Institutional Inmates of Chemung Co., NY
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This database contains a variety of items extracted from County financial
records. Prisoners, parolees, those that were fined by the courts, those that
were in different lunatic or insane asylums, even a few bastardy court cases.
While there isn't much detail in the financial records these were extracted
from, this will give you a guide to the time period in the County Archives to
look at, and which department may of handled the matter.

The follow sources were used, followed by the codes.

Proceedings of the Board of Supervisors 1879 - [JBS79]
Proceedings of the Board of Supervisors 1885 - [JBS85]

More sources will be added as they can be acquired.

Some of the institutions are:

Binghamton Asylum, Binghamton, NY
Buffalo State Asylum for the Insane, Buffalo, NY
Middletown Asylum, Middletown, NY
Utica Insane Asylum, Utica, NY
Willard Asylum, Ovid, NY