Daniel Youngs Family Bible
Holy Bible in English; Dublin, George Grierson, 1752.

Contains the record of Daniel and Susannah Youngs and their descendants.  It
is now the property of the heirs of Col. William J. Youngs, of Garden City,
L.I., a great-grandson of the original owner.

Daniel Youngs born January 21st 1748.

Susannah Youngs born April 21st 1752 = died September 22" 1847

Hannah Youngs his Daughter Born May 24th 1770

Keziah Youngs his Daughter Born February 12th 1773

Samuel Youngs his Son Born April 1st 1777 = died Sep 7 1838

Daniel Youngs his Son born December 13th 1783

maria Youngs his wife Born January 1st 1795

Married February 23rd 1815

Daniel Kelsey Youngs born May 7th 1817

William Jones Youngs born July 9th 1819

Thomas Youngs born May 3rd 1822

Susan Maria Youngs born July 15th 1824

Charles A Son born July 17th 1827 and died September 24

John Baker Youngs born September 22 in 1829 and died March 17th 1832

Henry I. Youngs born August 19th 1835 died = Sept 3 1836

Elizabeth Youngs born October 23rd 1836 Died the 29th aged 6 Days

William Jones Young son of Daniel Kelsey Youngs was born June 24, 1851

Mary Fanny Youngs the daughter of William J. Youngs and Maria S. Youngs
was born February 17th 1880

Helen Youngs the daughter of Helen Louise and William J. Youngs, was born
April 20th 1887

Daniel Youngs Married Susan Kelsey

Daniel, son of Daniel and Susan Youngs Married, Maria daughter of John Baker
February 23d 1815.

Daniel Kelsey son of Daniel and Maria Youngs Married Sarah Elizabeth,
daughter of Daniel Smith October 10th 1850

William Jones Youngs, son of Daniel K. and Sarah E. Youngs, married Eleanor
Smith Youngs daughter of David J. Youngs, who was the son of Samuel, the
son of Daniel, who was the son of Daniel who was the Son of Daniel who was
the son of Samuel who was the son of Thomas, who was the son of Thomas,
who was the son of John Youngs May, 7, 1879. At Christ Church by Rev. C. B.
Ellsworth & G. R. Vandewater.

William Jones Youngs, son of Daniel K. and Sarah E. Youngs was married to
Helen Louise daughter of James Mason at Trinity Chapel, New York March 31st
1886 by the Rev. W. M. Geer.

Harry Youngs Born September the 1 1787

Daniel Youngs Born January the 6 - 1791 --

Hannah Youngs Born January the 9 - 1794 --

Fanny Youngs Born September 21 - 1796 --

Samuel Youngs Departed this Life November the 2d 1797 on Thursday the
45th year of his age.

Rebekah Youngs Departed this Life January the 7 - 1802 on Thursday aged 49
years 1 Month and 17 Days.

Daniel Youngs died November 9th 1809

Susan Youngs died September 22d 1847

Maria wife of Danl Youngs died Septemb 6th 1864

Daniel Youngs died 12 August 1874, 4 o'clock A.M.

William J. Youngs, (Son of Daniel and Maria Youngs) died on Easter Sunday
March 28th 1875

Eleanor Smith Youngs, wife of William J. Youngs (2) fell asleep, on Monday,
Dec. 31. 1883

Helen Louise Youngs, wife of William J. Youngs (2) fell asleep on Thursday
March 21, 1889 - also her infant son.

Daniel Kelsey Youngs, died October 16, 1894

Sarah Elizabeth Smith, wife of Daniel Kelsey Youngs, died March 20, 1895.

Thomas Youngs, son of Daniel & Maria B. Youngs, died October 31, 1905.

Taken from the book: The Colonial Dames of the State of New York,
Genealogical Records, Manuscript entries of Births, Deaths, and Marriages,
taken from Family Bibles 1581-1917.