Massachusetts Local History

Massachusetts and Maine Families in the Ancestry of Walter Goodwin Davis Vol. 1 & 2, 1996.

Boston Evening Transcript Genealogical Department Dec 21, 1927-July 23, 1928 and Sept. 28, 1940-April 26, 1941.
[queries taken from the paper, pasted in ledger books]

Bradford's History of Massachusetts 1620 - 1820

Annual Record of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts, June 3, 1723, published 1884;
1909-10; 1945-46;

A History of the Emblem of the Codfish in the Hall of the House of Representatives, 1895.

Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England Vol. 3 & 4 by James Savage 1860-2/1981

Historical Data relating to Counties, Cities and Towns in Massachusetts 1948

The Pond Dwellers, The People of the Freshwaters of Massachusetts 1620 - 1676, by Kelly Savage.

Spinner, People and Culture in Southeastern Massachusetts, Vol. 1.

The Massachusetts Bay Company and its Predecessors, by Frances Rose-Troup.

Every Day Life in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, by George Francis Dow.

Builders of the Bay Colony, by Samuel Eliot Morison.

The Loyalists of Massachusetts, Their Memorials, Petitions and Claims, by E. Alfred Jones, 1930.

Profiles of the Past, An Illustrated history of Ashburnham, Gardner, Hubbardston, Templeton, Westminster and
Winchendon, Massachusetts, by Tom Malloy.

The Massachusetts Register for 1838

Triennial Catalogue and Directory of the Massachusetts Medical Society 1887

Pioneers of Massachusetts, by Charles Henry Pope 1900/1965

Planters of the Commonwealth, by Charles Edward Banks 1930/1984

Chronicles of the First Planters of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay, by Alexander Young, 1846/1996.

Surveying the Shore, Historic Maps of Coastal Massachusetts 1600 - 1930, by Joseph G. Garver 2006

Puritan Roots, by Winston Phelps

Miscellaneous Social Clubs

North Shore Blue Book and Social Register, 1930,

Publications of The Colonial Society of Massachusetts, Vol. 26; Vol. 31; Vol. 25; Vol. 38; Vol. 42; Vol. 50; Vol. 56;

Presidents Club

Town and City Seals of Massachusetts, Vol. 1 & 2, 1950-1.

Agriculture of Massachusetts, 1899;

Report of the Board of Education, 1837 suppl.; 1845; 1846; 1848; 1849; 1878-79; 1883-4; 1907-08;

Report of the Commissioners Appointed to Revise the General Statutes of the Commonwealth, Parts 1-4, 1834.

Report of the Directors of the Massachusetts Infant Asylum, 1876; 1881; 1885; 1887; 1905;

Report on the Statistics of Labor, 1875;

Statistical Information relating to certain Branches of Industry in Massachusetts, 1856.

Bacon's Town Officer's Guide, 1825.

The Revenue Act of 1943.

Sam Tuttle's Picture Book of Old Massachusetts.

Massachusetts City and Town Maps, (Southeast) 1950.

Prints, Maps and Drawings 1677-1822, A Massachusetts Historical Society Picture Book, 1976.

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Genealogical and Personal Memoirs Relating to the Families of the State of Massachusetts, Vol. 1 & 4, by William
Richard Cutter, 1910.

Genealogical and Personal Memoirs relating to the Families of Boston and Eastern Massachusetts, Vol. 1-4, by William
Richard Cutter, 1908.

The Story of Western Massachusetts, Vol. 4, 1949.

Images of America, Acton, by William A. Klauer 2001

Annual Report, April 1, 1892, The First Congregational Church, Adams, Massachusetts

Annual Report, April 1, 1893, The First Congregational Church, Adams, Massachusetts

One Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the First Church of Christ in Amherst, Massachusetts November 7, 1889

Catalog of Amherst College 1874-5

Amherst College Class of 1914, Twenty-Fifth Anniversary.

Historic Homes of Amherst, by Alice M. Walker, 1905.

The Folger Library, A Decade of Growth, 1950-1960.

Memorial of the Semi-Centennial Celebration of the Founding of the Theological Seminary at Andover, 1859.

Andover Theological Seminary Necrology 1894-95.

Genealogical Notes of Barnstable Families, by Amos Otis

Barnstable County
History of Barnstable County, Vol. 2.

The Lancastrian Towns, by Mildred McClary Tymeson, 1967.

The Berkshires, Through the Camera of Arthur Palme, 1951.

Berkshire, Seasons of Celebration.

Berkshire County
A Natural Resources Inventory Atlas for Berkshire County, 1976.

Proceedings of the Beverly Historical Society of Massachusetts, by Charles Frederick Smith 1896

Annual Report of the Directors of the Massachusetts Infant Asylum, 1876, 1881, 1885, 1886, 1887, 1905

School Committee Documents, 1883; 1885; 1886;

Report of the School Committee, 1858; 1859; 1860; 1863; 1883; 1910;

Proceedings of the Bunker Hill Monument Association (5) June 17, 1889; June 17, 1905; June 18, 1906; June 17, 1907;
June 17, 1908; June 17, 1909; June 17, 1910; June 17, 1911; June 17, 1912; June 17, 1913; June 17, 1914; June 17,

Days and Ways in Old Boston, by William S. Rossiter, 1915.

Boston Observed, by Carl Seaburg.

Wisp: 1958-1968, Brandeis University.

The Green Book, Annual Report of the Vermont Association of Boston, 1911; 1912; 1913; 1914; 1915; 1916; 1917;

The Old Post Road, by Stewart H. Holbrook

Annals of King's Chapel, by Henry Wilder Foote

John Haven Dexter's Memoranda of the Town of Boston in the 18th & 19th Centuries

Memorial History of Boston, Volumes 1-4, by Justin Winsor 1881

Notes on the History of The Old State House, by George H. Moore

Discourse Delivered Before the New England Genealogical and Historical Society Boston, March 18, 1870 On The
Occasion of the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary

Premium List of the New England agricultural Society for their Tenth Annual Exhibition to be held on the grounds of
Mystic Park near Boston, Mass., Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday September 2d, 3d, 4th and 5th, 1873

Centennial of the Bulfinch State House 1898

Second Festival of the Sons of New Hampshire, Celebrated in Boston November 2, 1853

Semi-centennial of the English High School, May 2, 1871.

Commemorative Services at West Church, Boston 1737-1887

Trinity Church in the City of Boston 1733-1933

Tufts College, Its Science & Technology, A Centennial View, by Dr. Leonard Carmichael.

The John F. Kennedy School of Government, The First Fifty Years, , 1986.

The New North Church, Boston, 1714-1799, by Thomas Bellows Wyman.

Annual Report of the Executive Committee of the Sarah Fuller Home, 1897;

The Boston Book, Photographs & Text, by Arthur Griffin & Esther Forbes, 1947.

Photos & Documents of Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts. [collected photos]

The City Record, Official Chronicle of Boston Municipal Affairs, Vol. 21 No. 45 November 9, 1929.

The City Record and Boston News-Letter, Vol 1 No. 1 November 5, 1825 through Vol. 1 No. 26 June 17, 1826.

Images of America, Boston Youth Orchestra, by Krysten A. Keches, 2007.

Bourne 1884 - 1984 A Centennial Celebration Memory Album

Images of America, Bradford, The End of an Era, by Patricia Trainor O'Malley 1996

A Brief History of the Town of Braintree in Massachusetts (Tricentennial) 1940

History of the Early Settlement of Bridgewater, in Plymouth County, Massachusetts, by Nahum Mitchell 1840/1983

Street List of Bridgewater, 1931.

Semi-Centennial Discourse before the First Congregational Society in Bridgewater, 1871.

A Brief History of Bridgton Academy, 1808-1957, by Ernest N. Stevens.

Historical Celebration of the Town of Brimfield, Hampden County, Mass., 1879.

Bristol County  
History of Bristol County, Massachusetts by D. Hamilton Hurd, 1883.

Brockton and Its Centennial 1821 - 1921, by Warren P. Landers

Records, Town of Brookhaven up to 1800, 1880.

Address at the Dedication of the New Town Hall of Brookline on the 22d of February 1873, by Hon. Robert C. Winthrop

Dr. Pierce's Reminiscences of Forth Years Delivered in Brookline 19 March, 1837

1844 - 1894, Harvard Church (Brookline) Historical Address Delivered on May 13, 1894 by Reuen Thomas

A Sketch of the History of St. Paul's Church in Brookline, A Centennial Publication 1849-1949

Proceedings of the Brookline Historical Society at the Annual Meeting January 28, 1902

The History of Buckland 1779 - 1935, by Fannie Shaw Kendrick 1937 [RP files]

Buzzard's Bay
Colonial Times on Buzzard's Bay, by William Root Bliss

History of Cambridge, Massachusetts 1630 - 1877, by Lucius R. Paige 1877/1986

The Biography of a Church, A Brief History of Christ Church Cambridge, Massachusetts, by Gradiner M. Day 1951

Thirty Years, Sermon and Address on the Thirtieth Anniversary of the Settlement of Rev. Alexander McKenzie, D.D. as
Pastor of the First Church in Cambridge and the Shepard Congregational Society, January 24-25, 1897.

Harvard Four Centuries and Freedoms, by Carl Aben Wagner 1950

The Harvard Book, by William Bentinck-Smith 1982

Glimpses of the Harvard Past, by Bernard Bailyn, Donald Fleming, Oscar Handlin and Stephan Thernstrom 1986

Three Centuries of Harvard, by Samuel Eliot Morison 1981

Notes on the Harvard Tercentenary 1936

Harvard College, 250th Anniversary 1886

Fair Harvard, by Samuel Chamberlain 1948

Harvard College, Class of 1915, Fifteenth Anniversary Report.

Harvard College, Class of 1920, 1920-1955.

Harvard College, Class of 1929, 25th Anniversary.

Harvard College, Class of 1949, 40th Anniversary Report.

Harvard Class of 1950, 40th Anniversary Report, 1990.

350th Aniversary Alumni Directory 1986.

Glimpses of the Harvard Past, by Bernard Bailyn, Donald Fleming, Oscar Handlin & stephan Thernstrom, 1986.

The Harvard Advocate, Vol. 19 #1-10, 1875.

The Harvard Graduate Magazine, Vol. 33 #131.

Radcliffe College Alumnae Directory, 1934.

Photos & Documents of Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. [collected photos]

Cambridgeport Parish, A Discourse on the Occasion of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Settlement of Rev. Thomas B.
Gannett, First Minister of the Parish, by John F. W. Ware 1864

Cape Cod
The History of Cape Cod, The Annals of Barnstable County, Vol. 1 & 2, by Frederick Freeman, 1965.

Cape Cod Library of Local History and Genealogy, by Leonard H. Smith Jr., 1913.

Cape-scapes, by George Hibbert Driver, 1930.

Photos & Documents of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. [collected photos]

Reminiscences of Charleston, by N. Cardozo 1866 [RP files]

Chatham Water and Shorelines, then and Now, 1712-2012.

A Historical Discourse Delivered at Chelsea, Mass. Sept. 20, 1866, at the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the Winnisimmet
Congregational Church by Isaac P. Langworthy

Cherry Valley
Cherry Valley Chronicles, 1990.

History of the Town of Cheshire, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, by Ellen M. Raynor & Emma L. Petitclerc, 1885.

Glimpses of the Past, by Winthrop McKinstry

More Glimpses of the Past, by Winthrop McKinstry and Alice M. Hawes

Holyoke-Chicopee, A Perspective, by Ella Merkel DiCarlo 1982

Annals of Chicopee Street, 1675-1875, by Clara Skeele Palmer, 1899.

A History of the Town of Concord, Massachusetts, by Lemuel Shattuck 1835

Two Sermons Preached 21st November, 1830 in Commemoration of the Organizing of the First Church in Concord, by
Nathaniel Bouton, 1831.

Concord, American Town, by Townsend Scudder, 1947.

Photos & Documents of Concord, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. [collected photos]

Centennial Celebration at Danvers, Mass., June 16, 1852

Exercises in Celebration of the Two Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the First Church, Congregational, Danvers,
Massachusetts, 1922

Inquiries and Replies of Town of Dartmouth Records by Herbert Wing, February 14, 1898 to April 3. 1901. Original

Historical Catalogue of the Dedham High School, Teachers and Students, 1851-1889.

Tagedy in Dedham, by Francis Russell, 1962.

Antiques at Old Deerfield, Massachusetts 1956

Indian House Memorial, Old Deerfield, Massachusetts

Captors and Captives, The 1704 French and Indian Raid on Deerfield, by Evan Haefeli & Kevin Sweeney, 2003.

A Historic and Present Day Guide to Old Deerfield, by Emma Lewis Coleman, 1926.

Frontier of Freedom, The Soul and Substance of America Portrayed in one Extraordinary Village, Old Deerfield,
Massachusetts, by Samuel Chamberlain & Henry N. Flynt, 1952.

Historic Deerfield, A Portrait of Early America, by Elizabeth Stillinger, 1992.

The Reverend Jonathan Ashley House, by Amelia F. Miller, 1962.

An Historical Discourse on Occasion of the Fiftieth Anniversay of the Gathering of the Second Church, Dorchester,
Delivered January 3, 1858, by Rev. James Howard Means 1858

An Historical Discourse on occasion of the Seventieth Anniversary of the gathering of the Second Church, Dorchester,
Delivered January 6, 1878, by James M. Means

An Historical Discourse on Occasion of the Seventieth Anniversary of the gathering of the Second Church, Dorchester, by
James H. Means

Search for the Passengers of the Mary & John 1630: Volume 2, Volume 4, Volume 5, Volume 6, Volume 7, Volume 8,  
Volume 9, Volume 10, Volume 11, Volume 12,  Volume 13, Volume 14,  Volume 15, Volume 16, Volume
17,  Volume 18,  Volume 19, Volume 20, Volume 22, Volume 23, Volume 25, Volume 26,  

History of the Town of Douglas, Massachusetts, by William A. Emerson, 1879.

Dunstable Village, Tercentenary Celebration, 1973.

A BHistory of the Town of Dunstable, by Rev. Elias Nason, 1877.

History of the Town of Duxbury, Massachusetts, by Justin Winsor

Eastham, Massachusetts 1951-2000 From the Annual town Reports, 2001.

Four Papers About Payson Church, Read April 27, 1916

History of Easthampton, Its Settlement and Growth, by Payson W. Lyman, 1866

Historical Collections of the Essex Institute, Volume 1, 1859

Congregational Church and Parish, Essex, Mass., Two Hundredth Anniversary 1683-1883, 1884

Essex County
Municipal History of Essex County in Massachusetts, Vol. 2 & 4, 1922.

The Story of Essex County, Vol. 1 & 2, 1935.

History of the Town of Easton, Massachusetts, by William L. Chaffin, 1886.

Suckanesset, Wherein may be read, A History of Falmouth, Massachusetts, by Theodate Geoffrey 1930

A History of the Calvinistic Congregational Church and Society, Fitchburg, Massachusetts, by George A. Hitchcock 1902

The Old Records of the Town of Fitchburg, Vol. 4; Vol. 8;

Fitchburg City Documents, 1904

Eastern Point, A Nautical, Rustical and Social Chronicle ofr Gloucester's Outer Shield and Inner Sanctum 1606 - 1950, by
Joseph E. Garland 1971

Photographic History of Gloucester, Volume I, 1976.

Land marks, Architecture and Preservation in Gloucester, 1979.

Bicentennial - Granby, Massachusetts 1968

The Earliest Church Records in Groton, 1886.

Early Church Records of Groton, Massachusetts, 1761-1830. by Samuel A. Green, 1896.

The Historical and Genealogical Researches and Recorder of Passing Events of Merrimack Valley, 1857

Genealogies of Hadley Families, Embracing the Early Settlers of the towns of Hatfield, South Hadley, Amherst and
Granby - 1862 [RP files]

History of Hadley including the Early History of Hatfield, South Hadley, Amherst and Granby, Massachusetts, by
Sylvester Judd 1905

Hampden County
Inventory of Town and city Archives of Massachusetts, Hampden County, Hampden, 1942.

History of the Town of Hanover, Massachusetts, 1910/1975

Houses of the Revolution, in Hanover, Massachusetts, by Barbara Underhill Baker, Lucy Josselyn Bonney & Anne Bonney
Henderson, 1976.

The Story of a New England Town, A record of the Commemoration on the Two Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the
Settlement of Haverhill, Massachusetts, 1891.

From the Hill to Main Street, Jewish Life & Work in Haverhill Massachusetts 1880-1940, by Bertha Woodman 1987

Haverhill on the March, Official Pictorial Magazine and Program of Events, 325th Anniversary Celebration June 19-27,

The Story of a New England Town, 1640-1890, A Record of the Commemoration July Second and Third, 1890, on ther
Two Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Settlement of Haverhill, Massachusetts, by Joseph George Cupples, 1891

Exercises Commemorative of the One Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the West Congregational Church, Haverhill,
Mass., October 22, 1885. Published 1886

Haverhill in World War II 1946

Arthur Livermore's Seventy Years Ago, Reminiscences of Haverhill Corner.

History of the Town of Higham, Massachusetts Volume 3 (Genealogical)

Centennial of the Congregational Church, Hinsdale, Mass., With manual 1795-1895, 1896

Holden, The Evolution of a Town, by Nicholas Zook, 1976.

History of the Town of Holland, Massachusetts, by Rev. Martin Lovering 1915

Holyoke-Chicopee, A Perspective, by Ella Merkel DiCarlo 1982

Images of America, Ipswich Revisited, by William M. Varrell 2006

Address Delivered at the Dedication of Memorial Hall, Lancaster June 17, 1868, by Christopher T. Thayer

Records of The Town of Lee, 1900.

Historical Sketches of the Town of Leicester, Massachusetts, by Emory Washburn 1860

Bicentennial 1767 - 1967, Historical Souvenir and Official Program

The Church on the Hill, United Church of Christ, Lenox, Massachusetts.

Photos & Documents of Lenox, Berkshire County, Massachusetts. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts. [collected photos]

History of the Town of Lexington, Middlesex County, Massachusetts from its First Settlement to 1868, by Charles
Hudson 1868

A Voice of the Parish, First Congregational Society of Lexington, Fiftieth Anniversary July 3, 1904, by Rev. Carlton A.

Lincoln by Lincoln, Reflections on a Massachusetts Town at 250, by Mary Ann Hales, 2004

Hartwell Farm - A Way of Life, by Marion Fitch, 1974.

Historical Highlights of the Town of Lovell, 1963

Contributions of The Old Residents Historical Association, Lowell, Mass. Volume 1, 4, 6,

Kids On Strike, by Susan Campbell Bartoletti, 1999.

Sketches of Lynn or the Changes of Fifty Years, by David N. Johnson, 1880.

Hearths and Homes of Old Lynn, by Nathan Mortimer Hawkes, 1907.

Annals of Lynn (partial book)

History of the Town of Lynnfield, Massachusetts, 1635-1895, by Thomas B. Wellman.

The Register of the Malden Historical Society, Number 2, 1911-12.

History of the Town of Manchester, Essex County, Massachusetts 1645 - 1895, by Rev. D. F. Lamson 1895

The Webster Centennial, Proceedings of the Webster Historical Society at Marshfield, Mass., October 12, 1882. An
Account of Other Celebrations on the One Hundreth Anniversary of the Birth of Daniel Webster.

Martha's Vineyard -
The History of Martha's Vineyard, Dukes County, Massachusetts, Vol. 1-3, by Charles Edward Banks, 1911.

Whaling Wives of Martha's Vineyard, by Emma Mayhew Whiting & Henry Beetle Hough, 1965.

Old Ships and Ship-Building Days of Medford, by Hall Gleason, 1936.

Veteran Association of the Lawrence Light Guard of Medford January 1909.

Proceedings of the Celebration of the Two Hundred and Seventy-Fifth Anniversary of the Settlement of Medford,
Massachusetts, 1906

The Biographical Sketches of Prominent Persons and the Genealogical Records of Many Early and Other Families in
Medway, Massachusetts 1713 - 1886, by E. O. Jameson 1886

Historical Discourse Preached on the One Hundred and Sixty-Second Anniversary of the First Church of Christ, Medway,
Mass., First Sabbath in October, 1876 by Rev. E. O. Jameson, Pastor. 1877

Merrimack Valley  
The Historical and Genealogical Researches and Recorder of Passing Events of Merrimack Valley, Vol. 1 #1, April 1857.

Middleborough - Celebration of the Two-Hundredth Anniversary of the Incorporation of Middleborough, Massachusetts,
October 13, 1869.

History of the Town of Middleboro, Massachusetts, by Thomas Weston, 1906.

Middlesex County
Middlesex County and Its People, Volume 1-3, by Edwin P. Conklin 1927

History of Middlesex County, Massachusetts (Volume 2 only) with Biographical Sketches of many of its Pioneers and
Prominent Men, by D. Hamilton Hurd, 1890

Ancient Middlesex, with brief Biographical Sketches of the Men Who Have Served the County Officially Since Its
Settlement, by Levi S. Gould, 1905.

Historic Homes and Places and Genealogical and Personal Memoirs relating to the Families of Middlesex County,
Massachusetts, Vol. 1, by William Richard Cutter, 1908.

Exercises at the 250th Anniversary of the Incorporation of the Town of Milton, Massachusetts

New England's Monterey, Stories of The town - Its Church, by Julius Miner & Margery Mansfield

A History of the Town of Murrayfield, by Alfred M. Copeland, 1892.

The Early Settlers of Nantucket 1659-1850, by Lydia S. Hinchman 1896/1980.

Photos & Documents of Nantucket, Massachusetts. [collected photos]

History of Newbury, Mass. 1635 - 1902, by John J. Currier 1902

Celebration of the Two Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Settlement of Newbury, June 10, 1885.

A Brief History of the Byfield Congregational Church and Parish, 1888.

The Old South, First Presbyterian Church and Parish, Newburyport, Massachusetts, by Rev. Horace C Hovey.

St. Paul's Parish, Newburyport, Mass., by Rev. Milton S. Thompson, 1912.

Federalist Newburyport or Can Historical fiction Remove a Fly from Amber, by John P. Marquand, 1952.

History of the Early Settlement of Newton, County of Middlesex, Massachusetts, by Francis Jackson 1854

Annual Report, Newton Hospital, 1922; 1927; 1931;

Newton Nurses' Alumnae Bulletin, 1927; 1928; 1929; 1930;

North Adams
Images of America: North Adams, by Robert Campanile

The Haystack Centennial, Ninety Seventh Annual Meeting of the American Board 1906

North Andover
Thirty Years at Brooks, by J. Tower Thompson, 1958.

The Centennial Celebration of the Town of Northborough, Mass., August 22, 1866

North Brookfield  
History of North Brookfield, Massachusetts, by J. H. Temple, 1887.

The Fortnightly

North Middleboro
Year Book and Church Directory of the North Congregational Church, North Middleboro, Mass. 1931

The Settlement and Story of Oakham, Massachusetts, Vol. 1 & 2, by H. B. Wright & E. D. Harvey, 1947.

History of the Town of Palmer, Massachusetts, by J. H. Temple [RP files]

Centenary Memorial of Paxton, June 14, 1865

Landmarks and Memories of Paxton, by Roxa Howard Bush, 1923.

The First Church in Pembroke 1708 - 1908, by H. W. Litchfield 1908

The Maroon, Published by the Senior Class of Petersham High School, 1913;

Piscataqua Pioneers, 1623-1775, Register of Members and Ancestors, 1919.

The Changes That Go Over Israel, A Sermon Delivered Before the Two Congregational Societies in the First Church,
Pittsfield, Mass., Feb. 3, 1873, by Rev. John Todd

First Church of Christ in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, Proceedings in Commemoration of its One Hundred and Fiftieth
Anniversary, February 7th and 8th, 1914.

A Guide to Plymouth and its History, by Helen T. Briggs and Rose T. Briggs 1938

Picture Guide to Historic Plymouth.

The First New England Sabbath of The Forefathers, The Day before their Landing on Plymouth Rock, by The General
Society of Mayflower Descendants 1951

Records of the Colony of New Plymouth in New England, Laws 1623 - 1682, by David Pulsifer 1861

Records of the Colony of New Plymouth in New England, Acts of the Commissioners of the United Colonies of New
England 1643 - 1651 Vol. 1, by David Pulsifer 1859

The Compact with the Charter and Laws of the Colony of New Plymouth, by William Brigham 1836

The Proceedings at the Celebration by the Pilgrim Society at Plymouth, August 1st, 1889 of the Completion of the
National Monument to the Pilgrims 1889

The Massachusetts Bay Colony, Vol. 1, Plymouth Colony to 1623, by Leo Bonfanti.

Our Colonial Heritage: Plymouth and Jamestown.

Plymouth Colony, Its History & People, 1620-1691, by Eugene Aubrey Stratton.

Photos & Documents of Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. [collected photos]

Plymouth County
An Inventory of the Ponds, Lakes and Reservoirs of Massachusetts, Plymouth County, by James A. McCann, George E.
Wood & Edward E. Kraus, 1972.

North of Quabbin, A Guide to Nine Massachusetts Towns, by Allen Young.

Quabbin Valley  
An Atlas of the Quabbin Valley and Ware River Diversion, by J. R. Greene 1983

Historic Quincy Massachusetts, by William Churchill Edwards, 1957

First Congregational Church - Randolph, Mass., 150th Anniversary 1731 - 1881

Rockport Thru the Seasons, by J. P. Johansson, 1968.

Rowe Goal Post, Dec. 1983; April 1984; May 1984; June 1984; July 1984; Oct. 1984;

Rowe Old Home Days, July 11, 1981;

Early Settlers of Rowley, Massachusetts, by George Brainard Blodgette, 1933.

History of the First Church in Roxbury, Mass., by Walter Eliot Thwing

Order of Services at the Installation of Rev. Fielder Israel as Pastor of the First Congregational Society in Salem,
Thursday, March 8, 1877

A Brief History of the Byfield Congregational Church and Parish From 1702 to 1888, by Joseph N. Dummer

The Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Settlement of Rev. E. B. Wilson over the North Church and Society in Salem,
Massachusetts, Commemorated June 1884

State Normal School, Salem, Massachusetts, Forty-Seventh year 1900-1901

State Normal School, Salem, Massachusetts, Forty-eighth Year 1901-1902

Old Salem Scrap Book No. 6, by Fred A. Gannon

Postcard History Series, Salem in Vintage Postcards, by Christopher R. Mathias, D. Michel Michaud & Kenneth C. Turino

Putnam's Monthly Historical Magazine, Vol. 3,

The Salem Press Historical and Genealogical Record, Vol. 1, 1890-91

Witchcraft at Salem, by Chadwick Hansen.

The Devil in Massachusetts, by Marion L. Starkey.

The Devil in the Shape of a Woman, by Carol F. Karlsen.

Visitor's Guide to Salem, 1922.

Sandwich, A Cape Cod Town, by R. A. Lovell, Jr.

Sandwich Collegiate Institute: Boarding School for Boys and Misses [1845]

A History of the Sandwich Libraries "In Ways of Right & Sobriety", 1972.

Berkshire Genealogical Notes, Marriages in Savoy, Massachusetts to 1865, compiled by Elmer I. Shepard, 1946.

History of the Town of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, by Andrew H. Ward, 1847/1989.

History of the First Universalist Church in Somerville, Mass., 1905

Historic Leaves, Vol. 1-8.

South Harwich
Historic Structure Report, South Harwich Methodist Church, 2004.

South Hingham
Two Hundred Years in South Hingham, 1746-1946, by Donald F. Robinson, 1980.

History of Spencer, Massachusetts, from its Earliest Settlement to the Year 1860, by James Draper.

Tales Out Of School, by William C. Hill, 1960.

300th Anniversary Springfield, Massachusetts 1636-1936

Municipal Register of the City of Springfield 1939

Stockbridge 1739-1939 A chronicle, by Sarah Cabot Sedgwick & Christina Sedgwick Marquand, 1939.

Postcard History Series, Stoughton, by David Allen Lambert 2009

Indexes to History of Sudbury, Massachusetts, Annals of Sudbury, Wayland and Maynard, by Alfred Sereno Hudson

History of the Town of Sutton, Massachusetts From 1704 to 1876, by Rev. William A. Benedict 1878/2000

Dedication of the Town Hall, in Swansea, Mass., 1891

Seventy-fifth Anniversay 1821 - 1896, Trinitarian Congregational Church, Tauton, Massachusetts 1896

Collections of the Old Colony Historical Society, Vol. 1-6.

Address delivered at Topsfield in Massachusetts, August 28, 1850 The Two Hundredth Anniversary of the Incorporation
of the Town, by Nehemiah Cleaveland 1851

The Historical Collections of the Topsfield Historical Society, Volume 7, 1901.

History of the Town of Townsend, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, 1676-1878, by Ithamar B. Sawtelle, 1878.

Upton's Heritage, the History of a Massachusetts Town, by Donald Blake Johnson, 1984.

Vineyard Haven  
A Walking Tour of William Street.

Waltham as a Precinct of Watertown and as a Town, 1630-1884, by Edmund L. Sanderson, 1936.

Two Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the First Parish of Watertown, Mass., Sunday November 28, 1880.

Genealogies of the Families and Descendants of the Early Settlers of Watertown, Massachusetts, by Henry Bond, 1855.

Proceedings at the Dedication of the Town Hall, Wayland December 24, 1878

Centennial Celebration Webster Historical Society, 1883.

West Boxford
A Discourse delivered at the Dedication of a New House of Worship at West Boxford, Nov. 22, 1843, by Rev. Peter
Eaton, D.D. 1844

West Cambridge
Old Age, A Sermon preached at West Cambridge, February 8, 1852 on the Sabbath Succeeding the Death of James Hill,
by James F. Brown

A Sermon Delivered at Weston January 12, 1813 on the Termination of a Century since the Incorporation of the Town,
by Samuel Kendal

Weymouth, Images of America series, by Debbie Sargent Sullivan & Joanne Palmieri Tighe, 2001.

Whately Massachusetts, 1771-1971, by Ena M. Cane.

Williamstown, The First Two Hundred Years, 1753-1953, by Robert R. R. Brooks.

Williamstown and Williams College, by Arthur Latham Perry, 1899.

The History of Winchester Vol. 1,

Woods Hole
Woods Hole Reflections, by Mary Lou Smith, 1983.

Semi-Centennial Meeting of the Worcestor Sunday School Society at the Unitarian Church of Lancaster, Rev. Geo. M.
Bartol, Pastor, Wednesday, Oct. 8, 1884

The Early Settlements of Worcester, by Francis E. Blake, 1884.

The Jubilee Sabbath of Piedmont Church, Worcester, Mass., June 5th, 1881

Centennial Commemoration First Parish Meeting House, Worcester 1863, by Leonard Bacon D.D. 1863

Second Parish, Worcester, Massachusetts: Gleanings From Its History, by Samuel S. Green

Celebration of the Two Hundredth Anniversary of the Naming of Worcester, October 14 and 15, 1884

Address on the Two Hundreth Anniversary of Worcester, Mass., October 14, 1884, by George F. Hoar

Worcester Centennial 1948.

Proceedings of the Worcester Society of Antiquity, 1912;

History of Worcester and its People, Vol. 1, by Charles Nutt, 1919.

Biographical Sketches of the Pioneer Settlers of New England and Their Descendants in Worcester, Massachusetts, by
Charles Henry Bouley, 1964.

Worcester of Eighteen Hundred and Ninety Eight, Fifty Years a City, by Franklin P. Rice, 1899.

Worcester County
Historical Collections Vol. 1 & 2, by Holmes Ammidown 1877

Worcester County: America's First Frontier, by Peter Whitney 1793/1983

History of Worcester County, Massachusetts with Biographical Sketches, Vol. 1&2, by D. Hamilton Hurd, 1889.
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