Thomas Morrison Family Bible
Holy Bible in English; Philadelphia, John Edwin Potter, 1864.

This Bible contains the records of Thomas Morrison and his family.  It was
given to the present owner, Mrs. George B. Holland, of Walpole, New
Hampshire, by her parents, David H. and Harriet J. Morrison.  they received it
from Mr. Morrison's uncle, Samuel R. Morrison, of Indianapolis, Indiana, who
wrote the record it contains.  It is supposed that he copied it from an older

Thomas Morrison and Sarah H. Humfreville were married in Dayton, Ohio,
February 20th A.D. 1817, By Rev. Doc'r Welch.

Robert J. Skinner and Mary Hollis were married in Philadelphia, Pam November
7th A.D. 1818, By Rev. Wm Staughton.

David H. Morrison and Harriet J. Skinner were married in Waupaukonnetta, O.
November 11th A.D. 1840, by Rev. J. Alexander,

Children of the Above.

Charles Carroll Morrison, and Libbie Jones, were married Nov 21st A.D. 1867

James Hollis Skinner Morrison, and Daisy Skinner, were
Shelbyville, Ind.

Julius Curtis Morrison, and Maggie Maie Goodwin, were married February 7th,
A.D. 1882.

Sarah Eliza Morrison, and George B. Holland, were married November 5th,
A.D. 1877.

Harriet Gest Morrison, and William T. Rankin, were married November 29th
A.D. 1877.

Samuel Robert Morrison, and Virginia Updyke, were married October 26th A.D.

James H. S. Morrison, and Susan Knight, were married Apr 2nd 1881.

Thomas Morrison, and Mrs. Ann Downs, were married Nov, 4th 1852

Julius Curtis Morrison and Emma Darrow, were married Apr 14th 1896

Thomas Morrison, son of Ephraim and Nanacy Morrison, was born Aug. 9th
A.D. 1792, in Pa.

Sarah H. Morrison, daughter of David and Elizabeth Humfreville, was born
Oct'r 1st A.D. 1798, in N.Y.

Robert J. Skinner  March A.D. 1792

Mary Skinner, daughter f James and Phebe Hollis was born in Lancaster Co Pa.

David H. Morrison, son of Thomas and Sarah H. Morrison was born in Dayton,
Ohio December 19th A.D. 1817.

Harriet J. Morrison, daughter of Robert J. and Mary Skinner, was born in
Dayton, Ohio, March 25th A.D. 1821.

Children of David H. and Harriet J. Morrison.

Adrian Clifford Morrison, was born February 2nd A.D. 1842.

Charles Clifford Morrison, was born October 12th A.D. 1843.

David Harry Morrison, was born August 10th A.D. 1845.

Anna Mary Morrison, was born September 3rd A.D. 1847.

James Hollis [Skinner] Morrison, was born October 25th A.D. 1850.

Julius Curtis Morrison, was born November 21st A.D. 1852.

Sarah Eliza Morrison, was born October 7th A.D. 1854.

Harriette Gest Morrison, was born September 8th A.D. 1856.

Samuel Robert Morrison, was born February 5th A.D. 1860.

Thomas Rollin Morrison, was born March 14th A.D. 1863.

[Note: The first two children were born in Wapaukonnetta, OH; all the other
in Dayton, OH]

Robert J. Skinner, died in Dayton, O. June 26th A.D. 1849.

Mary Skinner, died in Dayton, O. June 29th A.D. 1849.

Sarah H. Morrison, died in Dayton, O. June 28th A.D. 1849.

Adrian Clifford Morrison, died in Dayton, O. June 28th A.D. 1849.

Anna Mary Morrison, died in Dayton, O. June 26th A.D. 1849.

All died of Asiatic Cholera.

David Harry Morrison, Fell in defence of his country, near Greenville, S.C. May
18th A.D 1865.

Thomas Morrison, died in Dayton, O. March 23rd A D 1879, Aged 86 years, 7
months and 14 days.

Thomas Rollin Morrison, died August 9th A.D. 1880, aged 17 years, 4 months
and 27 days.

David H. Morrison, died July 21st A.D. 1882, in Dayton, O.

Harriet J. Morrison, died November 27th A.D. 1898, in Walpole, N.H.

Mrs. Ann Morrison, T,M,'s 2nd wife) died Sept'r 29th A.D. 1882.

Julius Curtis Morrison, died, October 28th A.D. 1907.

Samuel Morrison², son of John Morrison¹; who was born in Scotland A.D. 1639
and married there, date & to whom not known; emigrated to N. of Ireland,

[Samuel Morrison]² - was born in Ireland, Dec'r 25th 1699, O.S. married Mercy
Maize (of Scotch descent) A.D. 1735, emigrated in 1740, to America, & settled
in Pennsylvania.

Ephraim³, son of Samuel and Mercy Morrison, was born in Bucks county,
Penn'a, June 5th 1759; married Nancy Foster, July 1st A.D. 1787, by Rev. Isaa

Emigrated west and settled in Dearborn county, Ind'a Feb. 14th 1796.

Nancy Morrison, was born in Pa, A.D. 1754, and died in Dearborn Co. Ind'a
Dec'r 18th A.D. 1803.

Ephraim Morrison³, was a soldier in the Revolution, and wounded in the battle
of Brandywine, died of an injury received at a house-raising in Clark Co. O.
Feb. 2nd 1806

The above work was done by Samuel Morrison [4], in his 88th year of age,
since the 1st of March, 1885; now May 1st 1885.

[This record was sworn to by Sarah E. Holland.]

Taken from the book: The Colonial Dames of the State of New York,
Genealogical Records, Manuscript entries of Births, Deaths, and Marriages,
taken from Family Bibles 1581-1917.