This section will catalog many misc. ledgers that have come into the libraries possession. Some will be for fraternal
organizations, clubs, tax assessors records, businesses, school board, or any other source.

Adams County, Illinois Court Ledgers (3) for Frank M. Dang, Justice of the Peace - Court cases from January 5,
1941 through December 31, 1941; June 17, 1953 through September 19, 1953; August 11, 1954 through March 11, 1955

Ashland, New Hampshire, District No. 1 Property Tax Ledger 1880

Ashland, New Hampshire, district No. 1 Property Tax Ledger 1913

Farmington, Ontario Co., NY School District No. 8
1906 Tax Ledger sheet and warrant

Lewis Township, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania 1908 Ledger of the Collector of Taxes - List property
owners, acres, valuation, county and bond tax, dog tax, etc.

Oneida Castle (Town of Vernon), New York Property Tax Ledger - Unknown year.

Order of the Eastern Star, Longfellow Chapter, So. Portland, Maine - Entries from November 9, 1917 through
September 25, 1925

Patriotic Order Sons of Amercia, Camp 597 - Entries from Sept. 1891 through June 24, 1921. This Camp is possibly
Rehrersburg, PA

Prescott, Iowa - 1921 Tax Ledger pages and original receipts.

St. Hedwig's Young Women's Club - Covering the organizational meeting Feb. 6, 1950 through October 29, 1956.
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