Lewis Barnes Family Bible
Holy Bible in English; Daniel D. Smith, New York, 1825.

The Family Bible of Lewis and Abby (Walden) Barnes. Lewis originally spelled
his name Ludwig Baarnhielm and was from Sweden. The Bible also contains a
number of family research pages, including some amazing anecdotal family
history about Abby father, Jacob Walden and his time in the Navy with John
Paul Jones.
The Bible was last known to be in St. Paul, Minnesota before coming here.

The Bible is now in the possession of the C. G. Brisee Genealogy Library,
Irwin, Iowa.

Lewis Barnes & Abby Walden married Octb 2d 1803 [1804 crossed out]

Charles L. Barnes was married to Ann Louisa Crommelin at Flat Bush Long
Island N. Y. Dec: 6. 1842

Carolina Louisa Barnes, Married to Cornell L Franklin of New York March 6th

Caroline Louisa* their only child was married to George Lamb of New York in
Grace Church Brooklyn Oct. 11th 1860
*granddaughter of Lewis and Abby Barnes

Marie Louise daughter of Charles L. Barnes, and granddaughter of Lewis and
Abby Barnes, was married to Albert Reed Barrett, in Brooklyn, New York, at
Holy Trinity Sept 13th 1865

Fredrika B. Barnes second daughter of Chs. L. Barnes and granddaughter of
Lewis & Abby Barnes, was married to Gifford R. Hart of New York, at Holy
Trinity Ch. Brooklyn Oct. 30th 1867

Adele Barnes & Wm Braodhurst Jr. married Oct. 20th 1870 at Greenville, N. J.

Anna Decatur Barnes & Henry DeLord Averill married in Brooklyn N. Y. March
11th 1880

Lewis Barnes* born at Gothenburg Octb 28 1776
*Swedish Ludwig Baärnhielm

Abby Walden his wife, born Portsmouth N. H. 17 Novemb. 1783

Abby Maria Barnes was born Tuesday Noon Aug. 14 1804-

Ann Sophia Barnes was born Monday Sept. 8, 1806 nine, morning

Lewis Gustavus Barnes was born Monday July 18, 1808 ½ past 10 morning

Caroline Louisa Barnes was born Thursday Janu. 31d 1811 ½ past 6 morning

Esther Walden Barnes was born Friday Sep. 3d 1813 3 in the morning

Clarissa Barnes was born Thursday Aug. 31d 1815 ½ past 8 morning

Charles Lorentz Barnes was born Tuesday July 14, 1818 ¼ past 3 afternoon

George Frederick Barnes, was born Saturday Feb: 24" 1821 ½ p: 10 evening

Ellen Barnes, was born Nov: 23d 1823. ¼ before 11 Sunday evening

Maud Bronson Averill - Daughter of Anna and Henry Averill - born Jan. 23d

Clarence Lorentz Averill born Jan. 10th 1883

Arthur Franklin Averill born March 15th 1884

Caroline Louisa Franklin, Daughter of Cornell Samuel Franklin and Caroline his
wife, and Grand Daughter of Lewis Barnes and Abby his wife. Was born at
Flatbush Long Island - State of N. York, Sunday Sep. 9th 1838 at 10 minutes
before 12 at night -

Maria Louisa Barnes, Daughter of Charles L. Barnes and Grand Daughter of
Lewis Barnes was born in Brooklyn N:Y Sept. 28 - 1843

Frederika Bremer, also Daughter of C. L. Barnes was born at Brooklyn 28 Feb:
1845 -

Lewis Barnes Inf Son of Charles L. Barnes was born at Brooklyn N. York on
Sunday Nov: 1- 1846

Adelle Barnes daughter of C. L. Barnes, born at Brooklyn Aug. 18th - 1848

Anna Decatur Barnes, born at Brooklyn March 3d 1850

Charles Lorentz - son of Maria Louisa and Albert R. Barrett was born at
Nashville Tennessee Sept. 25th 1867 -

Wm Ernest Barrett born April 24th 1874

Roscoe Hart son of Gifford R and Fredrika Bremer Hart. born Sept. 24th. 1868
in Brooklyn N. Y.

Charles Bishop Hart born April 11th 1873 in Brooklyn N. Y.

Archibald Hart born jan. 16th 1876 in Brooklyn N. Y.

Louise Kissam Broadhurst daughter of William Broadhurst Jr. and Adele
Broadhurst - born in Brooklyn, N. Y. Dec. 11th 1872

Wm Homer Broadhurst born April 10th 1875

Frank Barnes Broadhurst born June 30, 1881

Clara Isabelle Broadhurst born Dec. 19th 1882

Grace Adele Broadhurst born in Brooklyn Nov. 9. 1885

Ann Sophia Barnes, died at Salem Massachusetts, Saturday 11 in the morning
July 30. 1825. age 18y 9m 23d

Clarissa Barnes, at Portsmouth Friday 7 morning Aug. 5, 1825 age 9y 11m 5d

George Frederick Barnes, Monday May 1-1826, 12 at night age 5y 3m 5d

Ellen Barnes at Portsmouth April 22d -1837 aged 13y 5m

Lewis Gustavus Barnes Died at New Orleans 2 P. M. Sep. 4. 1841 age 33
years one month, 17 days

Lewis Barnes inf son of Charles L. Barnes. died at Brooklyn April 21: 1849 at 2
O. clock morning aged 2 years 5 months 21 days

Charles L. Barnes died at Liverpool Nov. 10. 1851 age 33 years 3 months & 27
days - at the Adelphia [Adelphi] Hotel. Was brought home and placed in the
receiving tomb, Brooklyn in the 10 Janu. 1852 and deposited in its final
resting place beside his little son Lewis on the 8th April 1852

Mrs Jacob Walden, mother of Mrs Marnes. died at Portsmouth Sunday Sep. 5,
1824 35 past 9 morning Aged 77 years

Mr. Jacob Walden died at Portsmouth Dec 24. 1831 Aged 80 years 7 months

Miss Sophia Walden died Octb. 4. 1842. Aged 57 years.

Mrs Anna Blunt, wife of O. C. Blunt died at New Orleans, January 20 1849
Aged 72 years.

Lewis Barnes/ Swediah Ludwig Baärnheilm Died at Portsmouth, New
Hampshire, Friday June 27th 1856 at 11 o'clock P.M. aged 79 years and 8

Mrs. Abby Maria Barnes died at Portsmouth N. H. Nov. 20th 1863 at 9 0189 A.
M. Aged 80 years and 3 days.

[card glued in]
Abbie Maria Barnes died on Friday July 4th 1893 in her 89th year - at 7.15 P.M.

Esther Walden Barnes Died May 24. 1903

[1st few pages of another Bible]
Nam. W. Butler 1857
Rebound Augt 17th 1887

[hand made calling card]
Mr Lewis Barnes.

[envelope with Butler and De Peyster Crests inside]
James L. Robinson
309 Lafayette Ave.
Brooklyn, N. Y.

for the bible record
Anna was married Mch 11th 1880
her Daughter Maude Bronson was born Jan.y 23d 1881

[hand written family history]
My mother's youngest brother Charles C. Walden died at Graves. End England
Nov. 13th 1809 - of Typhus fever

Joseph Walden was lost at sea on his passage from New York to New Orleans
Oct. 1810

My grandmother Mrs. Jacob Walden - died Sept. 5th 1824

Thomas Walden her son died 23d July 1825

My grandfather - Jacob Walden - died Christmas Eve. 1831 - instantaneously
and happily.

[hand written letter of family history]
Dear Carrie - wife of Capt. George Lamb - was married at Grace Church
Brooklyn Oct 11th 1860. Died at sea on her passage from Maulmain to
England July 9th 1862 - Tidings of her death arrived in Brooklyn Sept. 9th
1862. Capt. Lamb arrived, with her remains in England.
They reached New York April 1863 and were deposited in the cemetery at
Portsmouth at sunset, April 28th 1863

Capt. Lamb entered the U. S. Navy May 1863 on board the "North Carolina"
receiving ship. Was ordered to the "Ticonderoga", at the Phila Navy Yard, and
sailed on the 2d June, 1863, to join the West India Squadron. Was then
ordered to Steamer "Pequot" and remained on her until the close of the war -
participating on all the battles on the James River. ___ at Fort Fisher

[Hand written family history paper]
Lewis Barnes (Swedish Ludwig Baärnhielm) born at Gottenburg Sweden - Oct
28th 1776 -
Abby Maria Walden - born at Portsmouth New Hampshire Nov 17th 1783 -
married Lewis Barnes Oct 3d 1803

Abby Maria Barnes, Their Daughter, born August 14th 1804
Ann Sophia [Barnes, their daughter] born Sept. 8th 1806
  Died at Salem, Mass July 30th 1825 aged 18 years 9 months.
Lewis Gustavus - born July 18th 1808 -
  Died at new Orleans Sept 4th 1840 aged 33 years & 1 month
Caroline Louisa - born Jan. 31st 1811
Esther Walden - born Sept 3d - 1813
Clarissa - Born August 31st 1815
 Died August 5th 1825
Charles Lorentz born July 14th 1818
 Died at Liverpool Eng. Nov. 10th 1851
George Frederick born - Feb. 24th 1820
 Died May 1st 1826
Ellen born Nov. 23d 1823
 Died April 22d 1837

Caroline Louisa Barnes married Cornell L. Franklin March 5th 1837.

Their daughter Caroline Louisa, born at Flatbush L. I. State of New York, Sept.
9th 1838

Charles Lorentz Barnes married Louisa Crommelin at Flatbush L. I. Dec. 1842
Their daughter Maria Louisa was born at Brooklyn N. Y. Sept. 28th 1843
Frederika Born at Brooklyn Feb. 28th 1845
Lewis Barnes Jr. born Nov. 1st 1846
Adela born August 18th 1848
Anna Decatur born March 3d 1850

Mrs. Jacob Walden died at Portsmouth Sept. 5th 1824 aged 77 years.
Mr. Jacob Walden died at P. Dec. 24th 1831 aged 81 years
Sophia Walden died at P. Oct 4th 1842 aged 57 years
Mrs Anna Blunt died at New Orleans Jan. 20th 1849 aged 72 years.

[hand written family anecdotal history]
My grandfather - Jacob Walden - was with John Paul Jones in "The Ranger",
during the Revolution. He went out as "Purser", but during the action with the
"Drake," he was placed by the commander, in charge of the quarter deck
battery. (at that time it was a common thing for an individual to hold two
such positions)
During the action, John Paul Jones and my grandfather were standing in close
proximity, when the arm of a man was shot off and passed directly between
 One incident of this time is worth recording. A Mr. Cullem - a friend of my
grandfather's- was also on board "The Ranger." Prior to his embarkation, a
"fortune teller" had told him - among many other things - that during that
cruise, a man on board who had a wife and two children, would be killed; and
that he would have on a blue jacket at the time. My grandfather had a wife &
two children. Mr. Cullem had the same. On hearing this Mr. C_ said "Well,
Jacob, either you or I will be killed. But there is one thing in my favor. I dont
own a blue Jacket." The time passed on: and singular as it may seem, just
before the engagement with The Drake, above alluded to, Mr. Cullem went to
the ward room and purchased a blue jacket which he wore during the action,
and in which he was shot, by my grandfather's side. This incident was
frequently related by him to his children.
 Another incident - it is said - has never been related in the history of John
Paul Jones - vis -That during the engagement he had a pair of leaden boots
standing by the battery, which he had resolved to put on, and leap overboard
rather than survive the capture of his vessel.
 incidents related to me by dear mother.
E. W. Barnes

[typed Crommelin family history]
Genealogy of one of the branches of Armand Crommelin

Charles Crommelin born in Paris 1678,
                       died in New York, Jan. 19, 1740.
                       Married Anne Sinclair - eight children among whom were:
  Daniel born Nov. 1707, settled in Amsterdam
            died Jan 1789
  *Charles born Aug 22, 1722
  Robert born Feb. 13, 1717 (bachelor)
            died 1791

*Robert Crommelin married Ann Reade DePeyster, daughter of
Joseph                                        dePeyster. She had lived with her Uncle
Frederick                                         dePeyster. They were married April 1,
1794. Ten children                               were born:
 *Robert James Crommelin b. Jan. 20, 1795
 Sarah Marhretta b. June 20, 1796
 Joseph Richard b. Feb. 25, 1798
 Charles John b. March 2, 1800
 Ann Eliza Stringham b. March 18, 1804
 Harriette DePeyster b. Jan. 29, 1806
 Mary Ogden b. March 2, 1808
 Julia Reade b. Jan. 15, 1810
 Louisa Amelia b. July 13, 1813

*Robert James Crommelin married Eliza Betts of Jamaica, N. Y. March 1819,
                                 with Rev. Dr. Milner officiating. There were
nine                                           children.
 *Ann Louisa born June 4, 1820. She married Charles Lorentz Barnes
of                              Portsmouth, N. H. Dec. 6, 1842 at Flatbush L. I. (son
of                                Lewis Barnes - Ludwig Baarnhielm who came from
Sweden to                         live in Portsmouth, N. H.)(Comment from Pop; I
bet my                                Grandfather Dr. John Robinson, who lived next
door to the                             Crommelin family in Flatbush was at the
wedding. He was                             the Flatbush family doctor.)
 Emma Zulekia born August 3 ----
 Robert died in infancy
 Robert Oscar
 Juliette Sofia
 Eliza Cornelia
 Clarkson died in infancy

*Ann Louisa Crommelin married as above, Charles Lorentz Barnes. They
had                                     five children.
 A son who died in infancy
 Marie Louise who married William Albert R. Barrett (May's Father
and                                 Mother.)
 Fredericka Bremer, who married Gifford R. Hart
 *Adele, who married William Broadhurst
 Anna Decatur who married Henry deLord Averill, son of Charles
Ketchum                              Averill of Bridgeport, Conn.

Robert Oscar Crommelin married Adeline Ryder. They had eight children.
 William Bernard who married Anna Master - two children, Frank and Robert.
 Emeline Gifford.
 Alfred Mitchell, who married Margaret Whiting and had eight sons
 Charles Lorentz who married Julia Peck, 1 son Harrison
 Lillian Mason who married Arthur Cobb
 George Bacon U. S. Army