Canadian Local History

Dictionnaire Genéalogique Volume 7, by Cyprien Tanquay

Genealogie Tome 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6,  Charlevoix-Saguenay

History of the County of Annapolis, by W. A. Calnek 1980

Barrie Ontario
The Church at the Junction 1892 - 1992, by Keith McGown 1990.

British Columbia
Annual Report of the Minister of Mines of the Province of British Columbia, 1936.

Brome Co., Que.
History of Brome County, Quebec, Vol. 1 & 2, by Rev. Ernest M. Taylor, 1908

Louisbourg From its Foundation to its Fall, by J. S. McLennan 1978

Montreal, by Whitecap Books, 1998.

Nova Scotia
The Nova Scotia Historical Society 1878 - 1978, Collections of the Nova Scotia Historical Society for the years 1886 -
1894, self published 1887/1977

Historical and Genealogical Records of the First Settlers of Colchester County, by Thomas Miller, 1873.

For Home and Country, The Centennial History of Women's Institutes in Ontario, by Lind M. Ambrose, 1996.

St. Denis
St. Denis, A French-Canadian Parish, by Horace Miner, 1939.

Early History of Saskatchewan Churches (Grass Roots), by Meredith B. Banting 1975.

Black Creek Pioneer Village, by Dorothy Duncan.

The Red River Settlement, Its Rise, Progress and Present state, by Alexander Ross 1856/1972
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