Samuel Pratt Family Bible
The front cover of a leather bound Bible from England, no date or publisher.

Samuel and Mary Pratt May 10, 1862.

Thomas Pratt son of John and Mary Pratt of Grimsby baptised May 1745.

Elizebeth the daughter of John and Ann Hindley Baptised June 27 1749.

Samuel Pratt and Mary Sleight Married April 30 1815

Samuel Pratt born March 30 1793

Mary Sleight born December 22 1792

Michael Pratt June 3 1816

Ann Sleight Pratt march 10 1818

Mary Pratt Sept 26 1823

Elizebeth Pratt April 17 1826

This Bible is now in the possession of the C. G. Brisee Genealogy Library