Jane Beekman Van Cortlandt Family Bible
Holy Bible in English; Brattleborough, John Holbrook, 1816.

Contains scattering notices of the Beekman, Van Cortlandt and other families.
It descended collaterally to the late William Bedlow Beekman, Esq., and is
now the property of Mrs. Beekman, New York.

April 6th 1807 Departed this life father James Beekman aged 75 yrs 6 days.

August 15th 1808 Departed this life brother William Beekman aged 54 yrs.

Feb'y 7, 1817 Departed this life mother Jane Beekman ages 83 yrs.

September 30th 1839 Departed this life Stephen Van Cortlandt aged 89 yrs 1
month and 6 days.

July 20th 1841  Departed this life Jane Van Cortlandt aged 81 yrs 3 mos & 15

Died April 21st 1854 Wm de Peyster aged 66 years

On the 21st of May 1801 by the Reverend John Abeel Stephen Van Cortlandt
of Belleville New Jersey to Jane Beekman daughter of James Beekman Esq of
New York

On Friday, Nov. 26th 1858 by the Rev. D.D. Morgan John Neilson to Catherine
Foulke Daughter of Joseph Foulke & Lydia Beekman.

Taken from the book: The Colonial Dames of the State of New York,
Genealogical Records, Manuscript entries of Births, Deaths, and Marriages,
taken from Family Bibles 1581-1917.