The Parish of Urr, A History by David Frew

Directory of Scottish Settlers in North America Volume 5, 1625-1825 by David Dobson 1985

Directory of Scottish Settlers Volume VII 1625-1825, by David Dobson 1993

Sources For Scottish Genealogy and Family History by D. J. Steel, National Index of Parish Registers Volume XII

The Story of Scotland by Janet R. Glover

Examination Roll of Arbroath 1752 & Town's Duty Roll 1753 Scottish Record Society New Series #13

Clans and Chiefs Celtic Tribalism in Scotland by Ian Grimble

In Search of Scottish Ancestry Second Editin by Hamilton Edwards

Scottish-American Heirs 1683-1883 by David Dobson

The Original Scots Colonists of Early America 1612-1783 by David Dobson

History of The Western Highlands and Isles of Scotland from A. D. 1493 to A. D.1625 with a Breif Introductory
Sketch, from A.D. 80 to A. D. 1493 by Donald Gregory

Edinburgh Painted by John Fulleylove, Described by Rosaline Masson

The GlenAlmond Register 1847-1929

Scottish Trades and Professions A Selected Bibliography by D. R. Torrance

The Surnames of Scotland Their Origin, Meaning and History, by George F. Black 1962

Bonnie Dundee by Rosemary Sutcliff (fiction)

The Clans and Tartans of Scotland by Robert Bain

Johnston's Clan Hstories
The Stewarts

Johnston's Clan Histories The Clan Macgregor

Johnston's Clan Histories The Clan Donald

Johnston's Clan Histories The Clan Mackintosh

Scottish Clans & Tartans
by Ian Grimble

The Stewarts The Stewart Society Quarterly Vol IX no. 1 & 4, Vol X No. 3

The Great Historic Families of Scotland, Vol. 1 & 2, by James Taylor, 1889

Clans and Tartans, The Fabric of Scotland by Lorna Blackie

The Highland Clans by Moncreiffe of that Ilk & David Hicks

Scottish Art and Design 5,000 Years by Wendy Kaplan

Scottish Surnames & Families by Donald Whyte

My Ain Folk an Easy Guide to Scottish Family History, by Graham S. Holton and Jack Winch

The Scottish Tartans with the Chief's Arms Histories & Badges of the Clans

Scottish Clans & Tartans, by Neil Grant

The Highland Clans, by Sir Iain Moncreiffe of that Ilk, Albany Herald

The Clans, of the Scottish Highlands, by R. R. McIan

Scots in the USA and Canada 1825-1875, by David Dobson

The Historical Families of Dumfriesshire and The Border Wars, by C. L. Johnstone 1889/1994

Scottish Record Society, Charter Chest of the Earldom of Dundonald 1219-1672, by Francis J. Grant 1910

Scottish Record Society, Register of Baptisms, Proclamations, Marriages and Mortcloth Dues, Parish of Torphichen
1673-1714, by John Macleod 1911

Highways & Byways:
In Galloway & Carrick, by Garrick C. H. Dick

Highways & Byways:
In The Central Highlands, by Seton Gordon

Highways & Byways:
In The Border, by John Lang

A Genealogical Gazetteer of Scotland, by Frank Smith 1979

Scottish Epitaphs, by Betty Willsher 1996

Scotland, The Story of a Nation, by Magnus Magnusson 2000

Scotland, Land of Mountains, by Colin Baxter & Des Thompson 2000

Military Illustrated, Highlander, by Stuart Reid 2000
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