Abraham Dunsmoor Family Bible
Holy Bible in English; Merrifield and Cochran, Windsor, 1812.

The Bible is now in the possession of the C. G. Brisee Genealogy Library,
Irwin, Iowa.

The family Bible of Abraham & Abigail (Whitney) Dunsmoor of Lunenberg, MA.
Shows the birth of Abigails daughter Lucy Whitney who was born 5 years
before the marriage of Abraham, and given Abigails maiden or prior married
name as her surname.

Abraham Dunsmoor born March 18,, 1783

Abigail Dunsmoor born june 11,,1785

Lucy Whitney born Feb 1,, 1802

Nancy Dunsmoor born June 15,, 1808

Abigail Dunsmoor born August 18,, 1811

Ebbennezer Dunsmoor born June 20,, 1815

Abraham Dunsmoor Jr born Nov, 1,, 181_[hole in paper]

Samuel Dunsmoor born January 14 1824

Abraham Dunsmoor Sept. 24.1824

Nancy D Spaulding Died January 11th 1852

Samuel Dunsmoor Died January th 7 1861

Abigail Dunsmoor Died March the 20th 1865

Lucy Whitney Married March 11,, 1819

Nancy Dunsmoor Married April 10,, 1832

Abigail Dunsmoor Married March 23