Virginia Local History

Sources for Genealogical Searching in Virginia and West Virginia, by Betty L. McCay 1971

Genealogies of Virginia Families Vols. 1-5, from the Wm & Mary Quarterly

The Social Record of Virginia, by Helena Lefroy Caperton 1951

Virginia, A History, by Louis D. Rubin Jr., 1977.

Virginia Bible Records, by Jeannette Holland Austin, 2008.

The First Gentlemen of Virginia, by Louis B. Wright, 1940/1970.

Narratives of Early Virginia 1606-1625, by Lyon Gardiner Tyler, 1952.

A Roll of the Officers in the Virginia Line of the Revolutionary Army, by Latham & Leonard, 1962.

The Germanna Record, Official Publication of the Memorial Foundation of the Germanna Colonies in Virginia, 1961.

Jamestown to Washington, 1607-1950, by Louis Cox Morell.

Cavaliers and Pioneers, Abstracts of Virginia Patents and Grants 1623-1666, by Nell Marion Nugent, 1979.

The Virginia Gazette - Genealogy Column [2 volumes]

Extracts from The Virginai Gazette 1767-1772.

Virginia Baptist Ministers, by George Braxton Taylor, 1912.

Albemarle Jefferson's County 1727 - 1976, by John Hammond Moore 1976

Appomattox County
Register of Old Concord Presbyterian Church, 1826-1878, by Harriet A. Chilton & Mitzi Chilton Wilkerson, 1973.

Images of America, Arlington 2000

Arlington Heritage, Vignettes of a Virginia County, by Eleanor Lee Templeman, 1959.

Passover Memorial of the Church of God and Saints of Christ.

History of Bristol Parish, Va., by Rev. Philip Slaughter 1879

Bristol and America, A Record of the First Settlers in the Colonies of North America 1654-1685.

Caroline County  
A History of Caroline County, Virginia, by Marshall Wingfield 1924/1975

Fortress Monroe
Views of Fortress Monroe and Vicinity.

Gloucester County
Soil Survey of Gloucester County, Virginia, 1980.

Jamestowne Ancestors 1607 - 1699, Commemoration of the 400th Anniversary of the Landing at James Towne, by
Virginia Lee Hutcheson Davis 2006.

Jamestown Story in Pictures, by S. E. King.

Lancaster County
Abstracts, Lancaster County, Virginia Wills 1653-1800, by Ida J. Lee, 1959/1995.

Louisa County
Stitching the Western Peidmont of Virginia, 2014.

Lunenburg County
Cumberland Parish, Lunenburg County, Virginia, by Landon C. Bell, 1930/1974.

Madison County
A History of Madison County, Virginia, by Claude Lindsay Yowell, 1926.

Mount Vernon - Mount Vernon, Its Children, Its Romances, Its Allied Families and Mansions, by Minnie Kendall
Lowther, 1930.

Mount Vernon
Mount Vernon, An Illustrated Handbook, 1905.

Newport News
Heroes Forever, The Story if the Newport news Victory Arch, 1986.

Norfolk, The first Four Centuries, by Thomas C. Parramore, 1994.

Northumberland County
Northumberland County, Virginia Apprenticeships 1650-1750, by W. Preston Haynie, 1993.

Orange County
History of Orange County, Virginia, , by W. W. Scott, 1907/1990.

Prince Edward County
Old Briery Church, 1828/1971

Richmond (Pictorial).

Richmond County  
Wills of Richmond County, Virginia, 1699-1800, by Robert K. Headley Jr., 1983.

Shenandoah Secrets, The Story of the Park's Hidden Past, by Carolyn & Jack Reeder, 1991.

The History of the Town of Washington, Virginia, by Franklyn Clyde Baggarly.

Yorktown -
Colonial Yorktown, by Clyde F. Trudell, 1938/1971.
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