Thomas Wright Family Bible
Holy Bible in English; 1715.

Contains various records of the Wright family, as late as the middle
nineteenth century.  It is now the property of Miss Julia Wright, of Oyster
Bay, New York.

Sarah Wright Was Born ye 30th of march in the year 1752 on a monday

Caleb Wright Was Born ye 8th of September in ye year 1754 at Half an Hour
Paft one in the morning

Novemb're ye 17' 1778 - John G. Wright and Phebe Barton was married on the
day of the above date by the Rev'd Doct'r Bradford of Danbury at the Houfe of
Mr. Tho's Heaveland Oblong in the state of new-york

Oct're ye 5 1781 My Dear Wife departed this Life at the houfe of Cap't Byands
in New Windsor

William Wright and Elizabeth Wright was married the 18th day of march in the
year of our Lord 1783 by the Rev'd Mr Burnet in Jamaca at his Own house.

My first Daughter Susannah Wright was born the 26 day of Aprel in the year
1784 on Monday at 12 - Clock at day

My first Son Caleb Wright was born the 8th Day of July in the Year 1787 on
Sunday morning half after 3 oclock in the and July

My second Daughter Nancy was born 3 Day of February in the year of our Lord
1790 ond Wednesday 8 oclock in the morning candlemas day and Departed
this Life August th 15th about 4 oclock in the morning 1793 aged three years
six months and twelve days.

My fourth Daughter Mary was born 2 Day of august in the year of our Lord 1799

William Wright - was born the 21st day of October in the year of our Lord,
One thousand  seven hundred and forty eight - 1748

William Wright departed this Life on Saturday the 11th day of march (about
10 oclock at night) in the year of our Lord, one thousand Eight hundred and
Twenty - 1820 Aged

Mary Wright was born 2 day of august in the year of Our Lord 1799 and
departed this life January the third in the Morning a bout eight a clock in the
year of our Lord 1827 in a triuphent hope of the world of eternel rest

Elizabeth Wright departed this life on thursday the 7 of october at about 8 at
night in the in the year of ourlord one thousand 8 hundred forty one

Susanah Wright was born the 26th day of April in the year 1784 Monday at 12
o clock

Susanah Wright Departed this life July the 18 in the Morning about 3 Oclock in
the year of our Lord. 1843

Tho's Wright & Elizabeth Rotchell Were married November ye 23d Annoyz Dom

our Eldeft fon John Was Born January ye 8th 1787 at Eight of ye Clock in ye
Evening fatturday

my firft daughter Elizabeth Was Born ye 30th day of Auguft Annoyz dom 1761
at nine of the Clock of a funday morning -

my fon Thomas Was Born on the twentieth day of [piece torn out] on a funday
at half an hour Paft Eight in ye m[piece torn out] and Departed this Life on ye
16th of December the [piece torn out]

Stephen Was Born on ye 25th day of [piece torn out] on a funday -

Was Born April ye 12 | 1774 on tuefday [piece torn out]

Thomas Wright was born on tusday the 11th day of June Anno. Dom. 1776.

My Dear mother Leruiah Wright was taken with the numb Palsy the 8th day of
September and Departed this life the 17th Inst at 9 o Clock in the morning in
the year 1791

Dariet Wright was born March th 17- 1785

Greoosbeck was born November th 5- 1786

Susan Born Sep't 25- 1782

Hannah Born October th 2d - 1791

Children of John G. Wright

William A. Wright and Mary Bochus was married on the 10 of November In the
year of our Lord, 1840.  By the Rev. Marmaduke Earl.

Taken from the book: The Colonial Dames of the State of New York,
Genealogical Records, Manuscript entries of Births, Deaths, and Marriages,
taken from Family Bibles 1581-1917.