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Iowa State Cyclones 2002-2003 Women's Basketball.

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William Boyd Allison, by Leland L. Sage.

John Chambers, by John Carl Parish.

Robert Gordon Cousins, by Jacob A. Swisher.

William Peters Hepburn, by John Ely Briggs.

John A. Kasson, by Edward Younger.

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Photos & Documents of Ackley, Hardin & Franklin County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Adams County  
Adams County History 1984

Photos & Documents of Ainsworth, Washington County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Our Life 1882-1982, Akron, Iowa.

Albert City
Photos & Documents of Albert City, Buena Vista Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Albia, Monroe Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Alden, Hardin Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Allison, Butler County, Iowa. [collected photos]

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Photos & Documents of the Amana Colonies, Iowa. [collected photos]

Ames Community History, 1864-1964.

Photos & Documents of Ames, Story Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Anamosa, Jones County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Centennial History Book of Anita, Iowa, 1875-1975.

Photos & Documents of Anita, Cass Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Ankeny: The First One Hundred Years. [centennial book]

The Ankeny Centennial Celebration 1875-1975.

Zion Lutheran, A Century of Grace 1879-1979

St. John's Catholic Church 2000

Arcadia Area Directory 1976, 2003

Photos & Documents of Arion, Crawford County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Arnolds Park
Photos & Documents of Arnolds Park, Dickinson Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Arthur, Ida County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Still Growing Together, 1982 to 2007, Ashton, Iowa, by Terry Thies, 2007.

50th Anniversary Aspinwall Cooperative, 1944-1994.

Aspinwall, A Little Bit of Paradise, 1882-1982.

Aspinwall, Still a Little Bit of Paradise, 1882-2007.

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Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic Church, Directory 1982; 1988; 2004; 2009;

Remember, Renew, Rejoice, Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic Church Centennial

Phone Book - 1978,

Photos & Documents of Atlantic, Cass Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Auburn 1887 - 1987

Photos & Documents of Auburndale,

Audubon and Audubon County, Iowa, The Eden of the West 1982

History of Audubon Iowa, Audubon Centennial 1878 - 1978

Audubon, Iowa, Smiles & Styles Program, May 20-21, 1978.

Audubon, Then...and Now, 2003.

Atlas Audubon County, Iowa 1966

Biographical History of Shelby and Audubon Counties, Iowa - W. S. Dunbar & Co. 1889

The First Fifty Years of the Catholic Church in Audubon County, Iowa, 1932.

Memories of John W. Sutcliffe, Written and Told By His Friends.

Memories of an Iowa Veterinarian, by Dr. John W. Sutcliffe, 1990.

Our Saviour's Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Our Saviour's Lutheran Church, Dedication June 3-6, 1951.

Our Saviour's Lutheran Church Diamond Anniversary 1909-1984.

Photos & Documents of Audubon, Audubon Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Audubon County
County Wide Directory - 1999,

Soil Survey of Audubon County.

A Century of Friendliness, Aurelia, Iowa 1873 - 1973.

Photos & Documents of Aurelia, Cherokee Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

A Community History, Avoca, Iowa, Celebrating 125 Years 1869-1994.

Once Upon a Farm II, by Bill & Karen Johnson, 2005.

Photos & Documents of Avoca, Pottawattamie County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Bartlett, Fremont County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Battle Creek  
Battle Creek Centennial June 27-July 4, 1965.

Photos & Documents of Battle Creek, Ida County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Bayard Community School, Alumni Register 1887-1987.

Photos & Documents of Beacon, Mahaska County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Beaman, Grundy County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Belle Plaine
Photos & Documents of Bell Plaine, Benton County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Bellevue, Jackson County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Belmond, Iowa. [collected photos]

Belmond, Iowa Quasquincentennial, 1856-1981.

Belmond 40th Anniversary (Tornado), 2006.

History of Belmond, Iowa 1856-2006.

Photos & Documents of Beloit, Lyons County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & documents of Blairburg, Wapello County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Blairstown, Benton County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Blencoe Centennial 1871-1971.

Photos & Documents of Blencoe, Monona Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

1983 Our Church Family, Blencoe Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, Belncoe, iowa.

Photos & Documents of Bloomfield, Davis County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Boone, Boone Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos of The Ick Family of Boone County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Braddyville, Page County, Iowa. [collected photos]

History of Brayton, Iowa 187-1978.

Nishna Valley shared Ministry, Exira Lutheran Church, Brayton Evangelical Lutheran Church, Hamlin Lutheran Church,

Older Days Renewed, Breda 1877-1977

Centennial Memory Book, Breda Centennial 1877-1977.

Photos & Documents of Breda, Carroll County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Bristow, Butler, County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Bryant, Clinton County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Buena Vista City
Photos & documents of Buena Vista City, Clay County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Buena Vista County
Buena Vista's Part in the World War, by Tom D. Eilers, 1920.

Photos & Documents of Burlington, Des Moines Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Covered Wagons to Jets, Burt, Iowa Centennial 1881-1981.

Exploring Buried Buxton, Archaeology of an Abandoned Iowa Coal Mining Town with a Large Black Population, by David
M. Gradwohl & Nancy M. Osborn, 1984.

Calhoun County
Plat Maps, 1989;

Photos & Documents of Calhoun County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Cambridge, Story County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Cantril, Van Buren County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Bicentennial, Strand, Lincoln Center, Carbon, Mt. Etna Quincy, 1776-1976.

Historical Sketch of the Existence of Old Carbondale, The Coal Mining Community 1888-1908, by William A. Mattson

Word Weavers, Carroll Writers Club

Only Yesterday, Carroll Writers Club

Over 200 Postcards From Carroll, by James F. Kerwin, 1996.

A Tradition of Caring, St. Anthony Regional Hospital & Nursing Home, 1905-2005, by Kathleen Gilbert, 2004.

St. Lawrence Church Directory, 1992, 1999; 2015;

Holy Spirit, Carroll, Iowa [Church Directory] undated, 2010, 2014,

Memories, 1876-1966, History of Holy Spirit Parish.

My Home Twon, Carroll, Iowa, by James F. Kerwin, 1992.

View to the Future, 75 Years of People and Progress at Pella Corporation, 2000.

Photos & Documents of Carroll, Carroll Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Carroll County  
Stagecoach Trails of Carroll County, Iowa, by Carma Astleford, 2006.

Cathedrals Among the Cornfields, by Marilyn Schirck Setzler, 2004.

Plat Maps, 1997; 2004-05; 2009-10;

Photos & Documents of Cascade, Dubuque & Jones Counties, Iowa. [collected photos]

Reflections Along the White Pole Road, by Timothy C. Florer, 2008.

Cass County
Cass County Iowa, From These Beginnings We Grew 1980

Atlas Cass County, Iowa 1965

History of Cass County, Iowa, by Lafe Young, 1877/2003.

A Pictorial History of Cass County, Iowa, 1991.

Cedar Falls
Cities on the Cedar: A Portrait of Cedar Falls, Waterloo and Black Hawk County, by Glenda Riley, 1988.

Photos & Documents of Cedar Falls, Black Hawk Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Cedar Rapids  
Tales of the Town, little-known anecdotes of Life in Cedar rapids, by Ralph Clemens.

Grant Wood's Studio, Birthplace of American Gothic.

Brenton, The People, History and Legacy of Iowa's Brenton Bank, by Melinda Pradarelli.

Photos & Documents of Cedar Rapids, Linn Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Centerville, Appanoose County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Chariton, Lucas County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Charles City
Photos & Documents of Charles City, Floyd County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Charter Oak
For 100 Years O God of Grace, St. John's Lutheran Church, Charter Oak, Iowa, 1881-1981.

Photos & Documents of Charter Oak, Crawford County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Cincinnati, Appanoose County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Cherokee Centennial 1856-1956

Photos & Documents of Cherokee, Cherokee Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Cherokee County
Remembering Yesterday, A Pictorial History of Cherokee County, Iowa, 2006.

Photos of the Family of Thomas J. Flanagan/Flanigan and his wife Mary E. King.

Cherokee Sandstones and Related Facies of Central Iowa, 1980 & 1981.

Photos & Documents of Church, Clayton County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Clarinda, Page County, Iowa. [collected photos]

125 Years of Growth, Clarion 1865 - 1990.

Photos & Documents of Clarion, Wright County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Clay County
Pictorial Atlas, Clay County, Iowa - 1980.

Clear Lake
Photos & Documents of Clear Lake, Cerro Gordo Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Clinton, Clinton Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Clinton County
History of Clinton County, Iowa, 1976.

Coburg High (letters from past graduates)

The Story of Coggon, 125 Years, 1982.

Photos & Documents of Colfax, Jasper Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

My Heritage on Hominyridge, by Milo Pitcher, 1977.

Collins Iowa, A Century of Living, 1882-1982.

Columbus Junction
Photos & Documents of Columbus Junction, Louisa County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Coon Rapids
American Legion Auxiliary

Coon Rapids Golf Club

The Rural Garden Club

Rural Industrial Club.

The Garst Store of Coon Rapids, Iowa as it was in 1869.

Photos & Documents of Coon Rapids, Carroll County, Iowa. [collected photos]

The Franklin Culture Club.

Photos & Documents of Cooper, Greene County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Lest We Forget, Coralville 1873-1973.

Corwith, Iowa, Then and Now 1880 - 1980

Council Bluffs
Photos & Documents of Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Crawford County
Bar Docket, District Court Crawford County, Iowa March Term 1925.

The Denison College Star (Rural School Catalog): October 1911, August 1912; July 1914;

Plat Book, Crawford County, 1967; 1968;

Photos & Documents of Cresco, Howard Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

First Presbyterian Church, Spring 1986 Directory.

Photos & Documents of Creston, Union County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Crystal Lake
Photos & Documents of Crystal Lake, Hancock County, Iowa. [collected photos]

St. John Lutheran Church, Cushing, Iowa, 1897-1997.

Dallas Center
Brenton, The People, History and Legacy of Iowa's Brenton Bank, by Melinda Pradarelli, 2004.

Dallas County  
Berean Methodist, Methodist Episcopal, United Methodist Churches.

Photos & Documents of Danbury, Woodbury Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Dansville, Des Moines County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photographs of Davenport, Scott Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Decorah, Winneshiek County, Iowa. [collected photos]

100 Years with Saint Joseph's, Dedham, Iowa, 1892-1992.

Photos & Documents of Dedham, Carroll Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Defiance Century Review 1882-1982

Happy Memories of Deviance Centennial June 12-13, 1982.

Happy Memories of Defiance Centennial, June 12-13, 1982.

Pages from the Past 1882-2007.

Photos & Documents of Delta, Keokuk county, Iowa. [collected photos]

Denison, Iowa Celebrating 150 Years of History 1856 - 2006

Memories from the House on Silk Stocking Row, Denison, Iowa, by Suzi Barnes

Searching for the Soul of America Through the Secrets of a Midwest Town, Denison, Iowa, by Dale Maharidge, 2005.

Train to Nowhere, Inside an Immigrant Death Investigation, by Colleen Bradford Krantz, 2011.

Photos & Documents of Denison, Crawford Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Midwestern College Bulletin Vol. 1 No. 1, 1965-66.

Manual of Denison Iowa Public Schools 1902-3.

Zion Lutheran Church 1872-1947.

Des Moines  
Iowa's Lost Summer, The Flood of 1993.

The Martin Flynn Farm: From Public Land in 1845 to Living History Farms in 1970

A School in the Woods, The Story of an Immigrant Seminary, by Thorvald Hansen, 1977.

Christ the King Catholic Church, Directory; 1999.

Fairfield Dairy Route Books: South May-June 1957; Fay North Oct.-Nov. 1963;

Terrace Hills North Des Moines - Tour Guide Manual.

Photos & Documents of Des Moines, Polk Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

De Soto
Photos & Documents of De Soto, Dallas County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of DeWitt, Clinton Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

History of Dexter, Iowa, 1868-1968.

Photos & Documents of Dickens, Clay county, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Dike, Grundy County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Donnellson, Lee County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Dorchester, Allamakee County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Dow City
Photos & Documents of Dow City, Crawford Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Downey, Cedar County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Images of America, Dubuque The 19th Century, by John T. Tigges & James L. Shaffer, 2000.

Dubuque Folklore II

The Old Lady in Dubuque, A recollection, by Albert Kwasky, 1979

The Old Lady in Dubuque's Other Son - The Odd One, by Albert Kwasky, 1984.

The Old Ladyin Dubuque's Twon, A Memory Diary, by Albert Kwasky, 1991.

The Old Lady in Dubuque and Her Neighbors, by Albert Kwasky, 1999.

Photographs of Dubuque, Dubuque Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Dundee, Iowa Centennial 1887-1987.

Photos & Documents of Dunlap, Harrison County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Dyersville, Dubuque County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Celebrating Our Christian Heritage, Saint Francis Xavier Parish 125th Anniversary 1859-1984.

Photos & Documents of Dysart, Tama County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Bear Creek Unprogrammed Friends Meeting, Earlham, IA

St. Joseph Church, Earling, Iowa (Membership Directory) 1987; 1992; 2011;

Photos & Documents of Earling, Shelby Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Early, Sac Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

East Peru
Photos & Documents of East Peru, Madison County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Eldora, Hardin County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Elk Horn  
Elk Horn Community History

Velkommen to the Danish Windmill, Elk Horn, Iowa.

Elk Horn Lutheran Church, Directory, 2000

School In The Woods, the Story of an Immigrant seminary, by Thorvald Hansen, 1977.

Elk Horn, 1868-1918.

Photos & Documents of Elk Horn, Shelby Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Elliott, Iowa 1879-1979.

Photos & Documents of Emerson, Mills County, Iowa. [collected photos]

The Democrat 125, 1882-2007.
Celebrating 150 Years 1858-2008.
Emmetsbur Democrat Christmas Souvenir, 1895 [reprint]
Photos & Documents of Emmetsburg, Palo Alta County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Progress Is Our Future 1881-1981, Earling, Iowa centennial book.

Centennial History Essex, Iowa 1870-1970

Photos & Documents of Estherville, Emmet Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

100 Years in Exira, 1857-1957, History & Program for Centennial Celebration.

Nishna Valley shared Ministry, Exira Lutheran Church, Brayton Evangelical Lutheran Church, Hamlin Lutheran Church,

Photos & Documents of Exira, Audubon Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Exline, Appanoose County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Fayette, Fayette County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Festina, Winneshiek Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Times Remembered, Fontanelle, Bridgewater-Fontanelle School History 1857-1994.

Photos & Documents, Fontanelle, Adair County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Forest City
Photos & Documents of Forest City, Winnebago & Hancock County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Fort Atkinson
Photos & Documents of Fort Atkinson, Winneshiek County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Fort Dodge
Photos & Documents of Fort Dodge, Webster County, Iowa [collected photos]

Fort Madison
Telephone Directory 1958;

Photos of D. Loren Davis Family of Fort Madison, Lee county, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Galva, Ida County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Garner, Hancock Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Gilmore City
Photos & Documents of Gilmore City, Humboldt & Pocahontas County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Glenwood, Mills Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Glidden, Carroll county, Iowa. [collected photos]

Graettinger, Our Past is Shaping Our Future, Centennial 1893-1993.

Scrapbook of newspaper articles of Gray, Templeton and Halber Centennial Celebrations.

Photos & Documents of Greene, Butler County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Greene County  
Past and Present of Greene County, Iowa, by E. B. Stillman

First United Presbyterian Church, Centennial 1974.

Greenfield Methodist Church, One Hundreth Anniversary.

United Methodist Church, Sesquicentennial Souvenir Book, 2009.

Photos & Documents, Greenfield, Adair County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Gibson, Britten & Kralik Families of Greenfield, Fontanelle and Creston, Iowa. [collected photos]

Green Mountain
Green Mountain, Iowa, Centennial Year 1983.

Photos & Documents of Grindstone, Unknown county, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Grinnell, Poweshiek County, Iowa. [collectd photos]

Grundy Center
Photos & Documents of Grundy Center, Grundy County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Grundy County
Photos & Documents of Grundy County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Guthrie Center  
A Record History, Biography, Memory, Pioneer Times and People, 1932.

Photos & Documents of Guthrie Center, Guthrie County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Guthrie County  
Guthrie County Centennial, 1851-1951.

Supplement Guthrie County Centennial 1953.

Photos & Documents of Guttenberg, Clayton Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Hardin County
Pictorial Atlas Hardon County Iowa, 1985.

Harlan Centennial Album 1979

Harlan City Directory and Map, R. C. Booth Enterprises - 1969; 1971; 1979; 1991; 1993;

1859-1934 Diamond Jubilee Anniversary, First Methodist Episcopal Church

First Methodist Church 1954, Harlan, Iowa

Our Church's First Century 1859-1959 First Methodist Church

Hearts Strangely Warmed, in Monroe-Harlan United Methodist Churches 1976

First United Methodist Church, Harlan, Iowa Directory 1987

Immanuel Lutheran Church, Harlan, Iowa, Directory, 1999

Saint Michael's Catholic Church, Harlan, Iowa (Membership Directory) 2010;

Service Record, World War 1 & 2, Harlan and Community.

Farm Payroll Ledger of Glenn Custer.

Photos & Documents of Harlan, Shelby Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Harlin, Shelby county, Iowa. Book 2 [collected photos]

Nishna Valley shared Ministry, Exira Lutheran Church, Brayton Evangelical Lutheran Church, Hamlin Lutheran Church,

Harrison County
Harrison County, Iowa History, 1981.

Harrison County, Iowa Directory 1905.

History of Harrison County, Iowa, by Hon. Charles W. Hunt, 1915.

Harrison County Plat Book - 1992;

Then and Now; A Pictorial History of Harrison County, Iowa, 1999.

Photos & Documents of Harrison County, Iowa. [collected photos]

100 Year History of Hartley, Iowa 1879-1979.

Photos & Documents of Hartley, O'Brien County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Preserving the Past, Facing the Future, Havelock, 1881-1981.

Photos & Documents of Haverhill, Marshall County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Hawarden Centennial 1887-1987, One Hundred years on the Right track.

Photos & Documents of Hawarden, Sioux County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Hawkeye, Fayette County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Henderson, Mills County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Henry County  
The History of Henry County, Iowa, by Henry County Bicentennial Commission

Photos & Documents of Hepburn, Page Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Herrold, Webster County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Holstein, Ida County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Holstein Centennial Book 1882-1982.

Holstein Centennial Book Update, 1982-1991.

St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church, 95th Anniversary 1883-1978.

St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church Centennial, 1883-1983.

Photos & Documents of Homestead, Iowa Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Hopkinton, Delaware County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Howard County  
Our Veterans In War & Peace, Volume 1 & 2, by Ray McGee, Marge McGee & Gene Aberg, 1999.

Photos & Documents of Hudson, Black Hawk County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Humboldt, Humboldt County, Iowa. [collected photos]

The Huxonian, Huley Centennial 1882-1982.

Ida County
Our Heritage, History of Ida County, 1977.

Id County, Iowa 186-1996.

Ida Grove
Photos & Documents of Ida Grove, Ida Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Independence, Buchanan County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Indianola, Warren County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Inwood, Lyons Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Iowa City  
Plum Grove, Home of the First Governor of the Territory of Iowa.

Iowa City, A Sense of Place Volume II, by Bob Hibbs, 2006.

Photos & Documents of Iowa City, Johnson County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Iowa Falls
Photos & Documents of Iowa Falls, Hardin County, Iowa. [collected photos]

St. Paul's Lutheran Church 1881 - 1971.

St. Paul's Lutheran Church, The First Hundred Years, 1881-1981.

St. Paul's Lutheran Church Directory, 2009.

United Methodist Church: Irwin, Kirkman, Defiance Directory, 1996.

United Methodist Church, Centennial Service, October 4, 1981.

Culture of a Contemporary Rural Community, Irwin, Iowa, by Edward O. Moe & Carl G. Taylor, 1942.

Persistence and Change in rural Communities, A 50 Year Follow-up to Six Classic Studies, by A. E. Luloff & R. S.
Krannich, 2002.

Sale Catalog of Short-Horn Cattle from the Clover Brook Herd, Property of G. E. Heck, Irwin, Iowa, (1908)

Photos & Documents of Irwin, Shelby Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Jacksonville, Iowa, by Mae Petersen & Marlene Hansen 1997

Nature Class Garden Club

Jasper County
Photos & Documents of Jasper County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Prairie Grass Roots, An Iowa Small Town in the Early Twentieth Century, by Thomas J. Morain, 1988.

Trinity Lutheran Church, Jefferson, Iowa, Directory 2001;

U-go I-go Club.

Photos & Documents of Jefferson, Greene County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Jefferson County  
Illustrated Historical Atlas The State of Iowa 1875 (Reprint of the Jefferson County Portion)

Standard Atlas of Jefferson County, Iowa Geo. A. Ogle & Co. 1909 (Reprint)

Jefferson County, Iowa Centennial History 1776-1876

Jefferson County, Iowa Probate Index 1839-1890, by Verda J. Baird 1982

Photos & Documents of Jesup, Buchanan & Black Hawk Counties, Iowa. [collected photos]

Jewell, the Gem, 1881-1981 [Centennial book]

Photos & Documents of Johnston, Polk County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Joice, Worth County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Kalona, The First Century 1879-1979.

Photos & Documents of Kalona, Washington County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Ministerial Book Betania Norwegian Lutheran Church, Kelley, Iowa, 1902-2002.

Saint John's Church in Keokuk, A History 1850 - 1975, by William L. Talbot.

Photos & Documents of Keokuk, Lee County, Iowa. [collected photos]

The Keosauqua Experience, Thje First 150 Years, 1839-1989.

Photos & Documents of Keosauqua, Van Buren County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Business Ledger of Kimballton Hardware Store circa 1921.

Business Ledger of Kimballton Store circa 1940.

Immanuel Lutheran Church, Kimballton, Iowa, 1991.

Our Town, Kimballton, Iowa.

Scrapbook of WW2 Kimballton Soldiers.

Social Hour Club, Club Records, Photos and Members.

Photos & Documents of Kimballton, Audubon County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Unforgetable, The Biography ofCapt. Thomas J. Flynn, by Alice M. Flynn, 2011.

Kingston - Yesterday and Today, by Harold Linder

Kirkman Iowa, Celebrating Our Heritage For Over 100 Years.

John S. Kimball and Son, Dispersion Sale, Aberdeen-Amgus Cattle, June 8, 1949.

Photos & documents of Kirkman, Shelby Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Kiron, Crawford County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Knoxville, Marion County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Lake City
Photos & Documents of Lake City, Calhoun Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Woodlawn Christian Church, The First Hundred Years, 1865-1965

Lake Manawa  
The History of Lake Manawa 1881-1981, Official Centennial Edition

Lake Mills
Growing Up in the Old Parsonage, by Frida R. Nilsen, 1975.

Lake View  
Lake View Centennial, 1880 - 1980.

Centennial Memories, 1980.

LaMoille, Iowa, A History, by Wendell B. Benson, 1985.

Photos & Documents of Lamoni, Decatur Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Lanesboro Garden Club.

Photos & Documents of Lanesboro, Carroll County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Larrabee Centennial 1887-1987.

Our Heritage, A Historical Booklet About Lawton, Iowa and Its People.

Lee County  
Soil Survey of Lee County, Iowa,

Le Mars
Photos & Documents of Le Mars, Plymouth County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Telephone Directory 1952; 1952b; 1956; 1957; 1958; 1959; 1960; 1961; 1962; 1965;

Photographs of Lenox, Taylor Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Lewis, Pottawattamie County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Lidderdale, Carroll County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Lincoln Center  
Bicentennial, Strand, Lincoln Center, Carbon, Mt. Etna Quincy, 1776-1976.

Photos & Documents of Littleport, Clayton County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Little Sioux
Bicentennial History of Little Sioux Township, 1976.

Photos & Documents of Little Sioux, Harrison Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Locust Grove
Locust Grove Landmarks 1871 - 1971, Locust Grove Twp., Fremont County, Iowa.

Telephone Directory, 1952; 1959;

Photos & Documents of Logan, Harrison County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Lohrville Centennial Days, 1981.

Photos & Documents of Lowell, Henry County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Macedonia, Pottawattamie County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Madison County  
The Bridges of Madison County, the Film.

Reflections of Madison County, A Visual Journey, by Mark F. Heffron.

Reflections of Madison County, A Visual Journey, by Mark F. Heffron, 1994.

Madrid Centennial 1883-1983.

Photos & Documents of Madrid, Boone County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Magnolia, Harrison County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Mallard, Psalo Alto County, Iowa [collected photos]

Mallard, Iowa 100 Years, 1882-1982.

Memories of Mallard (Centennial Program).

Photos & Documents of Malvern, Mills County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Manchester, Delaware County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Manilla Community Folks & Facts, 1886-1986.

Photos & Documents of Manilla, Crawford Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

We Can Remember, Manning, Iowa 1881 - 1981

We Will Remember June 18-19-20, 1981

Manning Iowa, Pages of Time 1881-2006.

Manning Heritage Kalendar, 1993.

Lift High The Cross, Zion Lutheran Church, Manning, Iowa 1900-2000.

Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Directory.

Zion Lutheran Church, Directory, 1999, 2004

Echoes, Reflections of a Hometown Heritage, by Jay N. Musfeldt, 2006.

Photos of Manning, Iowa. [collected photos]

Manning United Methodist Church, 125th Anniversary booklet.

A Brief History of Manson, Iowa, Observing Its Centennial, July 20-23, 1972.

Manson Journal, Centennial Edition, 1872-1972.

Maple River
Saint Francis of Assisi Parish 1904-1979.

Photos & Documents of Marquette, Clayton Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Mapleton, Monona County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Maquoketa, Jackson & Clinton Counties, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Marathon, Buena Vista County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Marion, Linn County, Iowa. [collected photos]

The First Century, A history of Marne, Iowa, 1875-1975.

Marshall County
Past and Present of Marshall County, Iowa, by Judge William Battin & F. A. Moscrip, Vol. 1 & 2, 1912.

Marshalltown Woman's Club.

Photos & Documents of Marshalltown, Marshall County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Mason City
Photos & Documents of Mason City, Cerro Gordo Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Neighbors, 150 Years of Mason City Heritage.

Mason City, As Seen Through the History of Its Neighborhoods.

Photos & Documents of Maxwell, Story County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of McGregor, Clayton County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Mediapolis, Des Moines County, Iowa. [collected photos]

But Of Course They Were irish, History of Melrose, iowa, by Evelyn Sinclair Tierney, 1984.

Photos & documents of Milford, Dickinson County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Millville, Clayton County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Minden, Pottawattamie County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Mingo, Iowa 1884-1984.

Missouri Valley
Photos & Documents of Missouri Valley, Harrison County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Montgomery County -
History of Montgomery County, Iowa 1881

Cavalcade of a Century, Montgomery County, Iowa 1853-1953.

Rural Schools of Montgomery County, by Elaine Corbin Artlip.

Watermills of Montgomery County, Iowa, 2000.

Photos & Documents of Monticello, Jones County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Mount Ayr
A Centennial History, Mount Ayr, Iowa, 1875-1975.

Mount Etna
Bicentennial, Strand, Lincoln Center, Carbon, Mt. Etna Quincy, 1776-1976.

Mount Pleasant
Photos & Documents of Mount Pleasant, Henry County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Mount Vernon
A Centennial History of Mount Vernon, Iowa, 1847-1947.

Photos & Documents of Mount Vernon, Linn County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Moville, Woodbury County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Celebrating Our 100th Year, Murray, Iowa 1868-1968

Photos & Documents of Muscatine, Muscatine County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Nashua, Chickasaw County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Neola, Pottawattamie County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Nevada, Story County, Iowa. [collected photos]

New Boston
Photos & Documents of New Boston, Lee County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Newell, Buena Vista County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Newhall, Iowa 1882-1982 the First Hundred Years

New Hampton
Photos & Documents of New Hampton, Chickasaw County, Iowa. [collected photos]

New Hartford
Photos & Documents of New Hartford, Butler County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Newton, Jasper Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

North Tama
They Came to North Tama, by Janette Stephenson Murray, 1953.

Photos & Documents of Northwood, Worth County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Oakdale, Johnson County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Centennial History Book, Oakland, Iowa 1882 - 1982

The Nickel Machine, by John M. Harrison.

Photos & Documents of Oakland, Pottawattamie Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

O'Brien County
The First 100 Years O'Brien County.

Photos & Documents of Ocheyedan, Osceola County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Fifty Years of Progress, The Odebolt Chronicle, 1938.

Photos & Documents of Odebolt, Sac County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Oelwein, Fayette County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Ogden, Boone Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Okoboji, Dickinson County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photographs of Onawa, Monona Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Osage, Mitchell County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Oskaloosa, Mahaska County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Ottumwa, Wapello Co., Iowa [collected photos]

Ottumwa, One Hundred Years a City, by James C. Taylor, 1948.

Page County  
Soil Survey of Page County, Iowa 1978

Centennial Memories June 8-9-10, 1984, Panama Iowa 1884-1984.

Photos & Documents of Panama, Shelby Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

St. Mary of the Assumption, Directory, 1997, 2005,

View To the future, 75 Years of People and Progress at Pella Corporation.

Photos & Documents of Pella, Marion County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Perry, Dallas County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Persia Centennial, 1883 - 1983.

Photos & Documents of Peterson, Clay County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Pierson, Woodbury County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Plainfield, Bremer County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Pleasant Plain
Memories and Glimpses from "Old" to "New" Pleasant Plain, Iowa 1976.

Photos & Documents of Plymouth, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Poesta, Dubuque County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Polk County
Des Moines and Polk County, Flag on the Prairie, by Barbara Beving Long, 1988.

Perspectives of Polk County History, by Dr. Robert R. Denny, LeRoy G. Pratt & Dr. Bill M. Clark.

The Story of a Storm, A History of the Great Tornado at Pomeroy, Calhoun County, Iowa, 1893.

Photos & Documents of Pomeroy, Calhoun County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Poplar, Shelby Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Poplar, Iowa, 1985 [centennial book].

Saint Mary Our Lady of Fatima, Directory, 1996; 2008.

Rules for the Government of the Town of Portsmouth, Iowa 1893.

Nature Magazine, Volume 45 Number 6. [Article about the Portsmouth Tornado]

Photos & Documents of Portsmouth, Shelby Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Pottawattamie County
Biographical History of Pottawattamie County, Iowa, 1891.

History of Pottawattamie County, Iowa, 1882.

Index to History of Pottawattamie County, 1907.

Prairie City
Prairie City, Iowa, Three Seasons at Home, by Douglas Bauer

100 Years of Progress, Preston, Iowa Centennial 1870-1970.

Quimby Centennial 1887-1987.

Photos & Documents of Quimby, Cherokee County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Bicentennial, Strand, Lincoln Center, Carbon, Mt. Etna Quincy, 1776-1976.

Photos & Documents of Radcliffe, Hardin County, Iowa. [collected photos]

West Central, 1933-2008, Seventy-Five Years of History.

Redline Church of Christ, 1894-1994.

Red Oak
Photos & Documents of Red Oak, Montgomery Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Red Rock
Red Rock, Iowa, Annals of a Frontier Community 1843-1969, by Harriet Heusinkveld

Photos & Documents of Reinbeck, Grundy County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Rembrandt, Buena Vista County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Oldest Town in Keokuk County, Richland, Iowa 1776-1976

Authentic 1906 Souvenir Edition of Hot Shots.

Sunday Afternoon on the Porch, by Everett W. Kuntz & Jim Heynen, 2008.

Ringgold County  
Soil Survey of Ringgold County, Iowa 1992

Photos & Documents of Rockford, Floyd County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Rockwell City
Rockwell City's 100 Golden Years and Calhoun County History

Roselle Holy Angels Parish Centennial 1874-1974.

Holy Angels of Roselle Directory 1999;

Royal, Iowa 1900-1975

Runnells, 1981 - 2006.

Sac City
Reflections, Sac City Quasicentennial 1855-1980.

Remembering Sac City's Quasquicentennial.

Photos & Documents of Sac City, Sac Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Sac County
History and Government of Sac County, by Leslie T. Freese, 1978.

Pictorial Atlas of Sac County, Iowa, 1993.

Photos & Documents of Sac County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Saint Ansgar
Onions, Cabbage and Potatoes at St. Ansgar, Iowa,.

Saint Olaf
Photos & Documents of Saint Olaf, Clayton County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Sand Springs
Photos & Documents of Sand Springs, Delaware County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Schleswig in Iowa, by Larry Grill.

Photos & Documents of Schleswig, Crawford Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

The Wednesday Club

Vardeis Club

Photos and Documents of Shelby, Shelby County, Iowa. [collected photos]

100 Years Shelby, 1870-1970.

Shelby County
Shelby County, Iowa Directory 1972, 2002, 2005,

My Paw Was A Great Dane, by R. E. Rasmussen

Financial Report for Shelby County 1939; 1941; 1942; 1943; 1945; 1948; 1949; 195; 1951; 1953; 1955; 1956; 1957;
1958; 1959; 1960; 1961; 1962; 1963; 1964; 1965; 1966; 1967; 1968; 1969; 1985-86,

Shelby County, Iowa Comprehensive Plan: 1992.

Soil Survey, USDA

Shelby County Courthouse 1892-1992

Peekin' into the Past, A Pictorial History of Shelby County, Iowa 1999

Soil Survey Shelby County, Iowa 1961

A Look at Shelby County - 1974

Biographical History of Shelby and Audubon Counties, Iowa - W. S. Dunbar & Co., 1889

Shelby County Historical Settlement, Potters Park, Harlan, Iowa

Shelby Map and Directory - 1951/52; 1957/58; 1959/60; 1963/64; 1965/66;

Sheldon Area Centennial, Sheldon, Iowa, 1872-1972.

Photos & Documents of Sheldon, O'Brien County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Shellsburg, Benton County, Iowa. [collected photos]

1871-1971 Shenandoah Centennial Souvenir Booklet

Kitchen Klatter Magazine: various 1974-1985.

Photos & Documents of Shenandoah, Page Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Shipley, Remember When...[school history]

Photos & Documents of Sibley, Osceola County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Let's Read About Sidney, Iowa.

Photos and Documents of Sidney, Fremont County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Sioux Center
Photos & Documents of Sioux Center, Sioux County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Sioux City  
For God and Country, Gold Star Mother's Book.

Photos & Documents of Sioux City, Woodbury Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Sioux County
The Story of Sioux County, by Charles L. Dyke, 1942.

Atlas & Farm Directory - 1970;

Sioux Rapids
Photos & Documents of Sioux Rapids, Buena Vista Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Sioux Rapids, In the Valley of Beauty, 1855-2005.

Sioux Rapids Centennial 1855-1955.

Photos & Documents of Smithland, Woodbury County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Soldier, Monona County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Spencer, Clay Coiunty, Iowa. [collected photos]

Centennial of Spencer, Iowa 1871-1971.

Photos & Documents of Spillville, Winneshiek Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Spirit Lake
Photos & Documents of Spirit Lake, Dickinson County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Spring Branch
Photos & Documents of Spring Branch, Delaware County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Lest We Forget, A History of Stanton, Iowa, 1989-1990.

Photos & Documents of Stanton, Montgomery County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Storm Lake
Photos & Documents of Storm Lake, Buena Vista Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Storm Lake Iowa Centennial, Official History and Program, 1873-1973.

Story County
History of Story County, Iowa, by William G. Allen, 1887/1975.

Photos of Myrtle Olive Achenbach of Strahan, Mills County, Iowa.

Bicentennial, Strand, Lincoln Center, Carbon, Mt. Etna Quincy, 1776-1976.

Struble Iowa Centennial 1890-1980, A Place To Come Home To.

Photos & Documents of Stuart, Guthrie & Adair Counties, Iowa. [collected photos]

Lindsay Family Photos of Stuart, Iowa. [collected photos]

History of Stuart, Iowa, 1870-1970.

Photos & Documents of Sumner, Bremer County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Tabor, Fremont County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Tama, Tama County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Taylor County
Rural Resident Directory, 1974; 1976; 1980; 1982;

A Century of Memories, Templeton, Iowa 1882-1982

Beyond a Century, Templeton Iowa 1882-2007.

Templeton Telephone Directory, 1951.

Photos & Documents of Templeton, Carroll Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

The Way It Was, Tenville, Iowa, by Elaine C. Artlip, 2012.

Photos & Documents of Thornton, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Tiptpn, Cedar County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Toddsville, Linn Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Toledo, Tama County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Those Were the Days 1873-1973.

Traer's Quasquicentennial 1873-1998.

Photos & Documents of Treynor, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Tripoli, Bremer County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Truesdale, Buena Vista Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Union County  
Illustrated Centennial Sketches, Map and Directory of Union County, Iowa, 1876.

Photos & Documents from Unknown Locations, probably Iowa. [collected photos]

Golden Anniversary, 1898-1948, St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Ute, Iowa.

Vail Centennial 1967

Saint Ann's Parish 1878-1978 Vail, Iowa

Van Meter
Centennial History

Van Wert  
A Century of Memories, Van Wert, Iowa 1880-1980

Photos & Documents of Villisca, Montgomery Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Vincent, Webster County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Vinton, Benton Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

History of Wadena 1897 - 1972.

Walnut Memoirs, by Roma Lehnhardt Arndt 1966.

Photos & Documents of Walnut, Pottawattamie Co., Iowa [collected [photos]

Photos & Documents of Washington, Washington County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Orange Township Lore Pieced Into Patchwork, by Ida B. Snavely 1966.

Photographs of Waterloo, Black Hawk Co., Iowa [collected photos]

T Remembers, A 2nd Time Around, by  Loren E. Thomas, 1992.

Photos & documents of Waukon, Allamakee County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Waverly, Bremer County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Webster City
Photos & Documents of Webster City, Hamilton County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Webster County
Origins of Fracture Patterns and Insoluble Minerals in the Fort Dodge Gypsum, Webster County, Iowa, by David Thomas
Hayes, 1986.

Photos & Documents of Wellman, Washington County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Wellsburg, Grundy County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Wesley, Kossuth County, Iowa. [collected photos]

St. Joseph Catholic Church, Wesley, Iowa 1891-1991.

West Bend
A Pictorial Story of the Grotto of the Redemption.

Photos & Documents of West Bend, Kossuth Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

West Branch
Historical Materials in the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library, 1996.

Photos & Documents of West Branch, Cedar & Johnson Counties, Iowa. [collected photos]

West Des Moines  
St. Francis of Assisi, Membership Directory; 2005.

West Des Moines, From Railroads to Crossroads, 1893-1993.

West Gate
Photos & Documents of West Gate, Fayette County, Iowa. [collected photos]

West Okoboji
Photos & Documents of West Okoboji, Dickinson Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

History of Westphalia 1872-1972.

Tell It Like It Was, Westside Centennial Pageant 1869-1969.

Photos & Documents of Westside, Crawford Co., Iowa. [collected photos]

Westside Centennial, 1869-1969.

What Cheer
Photos & Documents of What Cheer, Keokuk County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Whiting, Monona County, Iowa. [collected photos]

St. Mary's, Willey 1882-1982.

Henry Wildasin's Revised History of Wilton, Iowa.

Photos & Documents of Winterset, Madison county, Iowa. [collected photos]

History of Wiota, Iowa 1873-1973, Memories of the Past and Dreams of the Future.

Photos & Documents of Woodbine, Harrison County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Through The Years Woodward Iowa Centennial, 1883-1983.

Photos & Documents of Woodward, Dallas County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Photos & Documents of Worthington, Dubuque County, Iowa. [collected photos]

Yale's 100 Yesteryears, 1882-1982.
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