Charles Wright Family Bible
Holy Bible in English; New York, Alvin J. Johnson & Son, 1878.

Chas Jerry Wright May 27th 1895

Neva Chloe Wright Apr 18 1898

Charles Fredrick Wright Oct 10 1917

Max Aaron Wright Oct 16 1919

Gene Anderson Wright Jan 26 1922

Chas Was born near Rosendale in Andrew Co

Neva Chloe born near Arkoe in Nodaway Co.

Fredrick born near Savannah Andrew Co

Max born near Rosendale Andrew Co

Gene born near Savannah Andrew Co

C. J. Wright & Neva Chloe Swartz married Nov 21, 1915 at the home of W. A.
Chapman in Rosendale Mo at 9 A.M.

C. J. Wright passed away Sept 9th 1971

Neva Chloe Wright passed away December 21, 1979.

Frances Everett Smith passed away April 27, 1960.

C. J. Wright Baptized at Rosendale By Rev. Chapman

Neva Chloe Wright Baptized Nov. 18th 1911 by Rev. Chapman at Rosendale.
Joined Church Nov. 14, 1911.

Fredrick Wright Joined Church at Savannah Mo. Oct. 15, 1930
Baptized Oct. 20, 1930 by Rev. Purdy.

Max Wright Joined Church at Savannah Mo. Oct. 17, 1930
Baptized Oct, 20 1930 by Rev. Purdy.

Gene Wright Joined Church at Salem Oct. 26, 1936, Baptized Nv. 1 - 1936 at
Maryville by Rev. Yeadon.

Chloe & Chas. put membership at Salem Oct. 25. 1936 Fredrick Oct. 26, Max
Nov. 1, 1936.

The Bible is in the possession of the C. G. Brisee Genealogy Library, Irwin, IA.