Coroner's Reports, Delaware Co., NY
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The Coroner's Reports will vary in content between years and reporting
coroners or doctors. Some counties will report more than others. This
database won't give the details of the findings of autopsies. It will only tell
you the date of examination, in most cases the name, the examiner or
examiners, whether it was an examination or a post-mortem. There might be
a few other entries, such as a coroner ordered burial, or a removal of a body
from a location. It will give you a good idea whether it would be worth
ordering a copy of the file from the county or what dates to look in the
newspapers for further details.

The sources used in this county and their associated code are:

Proceeding of the Board of Supervisors, 1902 - [JBS02]

More sources will be added as they are acquired.