Genealogy Quarterlies

Genealogy periodical publications are one of the most overlooked resources available to the researcher today. With the
advent of "push-button" genealogy this vital grass roots resource is often ignored by researchers who expect the
information to mysteriously appear on their computer monitors. This unfortunate attitude among many has led to the
demise of many publications, from national ones to publications from local genealogical societies.
Yet in these publications is information not found on the web, and because of copyright laws probably won't be for
some decades.  These publications can contain Family Bible records, local vital records, local newspaper extracts, family
histories, cemetery listings, local history and events, etc.
We shelve these by state or region, ethnic focus, or national scope. The buttons to the left will reflect these
categories, with the titles and issues in our library.
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C. G. Brisee Genealogy Library
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