Bogardus Papers
The former Bogardus lands in New York City have spurred a number
of lawsuit claiming their portion of the ownership of that property
was never relinquished. This site is not going to try to prove or
disprove that claim.
The more famous lawsuit was brought by attorney Willis Timothy
Gridely, who was prosecuted and received time in prison for his role.
The C. G. Brisee Genealogy has received copies of papers from two
of  those lawsuits. One set of papers from attorney Gardner P.
Spencer of Cohoes and Troy, NY. Another set from attorney Frank A.
Traver of Troy, NY. This site is about those papers.
Gardner P. Spencer papers consist of several notebooks showing lines of descent
from the various children of Anneke Jans Bogardus. Also, various published sources
backing up the ancestry of Anneke Jans' children. While the early ancestry to Wolfert
Wbber and Dutch royalty has been proven false, the later genealogy can be very
valuable to family researchers. Please verify all information through other sources, as
these can only be looked upon as secondary sources.
Frank A. Traver papers are notarized affidavits showing the lines of descent from
hundreds of plaintiffs from Anneke Jans Bogardus. All have boilerplate descent from
Dutch royalty and Wolfert Webber's, which we know is incorrect. The value of these
papers lies in the later ancestry of these individuals. Many of the marriage and birth
dates cited are before vital records were kept in some states, so this may be the only
source of some of these dates. But as with all secondary sources, please try to verify
all information from other sources.
Background on the lawsuits can be found on this site Bogardus - Rootsweb
Frank Traver eventually moved to Troy, NY and teamed up with Gardner Spencer. The
two sets of papers were acquired from different sources and from different states about
4 years apart. The fact they are reunited is probably a genealogical miracle.