First Presbyterian Church
 Manilla, Iowa
Holy Bible in English; title page missing, no date.

This Pulpit Bible has no family Register, but does list the names of those in
the congregation who purchased it for use in the pulpit.

Donors of This Pulpit Bible and Their Gift.

This PULPIT BIBLE of the American Standard Version was given by the men of
the Congregation to the Session of the First Presb. Church of Manilla, Ia. to
be used as a PULPIT BIBLE for the enlightenment of man and the GLORY og
GOD. It was accepted by the Session and duly dedicated to its SACRED Use
on Universal Bible Sunday Dec. 14, 1941 A.D. It cost $17.50 and below are
the names of each who paid $1.00 for its purchase.

Harold Calvin
Henry Boeck
Ross Penniston
Nels Nelson
Dr. H. J. Timmer
Newt McCracken
Henry Achey
Robt. McLaren
Wilbur John
Harold Bidlack
Bert Capron
Ray Hayes
Ernest Ladwig
James Rutherford
Loenard Holdsworth
William White
Truman Campbell
John Eberly

The Bible is now in the possession of the C. G. Brisee Genealogy library,
Irwin, Iowa.