Iowa Government Reports

Annual Report of the State Dairy Commissioner: 1889;

Annual Report of the Board of Dental Examiners: 1889;

Code of Iowa, 1958 Volume 1, 2 & Index;

Discovering Historic Iowa Transportation Milestones.

Private, Local and Temporary Acts passed at the Regular Session of the General Assembly: 1874;

Biennial Message of Horace Boies, Governor of Iowa to the Twenty Fourth General Assembly, January 1892.

Annual Report of the Auditor of State, of the State of Iowa of Insurance: 1892;

Biennial Report of the Trustees of the Iowa Industrial School: 1889;

Iowa Mine Inspector Biennial Report, Vol. 1 pt. 1-2, Aug. 18. 1850 - June 1, 1883.

Official Register - 1897; 1898; 1906; 1909-10; 1911-12; 1913-14; 1955-56; 1983-84;

Report of the Custodian of Public Buildings and Property: 1888/89; 1890/91;

Messages and Proclamations of the Governors of Iowa, Volume 6, Governors Larrabee and Boies

Railway Tariffs and the Interstate Commerce Law: 1887;

Biennial Report of the Warden of the Penitentiary at Fort Madison: 1889;

Annual Report of the Iowa Weather and Crop Service: 1890;
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