Vital Records - Iowa

IA State
Miscellaneous Iowa Records Volume 3, by Rita Goranson & Jo Ann Burgess 1986.

Miscellaneous Iowa Records Volume 4, by Rita Goranson & Jo Ann Burgess 1989.

Bible Records in Museums and Libraries of Iowa, Vol. 1 & 3, by Jo Ann Burgess & Rita Goranson.

Iowa Quaker Meeting Records, Orthodox Records Vol. 2, Bear Creek Monthly meeting, Bloomington Monthly Meeting,
Cedar Creek Monthly Meeting, Center Monthly Meeting, Chestnut Hill monthly Meeting, by William Wade Henshaw

Iowa Quaker Meeting Records, Orthodox Records Volume 5, New Sharon Monthly Meeting, Oskaloosa Monthly Meeting,
by William Wade Henshaw

Iowa Quaker Meeting Records, Volume 6, Pleasant Plain Monthly Meeting, Richland Monthly Meeting, by William Wade

Iowa Quaker Meeting Records, Orthodox Records Volume 7, Rocksylvania Monthly Meeting, Rose Mount Monthly
Meeting, Salem Monthly Meeting, Smyrna Monthly Meeting, by William, Wade Henshaw

Iowa Quaker Meeting Records, Orthodox Records Volume 8, Spencer Monthly Meeting, Springdale Monthly Meeting,
Stuart Monthly Meeting, Winneshiek Monthly Meeting, by William Wade Henshaw

Iowa Quaker Meeting Records, Hicksite Records Volume 9, Marietta Monthly Meeting, Wapsinonoc Monthly Meeting, by
William Wade Henshaw

Iowa Monthly Meeting Records, Conservative Records II Volume 11, North Branch Monthly Meeting, Salem Monthly
Meeting, Springville Monthly Meeting, Stavanger Monthly Meeting, Summit Grove Monthly Meeting, West
Branch Monthly Meeting, by William Wade Henshaw

Allamakee County
Vital Records Extracted From 1913 County History

Boone County
Early Marriages 1850-1859, Boone County, Iowa.

Vital Records of Botna, Shelby Co., IA. [compiled sources]

Buchanan County
Early Marriages, Buchanan County, Iowa.

Calhoun County
Early Marriages 1856-1884, Calhoun County, Iowa.

Cerro Gordo County
Early Marriages 1855-1869, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa.

Chickasaw County
Early Marriages, Book 1-3, Chickasaw County, Iowa.

Clinton County
Early Marriages 1840-1855, Clinton County, Iowa.

Davis County
Early Marriages 1844-1854, Davis County, Iowa.

Delaware County
Early Marriages 1851-1861 Delaware County,  Iowa.

Des Moines County
Early Marriages, Book 1 1835-1842, Book 3 1847-1853, Des Moines County, Iowa.

Early Marriages, Book 2, 1842-1851, Des Moines County,Iowa.

Dickinson County
Early Marriages Book I 1871-1884, Dickinson County, Iowa.

Floyd County
Early Marriages, 1880-1900, Floyd County, Iowa.

Franklin County
Early Marriages, 1855-1880, Franklin County, Iowa.

Greeley Twp, Shelby Co.
Vital Records of Greeley Twp, Shelby Co., IA [compiled sources]

Greene County
Early Marriages, 1854-1880, Greene County, Iowa.

Guthrie County
Guthrie County, Iowa Early Marriages 30 March 1852 - 31 December 1899

Henry County  
Marriages 1836-1857

Vital Records of Irwin, Iowa (Shelby County) [compiled sources]

Jasper County
Marriages 1880-1900 Taken From the Files of the Prairie City News.

Jasper County Marriages 1880-1889, by Fern Stephenson Horn & Lois Wilson Cronbaugh, 1958.

Jefferson County
1856 Census Index

Coroner's Docket Dec. 1899-July 1934

Deaths 1880-1899

Death Records A-D Jan. 1900-June 1919

Death Records E-J Jan. 1900-June 1919

Death Records K-Q Jan. 1900-June 1919

Death Records Jan. 1900-June 1919

Index Only To The Parents Of Deceased In The Death Records 1900-1920

Guardianship Index 1839-1892

Marriages Jan. 1870-June 1880

Marriages 1880-1899

Marriages 1900-1909

Marriages 1910-1919

Newspaper Death Notices 1847-1872

Probate Index 1839-1890

Probate Index 1891-1961

Will Index 1851-1927

Johnson County
Early Marraiges, 1839-1861, Johnson County, Iowa.

Ministerial Book Betania Norwegian Lutheran Church, Kelley, Iowa 1902 - 1924

Keokuk County
Early Marraiges, 1844-1860, Keokuk County, Iowa.

Madison County
Early Marriages, 1849-1880, Madison County, Iowa.

Marshall County
Deaths, Book 1, 1887-1893, Marshall County, Iowa.

Wills, Book 1, Marshall County, Iowa.

Mills County
Mills County, Iowa Marriage Records 1880-1885.

Monona County
Early marriages 1856-1880, Monona County, Iowa.

Muscatine County
Muscatine County Early Marriage Records 1837-1845 Grooms Index

Vital Records, D.A.R. Iowa Washington County Chapter.
Part I:
Muscatine County, Iowa Grave Stone Inscriptions,
Part II: First Census
Washington County, Iowa 1840
Part III: Marriages 1864-1869
Washington County, Iowa

Osceola County
Early Marriages, 1872-1900, Osceola County, Iowa.

Plymouth County
Early Marriages, 1860-1880, Plymouth County, Iowa.

Red Line
Vital Records of Red Line, IA [compiled sources]

Scott County
Scott County Marriage Records, 1870-1879.

Scott County Marriage Index 1870-1879

Shelby County
Early Marriages, 1853-1880, Shelby County, Iowa.

Story County
Story County, Iowa Marriages, Book 1, July 1854-January 1866.

Warren County
Warren County, Iowa Early Marriages, 1849-1879 & 1880-1899.

Wayne County
Wayne County, Iowa Marriages, Book I, October 1851-May 1865.

Webster County
Webster County Marriages, 1853-1890, by Roger & Mindy Natte.

Woodbury County
Woodbury County, Iowa Marriages, Book A, 1854-1871.

Worth County
Marriages of Worth County, Iowa, September 17, 1858-December 20, 1899.
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