Windham, Maine Births

Allen, son to Lawrence H. Allen and Flora B. Atherton, July 29, 1919. TR1919

Allen, son to Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence H. Allen, September 19, 1923. TR1924

Allen, male to Laurence Allen and Flora Atherton at Westbrook, August 17,
1927. TR1928

Allen, Adrith Dorothy to James Allen Jr. and Dorothy Caddell at Westbrook,
June 6, 1926. TR1927

Allen, Alvin Jr. to Alvin Allen and Susie M. Hanson at Westbrook November 6,
1916. Given as Deposition. TR1936

Anthoine, son to Mr. & Mrs. Charles N. Anthione, Jr., May 7, 1924. TR1925

Anthoine, Mildred Louise to Charles N. Anthoine and Florence B. Lunt at
Portland, April 20, 1927. TR1929

Atherton, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. George W. Atherton, January 5, 1924.

Atherton, female to George W. Atherton and Geneva M. Fogg at Windham,
May 15, 1927. TR1928

Atherton, Roberta Fay to Clifford N. Atherton and Elsie Skillins at Windham
May 19, 1926. TR1927

Bacon, Leroy Lewis, Jr. to Leroy L. Bacon and Marion Gray at Westbrook,
Janaury 18, 1926. TR1927

Bailey, daughter to Charles W. Bailey and _____, January 25, 1920. TR1919

Banks, son to Mr. & Mrs. Ivan E. Banks, March 4, 1923. TR1924

Bishop, Ernest Donald to George H. Bishop and Lena M. McGuire at
Windham, April 25, 1928. TR1929

Bishop, Patricia Ann to George H. Bishop and Lena M. Maguire at Portland
October 9, 1935. TR1936

Black, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Gardner Black, April 5, 1923. TR1924

Black, Howard Gardner to Gardner E. Black and Violet M. Wentworth at
Windham October 13, 1926. TR1927

Blake, son to Joseph A. Blake and Annie L. Sawyer, March 14, 1919. TR1919

Boyd, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Lovit M. Boyd, February 19, 1923. TR1924

Boyd, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Lovitt M. Boyd, October 25, 1924. TR1925

Boyd, male to Loviett M. Boyd and Hazel Downing at Windham, May 21,
1928. TR1929

Boyd, Lovitt Murray to Lovitt M. Boyd and Hazel Downing at Windham,
August 15, 1926. TR1927

Brackett, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Edelbert Brackett, March 21, 1923. TR1924

Brackett, Violet Mae to E. W. Brackett and Hazel Newman at Buxton,
September 12, 1927. TR1928

Brand, daughter to Charles T. Brand and Mary V. Davison, March 16, 1919.

Britt, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Leon J. Britt, January 24, 1924. TR1925

Bryant, son to Mr. & Mrs. Ralph C. Bryant, July 16, 1924. TR1925

Buck, son to Aldelbert C. Buck and Ada F. McDonald, August 21, 1919. TR1919

Buckley, son to John Buckley and Lillian Jordan, January 9, 1920. TR1919

Buckley, Frederick Irving to John Buckley and Lillian Johnson at Windham,
July 26, 1926. TR1927

Burns, son to Ada Burns, December 30, 1924. TR1925

Cannell, male to Everett H. Cannell and Frances Boothby at Windham,
February 5, 1927. TR1928

Chambers, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Clarence J. Chambers, May 30, 1924.

Chambers, Glen Frederick to Clarence Chambers and Dorothy H. Weeman at
Windham, July 14, 1928. TR1929

Chambers, Margaret Winnefred to Clarence J. Chambers and Dorothy H.
Weeman at Windham, November 8, 1926. TR1927

Charles, son to Mr. & Mrs. John M. Charles, October 20, 1923. TR1924

Chase, male to Ray L. Chase and Mary E. Wilson at Windham April 7, 1926.

Clark, son to Edward E. Clark and Anna Sampson, January 29, 1920. TR1919

Clark, Roland Loveitt to Ira V. Clark and Gladys A. Loveitt at Windham
September 13, 1912. Given as a Deposition. TR1936

Clement, son to Mr. & Mrs. William Clement, February 24, 1923. TR1924

Cobb, daughter to Arthur E. Cobb and Alta E. Plummer, July 8, 1919. TR1919

Cobb, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Walter N. Cobb, February 8, 1923. TR1924

Cobb, male to Walter N. Cobb and Reba L. Varney at Windham, May 4, 1927.

Cole, son to Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth M. Cole, June 12, 1924. TR1925

Copp, son to Mr. & Mrs. Clifton H. Copp, February 20, 1924 TR1925

Copp, Blanch Lizzie to Clifton H. Copp and Annie C. McDonald at Windham,
January 29, 1927. TR1928

Corliss, Florence to Arthur S. Corliss and Grace Bagley at Lewiston March 22,
1935. TR1936

Cousins, son to Mr. & Mrs. Winfield S. Cousins, April 2, 1924. TR1925

Davis, Leona Julia (Davis)  to Benjamin L. Davis and Margaret E. Snyder at
Windham, August 23, 1927. TR1928

Davis, Roseanna Gertrude to LeRoy E. Davis and Violet A. Handspiker at
Windham, September 6, 1927. TR1928

Deroche, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Ben Deroche, July 13, 1923. TR1924

Deroche, son to Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Deroche, June 24, 1923. TR1924

Desrocher, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Fred Desrocher, August 26, 1924. TR1925

Dodge, Theron to Theron C. Dodge and Reta C. Hodgman at Windham, May
16, 1926. TR1927

Doiron, Marie Ann to Albert A. Doiron and Sylvia M. Degruely at Portland,
October 2, 1935. TR1936

Dow, Jean Marilyn to Charles E. Dow and Emily S. Nichols at Westbrook,
April 25, 1927. TR1928

Dumbrycio, son to Mr. & Mrs. Fred Dumbrycio, August 20, 1923. TR1924

Dyer, Grace Thelmer to Clyde A. Dyer and Mildred C. Shaw at Windham,
August 25, 1927. TR1928

Dyer, Norman Ernest to Ernest N. Dyer and Elizabeth M. Burnham at
Windham, May 12, 1927. TR1928

Edes, William Stanley to Stanley A. Edes and Martha E. Hodsdon at Portland
October 4, 1928. TR1929

Edgecomb, daughter to George Edgecomb and Mary L. Cross, June 29, 1919.

Elder, Warren Lee to Warren S. Elder and Sylvia Holden at Windham,
February 23, 1935. TR1936

Elkins, Eva Elizabeth to Isaiah C. Elkins and Georgia A. Edwards at Windham,
July 10, 1886. Given as a Deposition. TR1936

Emerson, son to Mr. & Mrs. Frank A. Emerson, October 28, 1924. TR1925

Emerson, Clifford Berlyle to Frank A. Emerson and Ruth Shackford at
Windham, August 22, 1926. TR1927

Estes, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Leland Estes, June 28, 1924. TR1925

Estes, Earlon Robert to Leroy S. Estes and Emily Hawkes at Windham, March
8, 1928. TR1929

Estes, Walter Sials to Leland M. Estes and Ethel V. Stevens at Windham,
June 27, 1926. TR1927

Esty, daughter to James A. Esty and Edith Morgan, August 2, 1919. TR1919

Fitzgerald, Ralph Harold to Ralph H. Fitzgerald and Christine S. Shaw at
Windham, July 6, 1928. TR1929

Fogg, son to Mr. & Mrs. George A. Fogg, February 21, 1923. TR1924

Fogg, son to Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Fogg, May 29, 1924. TR1925

Fogg, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. George A. Fogg, November 1, 1924. TR1925

Fogg, female to George A. Fogg and Edith L. Rogers at Windham, June 28,
1926. TR1927

Fogg, male to George A. Fogg and Edith L. Rogers at Windham, April 21,
1928. TR1929

Fogg, John Francis to Joseph P. Fogg and Tella M. Willey at Windham,
February 23, 1926. TR1927

Fogg, Kenneth Wayne to Joseph P. Fogg and Zella M. Willey at Windham,
September 16, 1928. TR1929

Foley, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Foley, July 21, 1923. TR1924

Gates, Charles Edward to Merton W. Gates and Mary L. Schlotterback at
Windham, August 23, 1935. TR1936

Gilman, Betty Ann to Lloyd M. Gilman and Alice Shaw at Windham, July 24,
1935. TR1936

Gilpatric, Kenneth Earl to Daniel H. Gilpatric and Gladis V. Crocker at
Windham, August 24, 1927. TR1928

Gilpatrick, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. D. H. Gilpatrick, August 6, 1923. TR1924

Goeon, Joseph Eugene to Alonzo Goeon and Blanch Penerd at Windham,
August 20, 1927. TR1928

Gordon, son to Mr. & Mrs. Adelbert Gordon, December 23, 1923. TR1924

Graffam, son to Morris P. Graffam and Ella Spiller March 5, 1919. TR1919

Grant, son to Mr. & Mrs. Ray W. Grant, December 11, 1923. TR1924

Grant, son to Mr. & Mrs. Ralph S. Grant, November 25, 1924. TR1925

Grant, Gerald Field to Scott A. Grant and Ella E. Varney at Windham, August
22, 1927. TR1928

Gray, Marion Ruth to Sylvester Gray and Sarah A. Huff at Windham, April 4,
1926. TR1927

Gray, Virginia Edna to Sylvester T. Gray and Sarah A. Huff at Windham,
November 14, 1927. TR1928

Greenlaw, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Harold J. Greenlaw, November 5, 1924.

Greenlaw, Alfoinso I. to Earl L. Greenlaw and Mildred Plummer at Windham
December 23, 1927. TR1928

Greenlaw, Grace Lucy to Earle L. Greenlaw and Mildred V. Plummer at
Windham July 14, 1926. TR1927

Greenlaw, Mabel Joan to Harold J. Greenlaw and Winnifred Hall at Windham,
January 24, 1929. TR1929

Greenlaw, Walter Bertrand to Harold J. Greenlaw and Winifred M. Hall at
Windham, October 1, 1927. TR1928

Grierson, son to Harry Grierson and Alice Brackett, September 28, 1919.

Hall, daughter to Charles L. Hall and Lucinda A. Jaquis, October 27, 1919.

Hall, son to Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Hall, August 8, 1923. TR1924

Hamblen, son to Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Hamblen, March 11, 1924. TR1925

Hamblen, Henry William to Joseph A. Hamblen and Nellie Elkins at Windham,
February 10, 1927. TR1928

Hamlin, Robert Lewis to Joseph S. Hamlin and Edith Robinson at Portland,
December 31, 1935. TR1936

Hanlon, Harry Richard to John E. Hanlon and Henrietta Woodman at
Windham, December 15, 1914. Given as a Deposition. TR1936

Hardy, Mary Delores Grey Hudson Hardy and Eva E. Ustic at Windham, May
23, 1935. TR1936

Harmon, Donald Frank to Raymond Harmon and Florence Manchester at
Windham, March 11, 1926. TR1927

Hawkes, female to Alley E. Hawkes and Dorothy P. Hall at Windham, June 5,
1927. TR1928

Hawkes, Stanley Hall to Alley E. Hawkes and Dorothy P. Hall at Windham,
February 8, 1926. TR1927

Hayden, daughter to Neil S. Hayden and Clara E. Spiller, January 14, 1920.

Hayes, son to Mr. & Mrs. John H. Hayes, October 14, 1923. TR1924

Hebert, son to Mr. & Mrs. Albert J. Hebert, July 10, 1924. TR1925

Heel, son to Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Heel, May 9, 1923. TR1924

Hill, female to Herbert F. Hill and Edith Allen at Windham, December 26,
1928. TR1929

Hill, Ronald Gregory to Francis L. Hill and Lois G. Atherton at Gray June 26,
1935. TR1936

Hillock, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Ariel W. Hillock, December 1, 1924. TR1925

Hillock, Aerial W. Jr. to Aerial W. Hillock and Cynthia McLellan at Windham,
December 16, 1926. TR1927

Hodgkins, son to Mr. & Mrs. Herman Hodgkins, October 25, 1924. TR1925

Hodgkins, Norma Elaine to Everett M. Hodgkins and Eva M. Shaw at
Westbrook, November 1, 1935. TR1936

Huestis, Charles Spicer to Charles S. Huestis and Doris Rideout at Portland,
June 19, 1935. TR1936

Huff, Charles Franklin to Melvin E. Huff and Geneva A. Morrill at Windham,
February 4, 1935. TR1936

Huff, Hellen Alice to Melvin E. Huff and Geneva Morrill at Windham December
18, 1926. TR1927

Huff, Melvin Jacob to Melvin E. Huff and Geneva A. Morrell at Windham, June
4, 1928. TR1929

Irish, Kathaline Mae to Albert N. Irish and Agnes E. McLucus at Windham,
April 27, 1927. TR1928

Jeffords, Hellen Elthea to Harry B. Jeffords and Edith E. Walker at Windham,
January 1, 1928. TR1929

Johnson, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Sewell Johnson, September 20, 1924. Tr1925

Johnson, William Charles to Elmer E. Johnson and Grace B. Jordan at
Windham, May 18, 1935. TR1936

Jordan, son to Mr. & Mrs. Perley Jordan, July 20, 1924. TR1925

Jordan, son to Mr. & Mrs. Fred B. Jordan, November 7, 1924. TR1925

Jordan, female to Fred B. Jordan and Helen A. Goff at Windham, March 10,
1927. TR1928

Jordan, female to Linwood Jordan and Nellie Guilford at Portland, June 23,
1928. TR1929

Jordan, Bernice Dorothy to Linwood Jordan and Nellie Guilford, in Portland
November 22, 1925. TR1927

Jordan, Frank Linwood to Linwood Jordan and Nellie G. Gilford at Portland
May 16, 1927. TR1928

Jorgensen, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Jorgensen, February 12, 1923.

Jorgenson, Charles William to Herbert jorgenson and Linda Campbell at
Windham, December 27, 1926. TR1927

Joy, son to Mr. & Mrs. Milton W. Joy, December 7, 1924. TR1925

Joy, Berton Arnold to Milton W. Joy and Mabel Verrill at Portland, May 10,
1926. TR1927

Kelly, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Archie Kelly, June 29, 1923. TR1924

Kimball, Edward James to Joseph Kimball and Dorothy Hill at Windham, June
18, 1928. TR1929

Kimball, Hazel Irene to Joseph Kimball and Dorothy Hill at Windham, April 9,
1927. TR1928

King, Berniece Lillian to George H. King and Louise M. Smith at Windham,
February 20, 1928. TR1929

Knight, son to LeRoy M. Knight and Annie Lanine, December 8, 1919 TR1919

Knowles, Sumner Jr. to James H. Knowles and Cora A. Bickford at Windham,
December 17, 1927. TR1928

Labrecque, son to Mr. & Mrs. Lorenzo Labrecque, June 6, 1924. TR1925

Lachance, Norman Charles to Norman Lachance and Daisy Pooler at
Windham, April 9, 1926. TR1927

Lama, son to Mr. & Mrs. David lama, February 9, 1924. TR1925

Lamb, Anna Margaret to Walter W. Lamb and Helen C. Griffin at Windham,
October 29, 1935. TR1936

LaMontagne, female to Arthur J. LaMontagne and Florence W. Chaplin at
Windham, July 28, 1935. TR1936

Lanine, daughter to James D. Lanine and Clara E. Lamb, May 15, 1919.

LaPorte, son to Chester J. LaPorte and Carrie Kaherl February 19, 1919.

Larrivee, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Albert J. Larrivee, November 23, 1924.

Larrivee, Jerry Joseph, Jr. to Jerry J. Larrivee and Persis S. Durant at
Windham, March 1, 1935. TR1936

Leighton, female to Justin S. Leighton and Dorothy White at Portland, April
10, 1928. TR1929

Lemonuk, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Malahay Lemonuk, March 5, 1924. TR1925

Libby, son to Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Libby, April 22, 1923. TR1924

Libby, Hilton Frost to Harry L. Libby and Grace J. Verrill at Windham, February
23, 1927. TR1928

Libby, Mary Elizabeth to Sterling L. Libby and Katherine E. Doherty at
Rochester, N.H., March 20, 1926. TR1927

Libby, Pearl Irene to Richard Libby and Elsie M. Foster at Windham,
September 5, 1926. TR1927

Libby, Richard Arnold to Charles D. Libby and Marie Ruth Steele at Windham,
April 18, 1935. TR1936

Libby, Rita Louise to George A. Libby and Elizabeth F. Worthley at Windham,
Janaury 15, 1929. TR1929

Long, son to Howard Long and Lillian K. Lane, October 29, 1919. TR1919

Lord, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Lord, March 24, 1923. TR1924

Lorenzen, son to Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Lorenzen, April 28, 1923. TR1924

Lowell, son to Mr. & Mrs. Roscoe J. Lowell, December 25, 1924. TR1925

Lowell, female to Roscoe J. Lowell and Elva H. Bodkin at Windham,
November 30, 1926. TR1927

Lunt, son to Oscar H. Lunt and Florence M. Foster, July 28, 1919. TR1919

MacDonald, Kenneth Earle to Edwin A. MacDonald and Nellie M. Wood at
Windham, March 13, 1928. TR1929

MacLeod, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Duncan M. MacLeod, December 13, 1924.

MacPhee, Bruce Larson to William D. MacPhee and Lillian A. Larson at
Portland, may 18, 1935. TR1936

Maines, daughter to Clyde Maines and Beatrice Mitchell, January 26, 1920.

Maines, male to Earle C. Maines and Edna C. stevens at Windham, November
7, 1935. TR1936

Maines, George Henry to Harry E. Maines and Grace M. Berry at Windham,
September 17, 1928. TR1929

Mains, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Clyde E. Mains, April 24, 1924. TR1925

Manchester, daughter to Leon E. Manchester and Grace Doughty, April 3,
1919. TR1919

Manchester, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Warren Manchester, February 13, 1923.

Manchester, LaForest to LaForest manchester and Francis E. Gilford at
Windham, February 4, 1935. TR1936

Mayberry, daughter to Joseph E. Mayberry and Marion E. Woodman, April 20,
1919. TR1919

Mayberry, son to Mr. & Mrs. LeRoy M. Mayberry, February 20, 1924. TR1925

Mayberry, daughter to Christine Mayberry, August 27, 1924. TR1925

Maynuson, Ada Catharine to Carl A. Maynuson and Cora E. Gross at
Winham, January 2, 1927. TR1928

McClure, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Walter McClure, September 8, 1924. TR1925

McClure, Verna Maude to Walter R. mcClure and Esther M. Kelley at
Bridgton, July 14, 1928. TR1929

McDonald, daughter to Sinclair McDonald and Annie McLean, September 27,
1919. TR1919

McGinty, son to Mr. & Mrs. John F. McGinty, August 23, 1923. TR1924

Merebaum, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Leo B. Merebaum, June 7, 1924. TR1925

Meserve, Corrine Ellen to Earle Meserve and Helene Libby at Windham, July
5, 1928. TR1929

Miller, daughter to Stanley J. Miller and Agnes M. Wood, November 2, 1919.

Morrell, male to Rupert E. Morrell and Avis Lane at Windham, April 19, 1928.

Morrell, William Henry to Clifford Morrell and Fannie Plummer at Portland,
September 24, 1935. TR1936

Morrill, Rupert Frank to Rupert E. Morrill and Avis L. Lowe at Windham,
February 14, 1927. TR1928

Morrill, William C. Jr. to William C. Morrill and Ruth C. Walker at Portland,
November 22, 1928. TR1929

Morse, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Morse, March 2, 1924. TR1925

Murch, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Murch, April 10, 1923. TR1924

Nichols, male to Ernest G. Nichols and Ann C. Wold at Portland, August 21,
1927. TR1928

Nichols, Ernest Lindel to Donald O. Nichols and Eva C. SAwyer at Windham,
December 22, 1935. TR1936

Nichols, Estella A. to John C. Nichols and Josephine Hanson at Windham,
December 28, 1913. Given as a Deposition. TR1936

Olson, female to Christina Olson at Windham, January 6, 1927. TR1928

Page, son to Clyde Page and Annie E. Gerry, January 10, 1920. TR1919

Page, Leona Jean to Leon C. Page and Gertrude M. Mitchell at Windham,
April 7, 1935. TR1936

Page, Mary Anna to Leon Page and Gertrude M. Mitchell at Windham, April
16, 1927. TR1928

Parker, son to Mr. & Mrs. Dana M. Parker, July 24, 1923. TR1924

Parker, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Parker, March 24, 1924. TR1925

Partridge, daughter to Walter B. Partridge and Georgie M. Pratt, December
10, 1919. TR1919

Pecararo, Genereau to Augostino Pecararo and Carmelia Ciazzo at
Windham, May 13, 1918. Given as a Deposition. TR1936

Pecoraro, Groseppo to Augustino Pecoraro and Naunena Alfano at Windham,
July 27, 1926. TR1927

Pecarors, Julia Pecaroes to Augostin Pecarors and Anna Alfano at Windham,
October 31, 1927. TR1928

Pendexter, son to Mr. & Mrs. George R. Pendexter, July 19, 1923. TR1924

Pendexter, Doris Marie to Orin G. Pendexter and Jessie M. Andrews at
Windham, April 11, 1935. TR1936

Perry, son to Mr. & Mrs. John R. Perry, July 18, 1924. TR1924

Pickering, Nancy Ann to Ivan G. Pickering and Edith E. Hill at Portland, March
10, 1935. TR1936

Pierce, son to Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Pierce, February 28, 1924. TR1925

Pierce, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Raymond F. Pierce, May 28, 1924. TR1925

Pierce, Mae Ellen to Richard D. Pierce and Ruth M. Strout at Gray, April 30,
1927. TR1928

Plaisted, Richard M. to Harris Plaisted and Albina Lebreque at Westbrook,
April 27, 1926. TR1927

Plummer, daughter to Harry M. Plummer and Mildred Lord, January 24, 1920.

Plummer, son to Mr. & Mrs. Fred Plummer, October 19, 1923. TR1924

Plummer, female to Walter Plummer and Eva A. Saunders, at Windham, May
20, 1926. TR1927

Pollard, son to Mr. & Mrs. Ira C. Pollard, July 16, 1924. TR1925

Pollard, Pauline Bertha to Ira C. Pollard and Minnie Cannell at Windham,
September 6, 1927. TR1928

Porter, Earlita Rouse to Earl Porter and Evelyn Rouse at Windham, October
25, 1928. TR1929

Pratt, Priscilla Hazel to Alexander Pratt and Ruby Chambers at Westbrook,
January 11, 1927. TR1928

Pratt, Ruth Olive to Alexander T. Pratt and Ruby Chambers at Portland,
September 26, 1928. TR1929

Prophet, Clarence Clinton to Clarence E. Prophet and Lottie Verrill at
Windham, August 2, 1927. TR1928

Quinlan, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. William Quinlan, October 17, 1924. TR1925

Quinlan, Elizabeth Frances to William C. Quinlan and Ruth L. Durant, at
Windham, September 13, 1926. TR1927

Quinlan, James Edward to William C. Quinlan and Ruth L. Durant at
Windham, November 16, 1935. TR1936

Quint, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. George C. Quint, October 25, 1924. TR1925

Randall, Edward Leon to Ernest M. Randall and Evelyn G. Norton at
Windham, April 28, 1935. TR1936

Reed, son to Mr. & Mrs. Edmund E. Reed, August 31, 1923. TR1924

Rice, son to Mr. & Mrs. Frank L. Rice, March 9, 1923. TR1924

Robbins, William Edmund to William Robbins and Sadie May at Windham,
July 11, 1926. TR1927

Roberts, Byron Wilbur to George Clayton Roberts and Mildred V. Barbour at
Portland, October 28, 1935. TR1936

Roberts, Edith Arlene to Albert L. Roberts and Eva M. Deering at Windham,
October 31, 1927. TR1928

Rogers, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Maynard G. Rogers, February 7, 1923. TR1924

Rogers, son to Mr. & Mrs. Leon Rogers, October 12, 1923. TR1924

Rogers, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Maurice L. Rogers, May 7, 1924. TR1925

Rogers, male to Maynard G. Rogers and Marie E. Stevens at Windham,
October 5, 1927. TR1928

Rogers, Albert Bishop to Lawrence Rogers and Elva E. Lamb at Windham,
July 2, 1928. TR1929

Rogers, Laura Jane Edna to Howard O. Rogers and Annie Ranloff at
Portland, March 15, 1935. TR1936

Rogers, Marilyn Claire to Percy A. Rogers and Hazel E. Quist at Windham,
May 9, 1927. TR1928

Rogers, Maurice Wayne to Maurice L. Rogers and Alberta H. Faris at
Windham, October 14, 1927. TR1928

Rogers, Stanley Perley to Leon S. Rogers and Jessie J. Ranloff at Windham,
March 7, 1928. TR1929

Sanborn, Richard Arnold to Lorenzo P. Sanborn and Gladys F. Whitaker at
Portland, February 15, 1935 TR1936

Sanborn, Warren N. to Warren N. Sanborn and Bertha Stone at Limington,
January 13, 1929. TR1929

Sanders, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Walter F. Sanders, April 27, 1923. TR1924

Saunders, son to Mr. & Mrs. Walter F. Saunders, June 9, 1924. TR1925

Sawyer, son to Mr. & Mrs. Clyde M. Sawyer, May 21, 1923. TR1924

Sawyer, Doris Annie to Chester F. Sawyer and Beatrice M. Brackett at
Windham, March 14, 1928. TR1929

Sawyer, Gladis Arline to Irving J. Sawyer and Nellie E. Buckley at Windham,
January 22, 1927. TR1928

Sawyer, Harvey Eugene to Harvie E. Sawyer and Lena M. Andrews at
Windham, June 8, 1926. TR1927

Sawyer, Irving Elder to Edwin A. Sawyer and Christine Mayberry at
Windham, April 26, 1927. TR1928

Sayward, Allen Beverley [male] to Horace Sayward and Nina A. Meehan at
Windham, May 25, 1926. TR1927

Schrang, Oscar B. to Oscar B. Schrang and Julia Hurskovie at Windham,
December 17, 1926. TR1927

Sellick, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Nelson J. Sellick, June 25, 1924. TR1925

Sellick, Elsie Maude to Nelson J. Sellick and Addie B. Sellick at Portland,
March 5, 1926. TR1927

Sferes, Nicholos to George Sferes and Annie Vamookis at Portland, May 3,
1928. TR1929

Shaw, son to Henry L. Shaw and Gladys Mayberry, March 12, 1919. TR1919

Shaw, daughter to Lewis E. Shaw and Pearlice Welch, May 30, 1919. TR1919

Shaw, son to Mr. & Mrs. Milton E. Shaw, January 17, 1924. TR1924

Shaw, son to Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Shaw, November 12, 1924. TR1925

Shaw, Donna Lucille to John H. Shaw and Dorris L. Allen at Westbrook, June
21, 1927. TR1928

Shaw, Doris Ilene to Milton E. Shaw and Ida E. Shaw at Windham, Janaury 8,
1926. TR1927

Shaw, Mina Janet to Lewis Shaw and Pearlice Welch at Windham, March 26,
1927. TR1928

Showalter, male to Arthur H. Showalter and Marguerite Dickinson at
Windham, September 3, 1927. TR1928

Showalter, Arthur to Arthur H. showalter and Marguerite Dickinson at
Windham, February 5, 1926. TR1927

Small, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Harry Small, June 2, 1923. TR1924

Small, son to Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Small, September 21, 1923. TR1924

Smith, son to Mr. & Mrs. Charles Smith, December 28, 1924. TR1925

Smith, Helen Mae to Charles A. Smith and Isabelle A. Cannell at Windham,
March 19, 1928. TR1929

Smith, Lloyd to Charles Smith and Isabelle Cannell at Windham March 26,
1927. TR1928

Smith, Roberta Eline to Robert Smith and Mary B. Page at Windham,
November 15, 1926. TR1927

Smyth, Joseph to Joseph Smyth and Margaret T. Titcomb at Portland,
December 31, 1935. TR1936

Spiller, son to Benjamin Spiller and Neil Gerry, January 6, 1920. TR1919

Staples, male to Harry staples and Laura Moulton at Westbrook, March 9,
1926. TR1927

Stuart, Robert Maurice to Herman Stuart and Shirley Arvis at Windham, May
30, 1928. TR1929

Sundgren, son to Mr. & Mrs. William C. Sundgren, March 4, 1923. TR1924

Sungren, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. William Sundgren, April 29, 1924. TR1925

Sylvester, Jane Carol to William L. Sylvester and Lillian Scott at Cumberland,
September 13, 1926. TR1927

Sylvester, Mary Leonia to Delmer R. Sylvester and Ada Strout at Windham,
January 9, 1927. TR1928

Tanguay, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Albert Tanguay, August 12, 1924. TR1925

Taylor, Adele Thelma to Benjamine Taylor and Sarah Oalman at Portland,
April 4, 1928. TR1929

Thayer, daughter to Charles E. Thayer and Grace Richardson, April 1, 1919.

Thierault, son to Mr. & Mrs. Arthur H. Thierault, March 8, 1924. TR1925

Thomas, Constance Ogretta to Daniel J. Thomas and Violet M. Stanton at
Windham, August 2, 1926. TR1927

Thomes, Herbert Warren to Herbert S. Thomes and Margaret M. Sanford at
Portland December 11, 1928. TR1929

Thompson, son to Perley Thompson and Ida Hawkes, July 23, 1919. TR1919

Thompson, son to Mr. & Mrs. Howard Thompson, March 18, 1924. TR1925

True, Harry Garland to Frank G. True and Vivian Plummer at Windham,
November 7, 1927. TR1928

Varney female to Edgar W. Varney and Myrtle Hill at Windham, April 9, 1926.

Varney, Carrie Belle to Edgar W. Varney and Myrtle I. Hill at Windham June
27, 1927. TR1928

Varney, Edgar Walter to Edgar W. Varney and Myrtle I. Hill at Windham, July
12, 1928. TR1929

Warren, David Lawrence to William J. Warren and Maymie McGuire at
Windham, Janaury 25, 1936. TR1936

Weeks, Shirley Mae to Lincoln B. Weeks and Gladys E. Rogers at Westbrook,
November 21, 1927. TR1929

Welch, Everett Joseph to Joseph S. Welch and Bernice E. Chaplin at
Windham, August 6, 1935. TR1936

Welsh, Preston Franklin, Jr. to Preston F. Welsh and Winifred E. Gray at
Portland, May 12, 1927. TR1928

Wentworth, Harry Louis to Merle Wentworth and Goldie Ellis at Windham,
June 2, 1927. TR1928

Wentworth, Ruth Arlene to William N. Wentworth and Antoinette M.
Christinson at Windham, October 11, 1926. TR1927

Wentworth, William Naville to William N. Wentworth and Antoinette M.
Christianson at Windham, April 10, 1928. TR1929

Widger, son to Mr. & Mrs. Henry Widger, October 16, 1924. TR1925

Wilkins, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. George C. Wilkins, December 18, 1923.

Wilkins, David to George L. Wilkins and Leah Sheen at Portland, March 2,
1928. TR1929

Winship, son to Harry H. Winship and Lottie B. Leighton January 2, 1919.

Woodman, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Ernest C. Woodman, March 2, 1924.

York, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Leslie E. York, February 25, 1924. TR1925

York, Robert Leslie to Lesley E. York and Edna M. Plummer at Windham, July
22, 1927. TR1928

Young, daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Clarence G. Young, December 30, 1924.
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