George Hacket Family Bible
Holy Bible page in English; has only one page from the family register section
only listing births.

George Hacket was Born september 1st AD 1832

Mahala Hacket was Born June 21st AD 1838

Sarah C Hacket was Born September 2d AD 1858

Charles W Hacket was Born October 2d AD 1860

George A Hacket was Born December 6th AD 1862

Ida Hacket was Born March 16th AD 1865

Irene Hacket was Born June 16th AD. 1867

Anna A. Hacket was Born January 16th 1870

William B. Hackett was Born March 26th AD 1872

Mary E. Hacket was born October 24th 1874

Judson Hackett was born March 17th 1877 [corrected from 1879]

Alice Hacket was born June 8th 1880

Raymond Hackett Was Born August 14. AD 18.83.

The Bible page is in the possession of the C. G. Brisee Genealogy Library,
Irwin, IA.