Vermont Local History
f Lamoille county

Vermont Families in 1791 Volume 1, by Scott A. Bartley 1992

Genealogical and Family History if the State of Vermont, Vol. 1 7 2, by Hiram Carleton, 1903.

Vermont, The Green Mountain State, Vol. 2-4, by Walter Hill Crockett, 1921/1938.

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Report of the Commissioner of Agriculture, 1926-28;

Report of the Select Committee of the House of Representatives on So Much of the Governor's Message as Relates to
Houses of Correction for the Punishment of Juvenile Offenders, 1855

Report of the Public Records Commission to the General Assembly, 1944.

Acts and Resolves passed by the General Assembly, 1919;

Report to the Legislature of Vermont relating to the Registry and Returns of Births, Marriages and Deaths, 1858; 1890;

Biennial Report of the Commissioner of State Taxes and Secretary of State, 1909-10;

Vermont School Report, 1896;

Report of the State Health Commission, 1949-50;

Report of the State Board of Health, 1911 Part 2; 1914-15; 1916-17; 1922-23;

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Report of the Inspector of Finance, 1898.

Vermont Social Welfare Laws.

The History of Public Welfare in Vermont, by Lorenzo D'Agostino, 1948.

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Vermont in the World War 1917-1919.

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Vermont Tradition, by Dorothy Canfield Fisher, 1953

The Addison Road, by Frank L. Webster 1985

Historical Sketch of The Baptist Church in Addison, Vermont 1797:1919, by Rev. Wallace Selden Boardman. 1919

Addison County
Soil Survey, Addison County, Vermont, 1971.

An Address, Delivered Before the Associate Alumni of Barre Academy at Their Reunion, Barre, Vermont June 1877, In
Celebration of 25th Anniversary of the Principal's Connection With the Institution, by Calvin B. Hulbert

Barre, Vermont, An Annotated Bibliography

They Came to Work, Oral Histories of the Vermont Granite Industry During the 1920's and 1930's, by Marjorie J. Strong,

Centennial Book of the Methodist Episcopal Church Barton, Vermont September 30 to October 7, 1928

Bennington Museum Annual Report 1956

Bennington and its Surroundings - A. J. Nutting 1866

Dedication of the First Meeting House Monument in Old Bennington, 1923.

The Return of Russell Colvin, 1945.

Sacred Heart Parish, The First Hundred Years, 1880-1980.

A Place To Pass Through: Berlin, Vermont 1820-1991.

A History of Bradford, Vermont, by Harold W. Haskins, 1968.

A Pilgrimage to the Monuments of the Early Settlerts of Brandon, by William Van Derveer Berg

Brandon, Vermont, A History of the Town 1761-1961.

Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont, Early History, by Henry Burnham, 1880.

History of the Town of Brattleboro, Vermont [extracted from Vermont Historical Gazeteer 1891]

Annals of Brattleboro 1681 - 1895 Volume 2, by Mary R. Cabot 1922

History of Bristol, Vermont, 1762-1980.

The Early History of Bristol, Vermont, Formerly Known as Pocock, by Harvey Munsill.

A Sermon Delivered in St. Paul's Church, Burlington, Vt., at a Service Celebrating the Fiftieth Anniversary of the
Founding of the Parish, by the Rector, Rev. E. R. Atwill [June 12, 1881]

Cabot, Vermont, A Collection of Memories From The Century Past, 1999.

History of Cavendish, Vermont, by Lois Wheeler, 1952.

Chittenden County
Chittenden Bicentennial.

The Origin of Chelsea, Vermont and a Record of its Institutions and Individuals, by John Moore Comstock

Town of Concord, Vermont, Then & Now, 1781-1976

History of Corinth, Vermont, 1764-1964.

A History of Cornwall Houses and Their Inhabitants, by Stuart Witherall, 1989.

History of the Town of Cornwall, Vermont, by Rev. Lyman Matthews, 1862.

16th Annual Danville Community Fair Wednesday August 11th, 1948

The History and Map of Danby, Vermont, by J. C. Williams 1869 [RP Files]

History of Dummerston, Vermont, by David L. Mansfield, 1891.

The Memorial Record of Essex, Vermont, by L. C. Butler, 1866

The Early Years, Fayston, Vermont, 1798-1898, by Anna Bixby Bragg.

Franklin County
Soil Survey of Franklin County, .

Georgia, Vermont, Town History, 1969.

Georgia Town History, 1978.

History of Grafton, Vermont 1754-1975.

Benton Lodge No. 88, A.F.&A.M., Guildhall, Vermont, 1905.

Hillsboro People, by Dorothy Canfield, 1915.

Hyde Park
Hyde Park - Vermont, Shire Town of Lamoille County

History of the Baptist Church of Ira, Vermont, by W. G. Cooper & Simon L. Peck 1925

Remarks on Jamaica, Vermont, by Judge F. M. Butler, 1922.

History of Ludlow, Vermont, by Joseph N. Harris, 1949/1988.

Lyndon Gem in the Green, by Venila Lovina Shores 1986

Historical Sketch of The First Baptist Church in Manchester, VT., by Rev. Joseph S. Brown 1916

History of Mendon, Vermont, by Mary Ruth

The 100th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Parish Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Middlebury, Vermont

Catalogue of the Graduates of Middlebury College, 1853.

Montgomery, Vermont, The History of a Town, by W. R. Branthoover & Sara Taylor, 1991.

History of Montpelier Vermont, by Eliakim Persons Walton.

Montpelier Chronicles, Historic Stories of the Capital City, by Paul Heller, 2015.

Vermont College, A Famous Old School, by Eldon Hubert Martin, 1962.

Mount Holly
Mount Holly, Its Early Days, by James F. Holden 1982

History of Newbury, Vermont, by Frederic P. Wells

Frontier Crossroads, the Evolution of Newport, Vermont, by Emily M. Nelson 1977

Northfield in the Bicentennial Year 1976.

Centennial Proceedings and Historical Incidents of the Early Settlers of Northfield Vt., by John Gregory, 1878.

North Hero
History Town of North Hero, Vermont, by Allen L. Stratton, 1976.

Some Pages of Norwich History, 1961.

Orleans County
Proceedings of the Orleans County Historical Society 1908

Biography of the Bar of Orleans County, Vermont, by Frederick W. Baldwin 1886

Panton - Past and Present, Condensed History of the Town of Panton, Vermont 1761-1991.

Reunion Celebration together with an Historical Sketch of Peru, Bennington County, Vermont, by Ira K. Batchelder 1891

A Glimpse of the Past, Pittsfield, Vermont, by Catherine S. Davis & Dawn D. Hance, 1976.

Pittsford Historical Society, Newsletter, Feb. 2001;

Expanded Index to Caverly's History of Pittsford, Vt., 1976.

History of the Town of Pittsford, Vermont, by A. M. Caverly, 1872.

Pittsford's Second Century, by Jean S. Davies, Margaret Armitage, Lois Bittersdorf & Jean Harvie, 1997.

Pownal, A Vermont Town's Two Hundred Years and More, by Joseph Parks, 1977.  

The Heritage of Bethany Church, by Genieve Lamson, 1955.

Randolph's Beginnings, by Miriam Herwig, 1981.

A Rural Poem, Written for the Centennial Celebration of the Settlement of the Town of Reading, Vt., Held at Felchville,
August 28, 1872, by Honestus Stearns

History of the Town of Rockingham, by Frances Stockwell Lovell & Leverett C. Lovell, 1958.

Old Rutland: Side Lights on Her Honorable and Notable Story during One Hundred and Sixty Years A.D. 1761-A.D. 1922,
by Edward Lowe Temple

Souvenir Program, Twenty First Annual Basketball Tournament, Feb. 27-28, 1942.

Centennial Celebration of the Settlement of Rutland, Vt., by Chauncy K. Williams, 1870.

Rutland County
Rutland County Centennial Celebration 1781 - 1881 of the Organization of Rutland County, Vt., by Lyman Williams
Redington 1882

The History of Rutland County, Vermont, Civil, Ecclesiastical, Biographical and Military (Vermont Historical Magazine)

Ryegate, Vermont, by J. Edwin McKirahan

Salisbury: From Birth to Bicentennial, by Max P. Petersen, 1976.

Ordinary Heroes, The Story of Shaftsbury, by Ruth Levin, 1978.

Look Around St. George and Shelburne, Vermont, 1975.

An Informal History of the Town of Sherburne, Vermont 1761 - 1965, by Madeline C. Fleming

History of the Town of Shoreham, Vermont, by Rev. Josiah F. Goodhue, 1861/1975.

A Genealogical Register of the Early Families of Shoreham, Vermont, 1761-1899, by Susan Holt MacIntire & Sanford
Stowell Witherell, 1984.

A 1992 Supplement to the 1984 Genealogical Register of the Early Families of Shoreham, Vermont, by Susan Holt
MacIntire & Sanford Stowell Witherell, 1992.

Shoreham, The Town and Its People, , 1989.

South Hero
History of the South Heroe Island, Vol. 1, by Allen L. Stratton, 1980.

History of the Town of Springfield, Vermont, with a Genealogical Record, 1752 - 1895, by C. Horace Hubbard and Justus
Dartt 1895

Historical Notes on Three of the First Settlers of Springfield, Vermont, by Lewis G. Basso, 1967.

Newshaper, The Fellows Gear Shaper Company, Vol. 2 #11 Nov. 1944; Vol. 3 #1 Jan. 1945;

St. Johnsbury
The Town of St. Johnsbury, VT, A Review of One Hundred Twenty-five Years to the Anniversary Pageant 1912, by Edward
T. Fairbanks 1914

St. Johnsbury, Vermont, And an important Industrial Beginnings, 1830, by Col. Robert H. Morse.

Thetford's Academy's First Century, by Mary B. Slade, 1956.

The History of Underhill, Vermont, The Town Under the Mountain, by Loraine S. Dwyer, 1976.

People of Wallingford, by Birney C. Batcheller 1937 [RP files]

History of Waterbury, Vermont 1915-1991, by Waterbury Historical Society 1991

History of Wells, Vermont, by Hiland Paul & Robert Parks, 1869/1979.

Wells, Vermont, 200 Years, by Gertrude E. Pember Wood, 1955.

History of Weybridge, Vermont, by Ida H. Washington, 1991.

Saint James Church, Woodstock, Vermont 1827 - 1907.

Woodstock's Heritage, A Brief History of the Shire Town, by Peter S. Jennison, 1992.

Woodstock Then & Now, 1957.
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