Reunion of 1870

The first reunion of the Spencer-Beham family was upon July 4, 1870.
That gathering took place at the old home-stead in Eagle Point.
That was also the last reunion when the Naaman Spencer were all together,
excepting "Grandma Spencer", who had passed over the silent river.
The idea of organizing and holding an annual re-union did not enter into the
minds of the relatives at that time.  The years came and passed and many
were born and many died and it was at a funeral as West Elkhorn Grove
cemetery that the remark was made that it would be a pleasure to have the
relatives get together and have a reunion at a time when the heart did not
ache for some loved one that had gone, and at the old home, instead of in
the cemetery.

It will be noted that the Benham side of the house is not represented (by
name) at these reunions.  The reason is obvious. None of the male members
of Benhams settled in Northern Illinois.
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