Family Histories X-Z

The Background of Mary Alice (Sharpe) Yalden Thomson and Alexander Beatty Sharpe Jr., Their Book, 1940.

Yale Genealogy and History of Wales, by Rodney Horace Yale 1908 [RP files]

The Yasui Family of Hood River, Oregon by Dr. Robert S. Yasui

William Yates and his Descendants, 1906

Genealogical Information Regarding the Families of Hornberger and Yingling, by Claude J. Rahn, 1951.

Pa, Ma & Me by Adolph Yoss, Jr.

Roots and Branches of Jodocus, A Genealogy of the Joss (Yoss) Lineage by Fred L. Yoss

Young -
The Genealogical History of Kristin Michelle Wentrcek, The Wentrcek, Cooley, Young, Kosh and Allied
Families by E. A. Wentrcek

Dr. William P. Chambers: A Study of His Ancestors, Descendants and Allied Families of Young and Gammel, by Craig A.

Brigham Young his Wives and Family, by Kate B. Carter

Our Young Family, by Norman F. Young, 1992.

Virginia Diaspora - Southern Bensons and Related Families: McCracken, Dickson, Scruggs, Clack, Foster, Davis,
Youngblood, Patterson, Harwell, Hume, Fowler, many more...and Civil War Memoirs of Lt. Peru Hardy Benson,
C.S.A., and Dunkle's 1869 List of "The Immortal Six Hundred" Prisoners of War by Guida M. Jackson-Laufer, PhD

Younglove -
An Emerson - Benson Saga The Ancestry of Charles F. Emerson and Bessie Benson And the Struggle to Settle the
United States, Including 194 Allied Lines. Major Families: Barrows, Besse, Blanchard, Bloss, Booth, Chittenden, Ford,
Freeman, Hafford, Hall, Johnson, Joslyn, Lewis, Lord, Lyman, Merrill, Moulton, Perry, Rogers, Safford, Shaw, Spear,
Stevens, Sumner, Woodward, and Younglove by Edmund K. Swigart

Youngs Family, Vicar Christopher Yonges, His Ancestors in England and his Descendants in America, by Selah Youngs
Jr., 1907.

descendants of John Philip Zaring, by Leonora Zaring Morford & Wilson Miles Zaring, 1985.

The Zarings of Kentucky, by Wilson Miles Zaring & Charles Thomas Zaring, 1983.

The Zartman Family 1692 - 1942, by Rev. Rufus Calvin Zartman [RP files]

Twigs & Branches From the Zerfing Tree by Lawrence R. Zerfing

Family Documents of the Zilewicz Family.

Zimmerman's Family History, 1720-1988, by Ezra & Maria Zimmerman, 1988.

Zirkle -
Forerunners, A History or Genealogy of the Strickler Families Their Kith and Kin Including Kauffmans, Stovers,
Burners, Ruffners, Beavers, Shavers, Brumbachs, Zirkles, Blossers, Groves, Brubakers, Neffs, Rothgebs, and Many Early
Families of Shenandoah, Rockingham, Augusta, Frederick and Page Counties of the Shenandoah Valley by Harry M.

Our Family by Clara Zude Dormady

Ancestry and Descendants of Hans Wendel Zwecker, by Amanda Arbogast Forbes
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