Zampella Family Bible
Holy Bible in English; Good Council Publishing Company, Chicago, Illinois,

The Bible is now in the possession of the C. G. Brisee Genealogy Library,
Irwin, Iowa.

Marriage Certificate Page
Holy Matrimony
Groom: Frank [Zampella] and Bride Rose Marie [Aroisa]
received the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony
on August 22, 1953
at St. Rocco Church
Witnessed by James J. D'Amato, Officiating Priest
Others Having a Part in the Ceremony Include:
Frank J. Schiano, Rose Callucci

Our Parents are:
Groom's Father Michael Zampella, Groom's Mother Phyllis Zampella
Bride's Father Zarraro Aroisa Bride's mother Antonette Aroisa

Frank Zampella Jr. b. September 8, 1954 U.S.A.

Lydia Zampella b. September 22, 1956 U.S.A.

Phyllis Zampella b. October 19, 1959 U. S. A.

Michael Q. Zampella b. October 15, 1963 U.S.A.

Antoinette Zampella 10/22/67 U.S.A.

Frank Zampella Jr November 14, 1854 at St. Rocco Church, Rev. Alphonse
Saronelli Officiating priest, Godparents: Frank J. Schiana & Rose Collucci

Lydia Zampella January 13, 1957 St. Bernadette Church, Baulla Priest
Officiating, Godparents: Ronald Aroisa & Michelena Rzdebz

Phyllis Zampella Dec 6, 1959 St. Anthony of Padua Church, Macel Priest
Officiating, Godparents: Thomas & Ann Cigno

Michael Q. Zampella November 3, 1963 St. Anthony of Padua Church,
Calderwood Priest Officiating, God parents: Ed & Sarah Febbraro

Antoinette Zampella, At. Anthony of Padua Church, Godparents: Mary & Nick

First Communions
Frank Zampella Jr. May 5, 1962 St. Anthony of Padua Church, Father Fusco
Priest Officiating

Lydia Zampella May 16, 1964, St. Anthony of Padua Church, Father Fusco
Priest Officiating

Phyllis Zampella 1966, St. Anthony of Padua Church, Father Fusco Priest

Antoinette, St. Ann's

Michael Zampella, St. Charles's

Frank Zampella Jr. Confirmation Name: Ronald, Bishop Deming, Sponsor:
Ronald Ariosa, St. Anthony of Padua Church May 8, 1965.

Lydia Zampella, Confirmation Name: Rose Marie, Sponsor: Sarah Febbraro, St.
Anthony of Padua Church

Phyllis Zampella, Confirmation Name: Dorothy, St. Charles Church

Michael Zampella, Confirmation Name: Peter, Sponsor: Peter Aroisa

Antoinette Zampella, Sponsor: Lydia Ritigliano, Our Lady Queen of Peace

Joseph and Lydia, St. Ann's Church, Fr. Gerathy Officiating Priest.