Reunion 1906

Captain E. T. E. Becker
Co. I. 92. Ill. Inf.

"And glory guards with solemn round
The bivouac of the dead."

Egbert T. E. Becker was born in Bradford County Pa. April 28, 1833 and died at
his home in Mt. Carroll May 28, 1906.  Aged 73 years and one month.  He was
the son of David and Fannie Becker (nee Benham).  the Benham family
genealogy can be traced back to 1638 when John Benham came from England,
to Boston, in the ship "Mary and John."
In 1843 he came west with his parents who first settled in Rock Creek Twp
where they resided a number of years, from thence they moved to Salem Twp.
Carroll county; thence into Mt. Carroll.
On Sept 4, 1862 Egbert enlisted in Co. I. 92 Ill. Inf. and was elected Captain.  
The war records show that the 92nd mounted Infantry was unsurpassed for
courage and zeal in the cause of human rights and liberty, and that it
contained no officer or soldier that surpassed Capt. Becker for bravery, is
freely admitted by all of his comrades.
He was mustered out of the U. S. Service June 21, 1865.  Returning to his
home he resumed the study of law which was broken when he entered the
Army.  He practiced law a number of years then served as County Clerk from
1879 to 1890, when he resumed the practice of law.
We remember him when in his young manhood he could bring joy and
gladness to those around him by his cheerful pleasing ways.
We recall the songs he sang, the mirth he could create by song or story and
how all eyes would fill with tears when he sang "The bundle bed".
And who of the comrades who ever heard him sing "The Old Canteen: will ever
forget him as he cast military dignity aside and was on of them around the
blazing camp fire, as also in the ranks in the presence of the enemy Captain
Becker, as long as memory lasted, held his comrades in kind and loving
remembrance, and their love for him is as lasting as the stars.

"There are bonds of all sorts in this world of ours,
Fetters of friendship and ties of flowers,
And true-lovers knots, I wear
The boy and the girl are bound by a kiss,
But there's never a bond in the world like this,
We have drank from the same canteen."

In Dec. 1867, Capt. Becker was married to Sarah Le Bosworth. Four children
were born to them, all of whom have passed away.

Treasurers Statement for the year ending August 29, 1906

Balance on hand last report  $3.33
Amt. received by collection this date..

Spoon                                     .85
Printing cards and envelopes    2.75
Postage                                 1.22
This record book                       .85
to L W Marrin Piano team work  3.00
Elsey & Smith Groceries            1.95
Cash on hand                        
                                 21.31      Collected Aug. 29, 06 17.98

Reunion of 1906

The 9th Annual Reunion of the Spencer-Benham Association met at the home
of Mrs. Clarinda Case near Eagle Point Illinois on Wednesday August 29. 06.
The  day was fine cool and pleasant.
About 164 were seated at the tables when dinner was served.
Shortly after dinner President J. I. Krebbs called the association to order
Comrade John Zook of Mt. Carroll invoked the divine blessing upon the
Mrs. Mary Duffy then played "America" which was sang by the audience.
Recitation by Archie Woodin  "Kids"
Instrumental Music            Ola Spencer
Mothers work                    Keza Spencer
Instrumental                    Miss Provost
Recitations                      Miss Harriet Layton
Song by                           Miss Bessie Coffey
A Summer Afternoon by      Ola Woodin
Come Take a Trip in my
Air ship  song by               Mason H. Duffy
The Drummer Boys Burial   Miss Blanche Ormsbee
Song of the Wild Flowers   Miss Alta Booth
Instrumental Music           Miss Bessie Coffey
Come Home Father            Mason H Duffy

The souvenir spoon was presented to Miss Grace Spencer, as being the
youngest member of the association present.  Aged six weeks. The little Miss,
besides being a Spencer, is the daughter of Bertha, who is the daughter of
Chas Sumner Johnson, who was the son of Ashel Johnson, the son of Jacob
Johnson and wife Saphrona Benham Johnson.

Names placed on the register 148

Election of President and Secretary resulted in the reelections of J. I. Krebbs
president and Henry Elsey Secretary for ensuing year.
A committee comprised of Mrs. Luna Davison, Miss Orpha Case and Mrs. Henry
Elsey was appointed by the president to purchase such articles as they
deemed necessary for the use of the association.
A vote of thanks was given to Mrs. Case and family for their splendid
hospitality and to Walter Woodin for the use of barns and stables in which to
place the horse of those attending the gathering.
To Mr L. W. Marriss the association extends thanks for use of piano.
Among those present by special invitations were Mrs. G. W. Knox, Mr and Mrs
W. R. Knox, Mrs. James Brown and daughter, Alex Grant and wife, J. W.
Grant, Mr and Mrs Henry Grashling and others.
It was voted that the older members of the association should have the
privelage of sending cards of invitation to such of their old time friends and
neighbors as they saw proper to meet with us at our reunions.
A few more songs by the young folks and thee meeting adjourned.

Treasurers Statement August 31, 1906.

Balance on hand Carried forward                 $10.69
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