Vital Records - Missouri

MO - Death Records from Missouri Newspapers, 1854-1860, by Lois Stanley, George F. Wilson & Maryhelen Wilson,  

MO - Divorces, Separations and Annulments in Missouri 1769 to 1850 by Teresa Blattner 1993

MO - Missouri Marriages Before 1840 by Susan Ormesher

MO - Missouri Genealogical Gleanings Volume 1-4,  1840 and Beyond, by Sherida K. Eddlemon 1994

MO - History of Southeast MO

Calloway County, MO Marriages 1821-1872

Cass County - Earliest Records of Cass County, Missouri, 1836-1861, by Marjorie Pearce Buckner, 1969.

Clinton County - Marriage Records of Clinton County, Missouri 1833-1870, by Nanon Lucile Carr, 1955.

Douglas County Marriage Book 2 1893-1897 & 1890

Green County
Green County Divorce Records, 1911-1935.

Holt County
Holt County, Missouri Birth Records 1883 - 1893

Laclede County
Laclede County, MO Birth Records 1883-1899

Laclede County, MO Marriage Records Volume One 1849-1881

Laclede County, MO Marriage Records Volume Two Book B 1881-1887, Book E 1887-1892

Laclede County, MO Marriage Records Volume Three
Books F & G 1892-1902

Laclede County, MO Marriages Records Volume four 1902-1909

Laclede County, MO wills & Probates Index 1848-1955

Lincoln County, Missouri Births, Stillbirths, Deaths 1883, 1884, by Thomas Arthur Caulley, 1981.

Lincoln County, Missouri Land owners Atlas, by Thomas Caulley, 1982.

Mississippi County
Charleston - Enterprise Obituaries, Mississippi County, MO 1879-1888 by Joan Tinsley Feezor

Deed Record Book "A", Mississippi County, MO 1822-1845

Marriages of Mississippi County, MO 1845-1887

Marriages of Mississippi County, MO Volume Two 1888-1902

Record of Probate & Common Pleas Court of Mississippi County, MO 1856-1857 by Hazel Jones Williams

Mississippi County, MO Loose Probate Papers 1845-1899

1845 List of Taxable Lands in Mississippi County, Missouri, by Shirley Robinson Bryant

New Madrid County, MO Early Marriage Contracts & License 1791-1806 & 1830 & 1840 Census

New Madrid, MO Marriage Records Volume Two 1874-1895
by Vera Ashley & Jane Vann

New Madrid County, MO Probate Records 1810-1910 by Mary M. Brown & Fay Hedgepeth

Oregon County
Oregon County Cemetery Records.

Osage County
Osage County Marriages 1862-1871.

St. Charles
Obituaries, St. Charles, MO Newspapers 1993.

Saline County
1876 Taxpayers & Biographies, Saline County, Missouri, by Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry.
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