History of Colorado, Vol. 1-3, by Wilbur Fisk Stone, 1918

Adams County
Adams County, Colorado, A Centennial History, 1902-2002, by Albin Wagner, 2002.

Ticket to Toltec, by Doris B. Osterwald, 2007.

Fairmont, Historic Colorado, by David Fridtjof Halaas, 1976.

Palmer Lake
Palmer Lake, A Historical Narrative, by Marion Savage Sabin

Pikes Peak
Shattered Dreams on Pikes Peak, Jones Park, Lake Moraine and Seven Lakes, by Ivan W. Brunk

South Cheyenne
In South Cheyenne Canon, with Pen and Camera

South Park
Bayou Salado, The Story of South Park, by Virginia McConnell Simmons

Westminster - Westminster, Then and Now, by Marion Smith
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