James Townsend Family Bible
Holy Bible in English; London, Mark Baskett, 1766.

Contains the records of James Townsend and Mary Hicks, his wife, and their
children; also a memorandum of the earlier Townsend ancestors.  It is now
the property of Mrs. W. R. Caminoni of Oyster Bay, New York, a
great-great-granddaughter of the original owner.

John Townsend 1st emigrated with his two brothers, Henry and Richard, from
England, Norwich county Norfolk.  He died in Oyster Bay in 1668 and was
buried on his place on Fort Hill.  Elizabeth his wife, the date of whose death
not known, was living in 1671.

John Townsend, son of John 1st moved to Jericho, his second wife, the
mother of his children, was Susannah Harcourt, of Oyster Bay; the date of his
death is not known, but he was living in 1715 when he was not less than
eighty years old.  It is not known where he and his wife were buried but it is
supposed at Jericho.

James, son of John 3rd married Audrey Almy, date of his marriage not known,
but his oldest son was born in 1692.  He died between 1729 and 1733. It is
supposed he lived on the place belonging to the family of Samuel Underhill,
and was buried there.

Jacob, son of James (above) was born in 1692 married Phebe Seaman, He
died Dec. 30th, 1742 and was buried in the family burying ground on the place
of Samuel Underhill, where his tombstone still stands; His wife died April 14,
1774 aged 75.

James, son of Jacob, see his family record on next page, commenced by him.

James Townsend was born Decemb'r 17th 1729

Mary Hicks was born July 16-----1730

They were married ye 2nd Day of April 1757.

Their first Child Mary Townsend was born Nov'r 16th 1759

2nd--Martha Townsend was born Decb'r 26---1761

3rd --James Townsend was born Octb'r 16th 1763

4th --Phebe Townsend was born Sep't 26 1765

5th --Almy Townsend was born Ap'rl 18---1768

6th --Samuel Townsend Born Mar 20th---1770

7th --Margret Townsend Born Feb'ry 6th --1772

Benjamin Underhill, Son of Townsend & Almy Underhill, was born March th 18.

Mary Townsend died May 7th 1790. on friday evening.

Samuel Townsend, died May 12th 1790. on wednesday

Almy Underhill, died May 12th 1790. on wednesday evening.

Phebe Townsend, died May 14th 1790 - on friday night.

James Townsend, May 24th 1790 - on Monday morning.

Mary Townsend, wife of James Townsend, died 2nd of July 1796.

Martha Willis, wife of Edmend Willis, and daughter of James and Mary
Townsend, died January 23rd 1810.

Margaret Townsend, wife of William Townsend and daughter of James & Mary
Townsend, died oct 11th 1818.

Almay Townsend, died August 11th 1811.

James Townsend, son of James and Mary - died at Newark, 1831.


Tombstones in the rear of Samuel Underhill's house at Jericho, copied by
James C. Townsend, June 4th, 1864.

Jacob Townsend, died Dec. 30th 1742, aged 50, Phebe Townsend, died April
14th 1774, agd. 75 (on the stone)

James Townsend, died at Sea Feb. 13th, 1790 agd. 39

Benj. Townsend, Died Sept. 18, 1789, agd. 66

Frost Townsend, died July 18, 1770 agd. 21, Benj Townsend, Died June 2,
1758 agd. 2 (on the stone)

Our grand Father Dr. James Townsend and his family, who died in the great
sickness in 1790 were all buried there but there are no monuments to show.

Taken from the book: The Colonial Dames of the State of New York,
Genealogical Records, Manuscript entries of Births, Deaths, and Marriages,
taken from Family Bibles 1581-1917.