Searsport, Maine Marriages

Aller, Charles C. to Marion H. Fuller October 7, 2003. TR2003

Ambrose, Seth D. to Shannon P. Daniels October 11, 2003. TR2003

Ashey, Mark E. to Danielle C. Curtis July 12, 2003 TR2003

Beck, Brenda K. to Louis N. Marquis February 14, 2003 TR2003

Bolduc, Gerard J. to Alice M. Rau August 23, 2003. TR2003

Burnham, Monty W. to Rebecca D. Munster October 18, 2003. TR2003

Catanzaro, Katherine L. to Christopher I. Richards June 28, 2003. TR2003

Corbin, Andrew B. to Brenda F. Stevens July 19, 2003. TR2003

Curtis, Danielle C. to Mark E. Ashey July 12, 2003. TR2003

Daley, Marquerite E. to Darol D. Steeves March 8, 2003. TR2003

Daniels, Shannon P. to Seth D. Ambrose October 11, 2003. TR2003

Donald, Nancy L. to Eugene C. Greenlaw September 27, 2003. TR2003

Fuller, Marion H. to Charles C. Aller October 7, 2003. TR2003

Gasllant, Cheryl A. to Douglas G. McAllister August 8, 2003. TR2003

Gallant, Tonya L. to Wade E. Haevey August 2, 2003. TR2003

Greenlaw, Eugene C. to Nancy L. Donald September 27, 2003. TR2003

Greenleaf, Benjamin J. to Rebecca A. Moody January 2, 2003 TR2003

Harvey, Benjamin P. to Natalie M. Krouse January 11, 2003 TR2003

Harvey, Wade E. to Tonya L. Gallant August 2, 2003. TR2003

Krouse, Natalie M. to Benjamin P. Harvey January 11, 2003 TR2003

Marquis, Louis N. to Brenda K. Beck February 14, 2003 TR2003

McAllister, Douglas G. to Cheryle A. Gallant August 8, 2003. TR2003

Moody, Rebecca A. to Benjamin J. Greenleaf January 2, 2003 TR2003

Munster, Rebecca D. to Monty W. Burnham October 18, 2003. TR2003

Rau, Alice M. to Gerard J. Bolduc August 23, 2003. TR2003

Richards, Christopher I. to Katherine L. Catanzaro June 28, 2003. TR2003

Staples, Trevor J. to Kristy M. Weaver March 8, 2003 TR2003

Steeves, Darol D. to Marquerite E. Daley March 8, 2003. TR2003

Stevens, Brenda F. to Andrew B. Corbin July 19, 2003. TR2003

Underwood, Charles W. to Sonia I. Vazquez September 29, 2003. TR2003

Vazquez, Sonia I. to charles W. Underwood September 29, 2003. TR2003

Wabewandja, Gerald A. to Melissa L. Wilson August 23, 2003. TR2003

Weaver, Kristy M. to Trevor J. Staples March 8, 2003 TR2003

Wilson, Melissa L. to Gerald A. Wabewandja August 23, 2003. TR2003
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