Haskins-Otten Family Bible
Self=Pronouncing Edition - The Hoy Bible containing the Old and New
Testaments, A. J. Holman, Philadelphia, Copyright 1903

The Bible is in poor condition, and the family pages are in a grid so each
person will be transcribed with the information in all of their columns. the
column order is: Name, Place of Birth, Date of Birth, Date of Marriage, Date of

Marriage Page

This is to Certify that Irene Josephine Haskins and Herbert Henry Otten were
United By Me In HOLY MATRIMONY At Blessed Sacrament Church on the
Second day of July In the year of our Lord 1916 In Presence of Mary Dilg &
Signed Rev. John Kiely, Church at Utica Ave & Fulton St. Brooklyn

Family Record

Herbert Henry Otten [b.] 741 DeKalb Ave. Bklyn, Dec. 30th [m.]July 2nd 1916
[d.] Sept. 28, 1948

Irene Josephine Otten [b.] Brooklyn, N.Y. Aug. 17th [m.] July 2nd 1916 [d.]
Sept. 14, 1967

Herbert Geo. Otten (son) [b.] 165 Crescent St. B'klyn April 5th 1917 [m.]
August 30 - 1941

Grace Irene Otten [b.] 575 Crescent St. Bklyn Aug. 14 1918

Carsten Geo. Otten [b.] 8923 182nd Pl. Hollis, LI Dec. 15th 1925

Katherine Bass Otten [b.] Germany Apr. 16th 1859 [d.] June 29 - 1930

Carsten Otten [b.] Germany [d.] Dec. 1915

Lillyan Otten Gilman [b.] Brooklyn, N.Y. Feb. 17 - [m.] January 1918

Emma Otten De Arrastia [b.]Brooklyn, N.Y. [d.] Jan 5th 1926

Harry De Arrastia Jr. [b.]Hempstead Oct. 1st 1909 [m.] August 7th 1937

Jack Gilman Jr. [b.] Brooklyn July 4th 1918

Josephine Nagle Rapelyea [b.] Brooklyn Sept. 21st [m.] June 10th 1908 [d.]
May 10th 1916

George Haskins [b.] Brooklyn [d.] Oct. 1898

Kathrine Ann Nagle [b.] Brooklyn Apr. 2nd [d.] Sept. 25 1934

Mary Haskins Papia [b.] Brooklyn Aug. 3rd 1869 [m.] Apr. 29th 1908

Gasten Papia [b.] Italy Aug. 28 1879 [m.] Apr. 29th 1908 [d.] Apr. 14th 1933

Josephine Haskins [b.] Brooklyn [d.] 1916 [crossed out]

Sylvia Haskins Hamilton [b.] Brooklyn

Mae Higgins Haskins [b.] Brooklyn

Bernard Higgins [b.] Ireland

The Bible is now in the possession of the C.G. Brisee Genealogy Library in
Irwin, IA