Ohio Local History

Ohio Archaeological and Historical Publications Volume XIX, 1910.

Early Ohio Settlers, Purchasers of Land in Southeastern Ohio, 1800 - 1840, by Ellen T. Berry & David A. Berry 1985.

The Northwest Ordinance 1787, A Bicentennial Handbook, by Robert M. Taylor Jr 1987

Sources for Genealogical Searching in Ohio, by Betty L. McCay 1973

History of the Sycamore Associate Reformed Church, now United Presbyterian, by Josiah Morrow 1930

Border Life, Experience and Memory in the Revolutionary Ohio Valley, by Elizabeth A. Perkins 1998

The Ohio Country from 1750 to 1977 - A Naturalist's View, by Milton B. Trautman

Indian Hollow Road, by Joanne Meade Webster 1980

Howe's Historical Collections of Ohio, Volume 1&2

Journals of the Annual Conventions of The Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Ohio 1853

Ohio School Report, 1878; 1887;

Annual Report of the Secretary of State, 1880; 1884; 1900;

Annual Reports made to the Governor of the State of Ohio, 1861 part 2;

Ohio Lands, A Short History, by Thomas E. Ferguson.

Reports of Cases Argues and Determines in the Supreme Court of Ohio, vol. 109; Vol. 110;

State Fair Livestock Program - 1988, 1989, 1995,

United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America - Various ledgers and applications 1902-1969.

Ohio Magazine - December 1970; November 1980; November 1981;

The People of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Directory, 2003.

Allen County
The 1976 History of Allen County, Ohio, by John R. Carnes, 1976.

Images of America - Alliance, by Craig Bara and Lyle Crist 1998.

Ashland, Ohio, Past and Present in Word and Picture, 1965.

Stone Evangelical Lutheran Congregational Meeting - 1979, 1980, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1988,

Stone Evangelical Lutheran Church, Century of Service, 1879-1979.

Ashland County
Ashland County Fair Program - 1981; 1988; 1989; 1997; 1998;

Ashland County Fair Race Program - 1966;

Ashland-Richland Counties Ohio Plat Book & Index of Owners, 1973.

Belle Center
Our Rich Land, Historical and Current Data, Sketches, Recollections and Glimpses of the Past in Picture and Print
Concerning Richland Township and the Village of Belle Center, Logan County, Ohio.

Belleville Twp  
Bellville & Jefferson Township History, 1975.

The Bellville Fair, Premium List: 1984; 1988;

The History of Braceville Township, Trumbull County, Ohio, by Grace R. Sells

150th Anniversary of Bucyrus, 1821-1971.

Bucyrus, There's Only One, Chamber of Commerce magazine.

Good Hope Lutheran Church directory - 1987;

St. Paul's Lutheran directory, 1998;

History of First Christian Church, Cambridge, Ohio.

City of Canton, Ohio Reports of City Officials, 1899.

Once Upon a Town and Township...Centerville, Washington Township 1796-1971 [Montgomery Co, Ohio]

German Chronicle in the History of the Ohio Valley and its Capital City Cincinnati in Particular, by Emil Klauprecht &
translated by Dale V. Lally Jr.1864/1992

Historic Photos of Cincinnati, by Linda Bailey, 2006.

Cleveland Directory Appendix, 1857.

Historical Sketches of our Twenty-Five Churches and Missions, by Rev. A. B. Cristy 1896

History of Immanuel Ev. Lutheran Church, Cleveland, Ohio, 1880-1955.

The Ohio State University Bulletin, 1937-38; 1938-39; 1940-41; 1941-42;

Let's Hear it For Convoy, Convoy Centennial 1874-1974.

99 Years of Dayton Photographers, by Richard D. Fullerton

Fairfield County
Crossroads and Fence Corners, Historical Lore of Fairfield County, by Charles R. Goslin 1976.

Fayette County
Query Letters to the Fayette County Genealogical Society, Washington Courthouse, Ohio.

Findlay Telephone Directory, 1956.

Franklin County
History of Franklin County, by William T. Martin, 1858.

Galion's Sesquicentennial, 1981.

Gallia County
History of Gallia County, Ohio 1803-1889, by Henry Howe

Grand Rapids
Grand Rapids, Ohio and Area, Commemorating the Past and the Present, 1978.

Greene County
Greene County, 1803-1908.

A Greene Countrie Towne, by Frank Raymond Harris, 1954.

Hancock County  
An Inventory of Ohio Soils, Hancock County, 1963.

Harrison County
Index to the Atlas of Harrison County, 1875.

Windgalore Farm, by Dave Williams

Historical Papers delivered at the centennial Anniversary of the First Congregational Church of Hudson, Ohio, by Emily
E. Metcalf 1902

Jefferson Twp.
Bellville & Jefferson Township History, 1975.

Charter, Village of Lexington, Ohio, 1976.

Almanac  From First National Bank 1979; 1980; 1981; 1982;

The Centennial, 1832-1932, First English Lutheran Church.

A Guide to the Symbolism of The Church of the Radiant Cross.

Heritage, The History of St. Luke's Lutheran Church, 1886-1986.

The First English Lutheran Church, Directory 1967, 1978, 1982,

The First United Methodist Church, 170 Years, 1984.

Municipal Traffic Code and Street Guide: 1950-51;

Marion County
The History of Marion County, Ohio 1883

Medina County
Medina County Genealogical Society, Indexes to The Medina County Story, 1982-1986 & 1987-1991.

Pioneer History of Medina County, by N. B. Northrop, 1861.

A Reminiscence of Medina County, Ohio, by Sharon L. D. Kraynek, 1997.

Windgalore Farm, by Dave Williams, 2005.

Miami County
History of Miami County, Ohio, by E. Irene Miller, 1982.

A History of Miami County, Ohio 1807-1953, by Leonard U. Hill, 1953.

Mt. Gilead
100th Anniversary 1853-1953 First Baptist Church, Mt. Gilead, Ohio.

Newburgh Heights
In The spirit of '76, A Historical Sketch of Newburgh Heights Village, July 4, 1976

New Burlington
New Burlington, The Life and Death of an American Village, by John Baskin, 1976.

Just Like Old Times, Book 1 1972 - 1974, from the Norwalk Reflector, by Henry Reiner Timman 1982

Just Like Old Times, Book 3 1978 - 1980, from the Norwalk Reflector, by Henry Reiner Timman 1984

Bulletin of Oberlin College, the College Catalogue 1909-10

Perrysburg Revisited, by Ardath Danford, 1992.

Pike County
Beaver Valley Pioneers, Pike County, Ohio 1800-1947, by H. E. Brill

A Reproduction of a Scrapbook from Newspaper Articles on Local and Regional History, by Leonard U. Hill.

The First Century of Piqua, Ohio, by John A. Rayner, 1916/1967.

Poland Historical Highlights

Putnam County  
Putnam County Pioneer Reminiscences, 1878 & 1887/1981.

Richland County
American Revolution Bicentennial 1776-1976.

Fair Book, 1990; 1991; 1992; 1993; 1994; 1995; 1997; 1999; 2000; 2001;  

A Pioneer History of Richland County, Ohio, by Gen. Roeliff Brinkerhoff, 1993.

Ashland-Richland Counties Ohio Plat Book & Index of Owners, 1973.

Ross County  
Ross County's Little Known Indian Years 1752 - 1774, by David McC, McKell 1942.

Souvenir History, Salem, O., 1806-1906

Sandusky Area Sesquicentennial, 1818-1968.

Transactions of the Twenty-Seventh Annual Meeting of the Ohio College Association held at Sandusky July 1895

Index of Combination Atlas Map of Sandusky County.

The Romantic Story of Schoenbrunn, The First Town in Ohio, Joseph E. Weinland

Scioto County  
History of Scioto County Ohio 1803-1889, by Henry Howe.

Scioto Valley
History of Lower Scioto Valley, Ohio, 1884.

Directory, First Presbyterian Church, 1950.

Shelby County
History of Shelby County, Ohio, 1883.

Mt. Hope Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1842-1982.

Springdale (Cincinnati)
4-H Club Record Book 1941; 1942;

Starke County
Ancestor Charts - Starke County, Ohio Charter Members OGS

Steubenville Bicentennial 1797-1997, by Sandy Day & Alan Hall.

Trumbull County
History of Trumbull County, Ohio 1800-1889, by Henry Howe.

Tuscarawas County
Tuscarawas County Sesqui-Centennial Celebration

Valley of the Tuscarawas, A History of Tuscarawas County, Ohio

Washington County
Washington Newsletters, 1983-1986 (Washington County Genealogical Society).

Williams History of Washington County, Ohio 1788-1881, 1881/1976.

Community Analysis, Westerville, Ohio, by Martha Burk.

Winona Centennial 1869 - 1969 Looking Back Over the Years,

Ohio Town, A Portrait of Xenia, by Helen Hoover Santmyer.
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