Maine Local History

Modern Maine, Its Historic Background, People and Resources, by Hebert, 1951.

The Pioneers of Maine and New Hampshire, by Charles Henry Pope 1965/1908

Bibliographical Guides; Lumbering and the Maine Woods; Maine Genealogy; Maine During the Federal and Jeffersonian
Period; Maine Biographies;

Collection of the Maine Historical Society Vol. XIX Baxter Manuscripts, 1914

Annual Report of the Attorney General of the State of Maine, 1915-16;

Maine Bank Reports, 1905; 1906; 1907; 1908; 1909; 1910; 1911; 1912; 1913; 1914; 1915; 1916;

Annual Report of the Board of Assessors, 1898; 1904; 1906; 1909; 1913;  

Report of the State Auditor, 1909-10; 1911-12; 1913-14; 1915-16;

Maine Insurance Report, 1903; 1906; 1907; 1908; 1909; 1910; 1912; 1914;

Archivews of the Legislature of Maine, 1820-1825; 1826-1830;

Maine Register, 2000;

Report of the Commissioner on State Industrial School for Girls 1868

Maine Savings Bank Report, 1893; 1894; 1901; 1903; 1904;

Maine School Report, 1894; 1896; 1898; 1900; 1901; 1902; 1903; 1904; 1905; 1906; 1907; 1908; 1909; 1910; 1911;
1912; 1913; 1914; 1916;

History of the District of Maine, by James Sullivan 1795

History of the Maine State College and the University of Maine, by Merritt Caldwell Fernald, 1916

State Normal and Training School, Farmington, Maine, Graduate Catalog 1864-1938

Maine in the War for the Union, by William E. S. Whitman & Charles H. True, 1865

State of Maine, A Compilation of the Laws Pertaining to Elections, 1965

Sesquicentennial History of Acton, Maine 1830 - 1980, by Olive M. Treadwell, Lorraine Yeaton, Virginia B. Davies, Rita
Cahill and Paul Farland

Centennial History of Alfred, York County, Maine, by Dr. Usher Parsons, 1872

In and Out of Augusta, by Alberta V. Shute 1987

Historical Notes on Augusta Maine, Part Two, by Joseph T. Beck, 1963.

Memories, A Historical Look at Augusta and the Lower Kennebec Valley Region, 1996.

Voices From the Past, Bangor, First Hundred Years 1978

Bangor Theological Seminary, A Sesquicentennial History, by Walter L. Cook 1971

Maine Odyssey, Good Times and Hard Times in Bath 1936 - 1986, by Kenneth R. Martin and Ralph Linwood Snow 1988

Boothbay Harbor
Boothbay Region Historical Sketches, Selections from Out of Our Past 1995

History of Boothbay, Southport and Boothbay Harbor, by Francis Byron Greene, 1984.

Index to A History of Bristol & Bremen, by Marlene Alma Hinkley Groves.

A Brief History of Bridgton Academy 1808-1957, by Ernest N. Stevens, 1958

Index to a History of Bristol & Bremen, by Marlene Alma Hinkley Groves.

Beginnings, The Settlement of the St. Croix Valley, by I. C. Knowlton 1875/1984

History of Camden and Rockport Maine, by Reuel Robinson 1907

The Islands of Casco Bay, by Bill Caldwell

Town of Casco, A History 1976

Chebeague Island
Chegeague Island Newsletter, 1994;

Crawford Notch
A Century of Railroading in Crawford Notch, by Edwin B. Robertson and Benjamin W. English Jr.

Cumberland, Maine in Four Centuries, by Phyllis Sturdivant Sweetser 1976.

Cumberland County
Cumberland County, Sagadahoc County, Maine Place Names and the Peopling of its towns, by Ava Harriet Chadbourne

History of Cumberland Co., Maine, by Everts & Peck, 1880.

Damariscove Island
Coming of Age on Damariscove Island, Maine, by Carl R. Griffin III & Alaric Faulkner, 1980.

Souvenir Program - Dexter, Maine 100th Anniversary

The Town Register, Fairfield 1904;

University of Maine at Farmington, A Study in Educational Change 1864-1974, by Richard P. Mallett, 1974.

History of Farmington, Maine, by Francis Gould Butler, 1885.

Friendship Sloop Days Bicentennial Regatta 1776-1976

Newly Discovered Fourth of July Oration by the Illustrious Orator and Statesman Daniel Webster Delivered at Fryeburg,
Me., in the year 1802, published 1882

The First 200 years, History of The First Congregational Church - Fryeburg, Maine, by Richard W. Beebe 1957

Christ Church, Gardiner, Maine, Antecedents and History, by Evelyn L. Gilmore 1893/1962

Story of a Town 1822-Glenburn-1972, Written for the Sesquicentennial Celebration, by Clyde G. Berry & Naida J. Gallant

Gorhamtown, A Pictorial History from 1736

The Harpsellian, 1983;

History of the Settlement and Early Settlers of Harrison, Maine, by Rev. G. T. Ridlon

My First Sixty Years in Harrison, Maine, by Ernest E. Ward, 1966

History of Herman, Maine 1976

Manual of the Congregational Church, Holden, Maine

Highlights of the History of Holden, Maine, 1976.

The Jonesport American July 4th, 1986

Through the Years, by Henrietta Schmidt 1975

Kingsfield Register, 1902.

The Story of an Old New England Town, History of Lee, Maine, by Vinal A. Houghton 1926

Leading Business Men of Lewiston, Augusta and Vicinity, 1889.

Limerick, Historical Notes

Linn County
Photos & Documents of Linn County, Iowa. [collected photos]

A History of Livermore, by Reginald H. Sturtevant 1970

Madawaska Centennial 1869-1969.

The History of Mercer, Maine 1782 - 1974, by Harold Owens Smith.

Under the Grey Gull's Wing, by Alta Ashley 1984

History and Genealogy of the Town of Morrill, Maine, by Timothy W. Robinson & Thoeda Mears Morse, 1944/1983.

A Genealogical History of the Families of Morrill, Maine, by Theoda Mears Morse & Mr. & Mrs. Charles White, 1967.

Mount Desert Island
The Story of Mount Desert Island, by Samuel Eliot Morison, 1960.

Now I Will Tell You...The Story of Naples, Maine - Its History and Legends, by Robert Jordan Dingley 1979

New Portland  
New Portland Register, 1902.

New Vineyard
New Vineyard & Strong Register 1902.

The University of Maine, by Bob Briggs & Debra Wright

Historical Sketch of Orono, by Clarence A. Day, and The Orono Sesquicentennial Program

Mr. Goodhue Remembers Portland, Scenes from the Mid-19th Century, by Earle G. Shettleworth Jr & William David Barry

Journals of the Rev. Thomas Smith and the Rev. Samuel Deane, Pastors of the First Church in Portland with Notes and
Biographical Notices and a Summary History of Portland, by Wm. Willis 1849

1786 - 1886, Centennial Celebration, An Account of the Municipal Celebration of the One Hundredth Anniversary of the
Incorporation of the Town of Portland July 4th, 5th, and 6th, 1886, by John T. Hull 1886.

Maine at Valley Forge, Proceedings at the Unveiling of the New Marker, October 17, 1907, Also the Roll of Maine
Soldiers, 1908.

Portland and Vicinity, by Edward H. Elwell, 1881.

St. Luke's Cathedral, Portland, The Parish Book for the Year of our Lord 1881

The Cathedral Church of Saint Luke, Portland, Maine, A History of Its First Century, by Alfred Brinkler, 1967.

Portland, Greater Portland Landmarks, 1972

Presque Isle
Presque Isle, 1820-1920.

History of Thomaston, Rockland and South Thomaston, Maine, Volume 1 & 2, by Cyrus Eaton, 1865.

History of Camden and Rockport Maine, by Reuel Robinson 1907

Sands, Spindles and Steeples, by Roy P. Fairfield 1956

Sagadahoc County
Maine Place Names and the Peopling of its towns, Cumberland County & Sagadahoc County, by Ava Harriet Chadbourne

History of Sanford, Maine, 1661-1900, by Edwin Emery, 1901.

Sargentville Historical Reminiscences, by Abby Sargent Neese, 1975.

Town of Sebago, Maine Sesqui-Centennial Chronicle, 1976

Searsmont: The Old Township Of Quantabacook 1764-1976, by Dorothy Albin.

Sheepscot Three Hundred Years of Transition, by Charlotte C. Donnell

Index to Rev. David Quimby Cushman's The History of Ancient Sheepscot and Newcastle, by Marlene Alma Hinkley

Fair Clear and Terrible, The Story of Shiloh, Maine, by Shirley Nelson, 1989

South Berwick
Pages from the Past, by Jennie de R. Ricker.

Historical Gleanings, From the Town with Three Names, Cape Newagen Island, Townsend, Southport 1992

South Thomaston
History of Thomaston, Rockland and South Thomaston, Maine, Volume 1 & 2, by Cyrus Eaton, 1865.

History of Thomaston, Rockland and South Thomaston, Maine, Volume 1 & 2, by Cyrus Eaton, 1865.

History of Old Broad Bay and Waldoboro, by Jasper J. Stahl 1956

Annals of the Town of Warren in Knox County, Maine, by Cyrus Eaton, 1877.

Washington County
Historic Washington County

Washington Village
Welcome to Washington Ville, Formerly Putnam est. 1811, by L. Murray Jamison 1976.

Waterford, Maine 1875 - 1976.

History of Colby College, by Ernest Cummings Marriner 1963

The Centennial History of Waterville, by Rev. Edwin Carey Whittemore1902/1998

Historical Discourse; Delivered Oct. 29, 1851 at the One Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Organization of the
First Congregational Church (the second in the state) in Wells, Maine, by Rev. Jas. R. Cushing

Highlights of Westbrook History, by Ernest R. Rowe, 1952.

White Mountains
The Heart of the White Mountains, Their Legend and Scenery, by Samuel Adams Drake, 1882.

Windham 1976 Bicentennial Issue

Windham, A Pictorial History from 1737

Windham in the Past, by Samuel Thomas Dole.

Windsor Fair, Windsor Maine, A History of the first 100 Years, by E. R. Hayes and Paul A. MacDonald.

A Brief History of Winthrop, by David Thurston, 1855.
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