John C. Allen Family Bible
Holy Bible in English; Title page missing; from New Testament page, New
York, American Bible Society, 1847.

Received into the Belding Family 19/21

1st Generation

John C. Allen to
Mary Drinkwater J
June 22nd AD 1845

John C. Allen
Mary L. Devine
Dec 24 AD 1859

3d. Generation

Thos. E. Belding
Anna G. Gibson
April - 4/17.

John C. Allen June 12th AD 1811 [1815 written over]

Mary Drinkwater May 19th AD 1821
Married June 22nd AD1845


Cinderella Allen April 2d AD 1846

Susan Annah Allen February 2nd AD 1848

John Allen January 17th 1849

Mary Allen February 26th 1851

Anna Allen February 27th 18[rubbed out]

Mary L. Devine L. Allen April 20th AD 1836

John C. Devine Oct 23rd AD 1856

Francis Allen Oct 11th 1860

Coye=Ba=Allen July the 23 1864

Ethan Allen Was Born July the 12 1865

Minerva Allen Was Born August the 29 1868

Minervia Allen Was Born August the 5 1862/3[number written atop  one

Armena Allen Was Born December the 25 1873

Armna L Allen was born December the 25 1872

3d Generation

Thos. E. Belding 1-1-95
Geneva Belding 9/30-96

4th Generation
Viola M. Belding 7/14-16

Orvil E. Belding 7/15-18
Orvin E. Belding 7/15-18

Cora G. Belding 6/21-19

Susan Annah Allen April 10th 1848

Mary Allen December 25th 1857

Cinderella Allen Died OctoBer the  4 1864

John Allen Died January the 24 1865

Miss L Allen Wife of J C Allen Died September the twenty forth 1882

Mary F Allen Died September the 24 1882

John C Allen Died December the 4 1890

3d Generation
Orville Eugene Belding
Orvin Earl Belding Twins
July 23 18.
July 15. 18.

Blank Page Before New Testament
Carie Ellen Mahan Was Born November the 7 1867

Ober Mahan Was Born NovemBer=the 1869 27 [27 in pencil]

October 15 1870 Armintha Mahan was Born

John ferron Mahan was Born December 23 1873

John Edmon Williams
Died march 10th 1885

Annie Williams
Died march 12th 1886

[John and Mary (Devine) Allen lived in Benton, Ringgold County, Iowa.
Thomas Belding was a son of Cora B (Coya Ba in the Bible) Allen and Chauncy
Belding and settled in Williamette, Clackamas, Oregon after living in Idaho
for a period.]

The Bible is now in the possession of the C. G. Brisee Genealogy Library,
Irwin, Iowa.