Illinois Local History

Chicago Historical Society, Annual Report, 1967-68;

The Finns in Illinois, by Esa Arra, 1971.

Things I Never Forgot, by Homer Lee Dallace Miller

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Prairie Pioneers of Illinois
- Volume 1

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Bishop Hill
Official Guide to The Old Colony Church and Catalogue of the Collection of Pioneer Relics of Bishop Hill, 1946.

Brown County
History of Brown County, Illinois, 1880-1970.

Coldbrook Christian Church 1839 - 1964

Discovery and Conquests of the Northwest with the History of Chicago, Volume 1, by Rufus Blanchard 1898

Forty-Ninth Annual Report of the Chicago, Saint Paul, Minneapolis and Omaha Railway Company for the Year Ended
December 31, 1930

The People of Chicago, Who We Are and Who We Have Been

Chicago's Black Population, Selected Statistics

Chicago's German Population, Selected Statistics

Chicago's Irish Population, Selected Statistics

Chicago's Polish Population, Selected Statistics

La Poblacion de Habla Hispana de Chicago, Estadisticas Seleccionadas

Chicago, An Intimate Portrait of People, Pleasures and Power: 1860-1919, by Stephen Longstreet, 1973

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Public Schools of the City of Chicago, Annual Report, 1893;

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President's Report, University of Chicago, 1912-13; 1916-17;

A Little History of a Great City, by Frederic William Bond, 1930

Biographical Sketches of the Leading Men in Chicago, 1868.

Photos & Documents of Whitney School, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. [collected photos]

Chrisman Area Centennial, 1972.

Clinton County
Clinton County Plat Book, 1983;

Des Plaines
Centi-Quad-O-Rama, Des Plaines, Illinois 125th Anniversary 1835-1960

Eden Centennial, June 11, 1883-1983.

Erie Centennial, From Ferry to Freeway, 1872-1972.

Greenfield, IL Sesquicentennial 1834 - 1984, Standing Proud

Henry County  
Corn, Commerce and Country Living, A History of Henry County, Illinois, by Terry Ellen Polson, 1968

Dear Edna, by Lois Stauter & Homer Historical Society

Iroquois County
History of Iroquois County 1818-1968, by John Dowling

Joliet, Postcard History Series, by David A. Belden, 2008.

La Grange
La Grange, Illinois, First 100 Years, William J. Cromie, 1979.

La Grange Centennial History, 1979.

Mt. Pulaski  
And She Held Forth Her Hand, History and Genealogy of Mt. Pulaski, Illinois and Surrounding Vicinity, by Emagene Veech
Green 1961.

Testimony In Bronze, The Story of Florence Hansen and The Nauvoo Monument to Women, by Dora D. Flack.

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Oquawka United Methodist Church, Oquawka, Illinois 1990.

The Orland Story, From Prairie to Pavement, 1991.

Ottawa Old and New, A Complete History of Ottawa, Illinois, 1823 - 1914.

Panama, An Illinois Coal Mining Town, Vol. 2, 1916-1920

Souvenir Booklet Commemorating Over One Hundred Years of Service of St. Aloysius and St. Marys Churches, 1817 -
1950, Paris, Edgar County, Illinois, May 2, 1950.

Rock Island
City of Rock Island, Illinois, $6,020,000 General Obligation Bonds Series 1980.

St. Charles
St. Charles Culture and Leisure in an All-American Town, Images of America, by Costas Spirou, 2005.

Sugar Creek
Sugar Creek, Life on the Illinois Prairie, by John Mack Faragher

Sugar Tree Grove
Heirs and Joint Heirs, Sugar Tree Grove, Cambridge Township, by Ella Record Clifford.

Toulon's 125th Anniversary, Historical Booklet 1841-1966.

Vandalia: Wilderness Capital of Lincoln's Land, by Mary Burtschi

Western Springs
Images of America, Western Springs, Illinois, by Betsy J. Green, 2002

St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1872-1972
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