tsuchida, Christine to Joseph Elias June 19, 1976 TR1976

Waite, Matthew Harold of Pawlet to Kellie Lynn Baker of Dorset February 12,
1983 TR1983

Wallace, Kathleen L. to Jonathan Berger September 2, 1979 TR1979

Wallace, Linda A. to John W. King Jr. April 17, 1976 TR1976

Warner, Anne W. to John E. Linville December 31, 1976 TR1976

Warner, David George of Granville, N.Y. to Jennifer Lynn Boyce of Granville,
N.Y. April 16, 1983 TR1983

Woon, Dale to Maragaret Robison October 16, 1976 TR1976

Wyman, Peter Craig of Dorset to Debra Lynn Baird of Dorset May 28, 1983
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