Frederich Rohrwasser Family Bible
Holy Bible in German; E. Gately & Co., Boston, Mass., Philadelphia, Pa.,
Rochester, N. Y., 1882

The Family Bible of Frederich and Catherine (Schweizer) Rohrwasser. The
family entries are in German and have been translated by an unknown person.
The transcription on this page will be the translation with correction [such as
name spelling as found on their tombstones-see FindAGrave], the scans, of
course will be the original tongue.

The Bible is now in the possession of the C. G. Brisee Genealogy Library,
Irwin, Iowa.

Marriage Certificate
Frederich Rohrwasser and Kathrina Schweizer were joined in Holy Matrimony
12th May 1883

Witnesses: Christian Moor & [not translatable]
By: ____ E. Lutz

Sophie Rohrwasser to D. B. Coles October 17-1910

Fred Rohrwasser to Lena Tennyson October 4-1911

Freda Rohrwasser to Fred G. Stoll November 16-1914

William G. Rohrwasser to Rosalie Pedersen April 16-1917

Frederich Rohrwasser 16 July 1862
Kathrina Schweitzer 25 August 1862

Emma Rohrwasser 20 June 1883
Frederick Rohrwasser 20 January 1885
Louisa Rohrwasser 20 February 1886
Sophie Rohrwasser 14 June 1888
Freda Rohrwasser 22 September 1890
Flora Rohrwasser 18 October 1892
Wilhelm Georg Rohrwasser 11 November 1896

Albert Schweizer born 1867
Parents Georg Schweizer and Katherine Zimmerman

Louisa 11 June 1887

Emma 11 January 1889

Frederich Rohrwasser 13 [Dazd] 1905

Kathrina Rohrwasser Dec. 29-1922