Family Histories N-O

The Ancestry in The Netherlands and the Descendants in the United States of Henry Freeks Boekeloo and Pieter Jans
Naber, Immigrants to Ottawa, Kent, and Kalamazoo Counties, Michigan, by M. Robert B. Klinger and Ruth A. Klinger

Per Stripes, The John M. Nail family in Texas 1839-1995 by Reilly Nail

Hawley and Nason Ancestry Including the Following Contributory Lines: Welles, Hollister, Treat, Boothe,
Thompson, Caldwell, Staples, Tetherly, Coffin, Greenleaf, Brocklebank, Bartlett, Heard, McLellan, Patterson Being the
Ancestry in America of the Compiler by Elizabeth Hawley Everett

James Anderson Nation and Myrtle Della Sands, Their Ancestors, Descendants & Related Families, by Carole Clawson

The Ancestry of Joseph Neal 1769-1835 of Litchfield, Maine by Walter Davis Goodwin

Family Records of Branches of the Hanaford, Thompson, Huckins, Prescott, Smith, Neal, Lock, Swift, Plumer, Leavitt,
Wilson, Green, and Allied Families, by Mary Elisabeth Neal Hanaford

The Neal Records being a List of the Descendants of John Neale, one of the Early Settlers of Salem, Mass., by Theodore
Augustus Neal [RP files]

John Wesley Neal, Descendant and Ancestors 1653 to 1968, by Jesse Harold Neal & Mary Haller Neal.

The Ancestors of Gregg Livingstone Neel by Gregg Livingstone Neel.

Neel Family Tales, Life in Middle Tennessee at the Beginning of the 20th Century, by Judy Gattis Smith, 2007.

A Chronicle, Together with a little Romance regarding Rudolf and Jacob Näf, of Frankford, Pennsylvania and Their
Descendants, including and Account of the Neffs in Switzerland and America, by Elizabeth Clifford Neff 1886 [RP files]

A Genealogical Record of the Corliss Family of America including partial records of some of the families
connected by intermarriage among which are those of: Neff, Hutchins, Ladd, Eastman, Roby, Ayer, Kingsbury, Merrick,
Haynes, Messer, George, Hastings, Bailey, Davis, Dustin, Pattee, Hinds, etc. by Augustus W. Corliss

Forerunners, A History or Genealogy of the Strickler Families Their Kith and Kin Including Kauffmans, Stovers,
Burners, Ruffners, Beavers, Shavers, Brumbachs, Zirkles, Blossers, Groves, Brubakers, Neffs, Rothgebs, and Many Early
Families of Shenandoah, Rockingham, Augusta, Frederick and Page Counties of the Shenandoah Valley by Harry M.

Bickerstaff, Lindsay, Neill and Related Familiesby Sara Bussey Bickerstaff

A Genealogical Record of the Neiser-Hartman and Grant Families, by Wayne V. & Olive M. Parker, 1971.

Descendants of John Nelson Sr. & Mary Toby, Stafford County, Virginia 1740-1959 with Related Families by Olive Nelson

Descent of John Nelson and of his Children, by Temple Prime

On the Ancestral Trail, Volume 1 of the Nelson Family Story, by Herbert C. Nelson

Anthony Nelson, Seventeenth Century Pennsylvania and New Jersey and Some of his Descendants, by Elmer Garfield
Van Name 1962.

Sermon Preached at Portland, Maine at the Funeral of Rev. Ichabod Nichols D.D., Pastor of The first Church in Portland,
by Andrew P. Peabody 1859.

My Ancestors, by Meta Nemkey Willis, 1977.

Line of Nathan Nethers & Jemima Berry, by Mary Nethers Noyes and Dale Shaw Wright

Line of Arnold Nethers & Ellen Hoffman, Sarah Nethers & Walker Jenkins, Lucy Ann Nethers & Silas Jackson Monroe,
Rebecca Nethers & Pascal Jenkins, by Mary Nethers Noyes and Thelma Yowell Coppedge

Line of Rebecca Nethers & Pascal Jenkins, Part 1, by Mary Nethers Noyes and Thelma Yowell Coppedge

Line of Rebecca Nethers & Pascal Jenkins, Part Two, by Mary Nethers Noyes and Thelma Yowell Coppedge

Funeral Book of Annie Neuhaus.

Funeral Book of Peter William Neuhaus.

A Genealogical Record of the Descendants of Andrew Newbaker of Hardwick Township, Warren County, N. J., by Rev. A.
J. Fretz

The Newberry Family of Windsor, Connecticut in the line of Clarinda (Newberry) Goodwin of Hartford, Connecticut
1634-1866, by Frank Farnsworth Starr for James J. Goodwin

Six American Colonists, Thomas Newbold, William Rodney, George Hufford, Eberhard Ream, Edward Painter, Richard
Bridgeford And Their Descendants by Eunice Newbold Clark

Bloomsdale, Sketches of the Old-time Home of the John Newbold family with Genealogical Notes, by Helen Van Uxem
Cubberley, 1930.

The Ancestry of Floronne Leah Griffin, Including family lines for Griffin, Tridle, Newby, Bowen, Shirts, Finch, Comer,
Brosier, Harvey, Hawkins, Trittipo, Whittinger, Hussey, Bachiler, Smith, Canine and Farnsworth by D. Ray Kerchal 2000

The Newlin Family Ancestors and Descendants of John and Mary Pyle Newlin by Algie I. Newlin

The Newman Family, by William Alton Newman Sr. & James Wilson Newman Sr., 1992

John Edward Newsom and His Ancestors by E. Earl Newsom

Newton Genealogy, Being a Record of the Descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts
1638, by Ermina Newton Leonard 1915 [RP files]

Rev. Roger Newton Deceased 1683 and One Line of His Descendants by Caroline Gaylord Newton

Genealogical Notes [handwritten manuscript of the Miles & Hannah (Fowler) Newton Family]by Mrs. Ella (Newton)

A Bullard Family, Including Fisher, Pond, Jones, Rockwood, Corey, Richmond, Chamberlain, Edson, Hathaway, Newton,
etc., by Helen Bullard Krechniak, 1966

Richard Nichols, The Immigrant, by George E. Nichols, 1928.

The Clan Nicolson (Nicholson), by J. G. Nicholson.

An American Family, A Collection of Nicholson Family Letters and Memorabilia

The Benjamin F. Nickel Family, by Phyllis Ferrara, 1971.

Valentine Taylor Nickell and Mary Emily Amanda Harris and Their Family, by Lela Nickell Christian, 1986.

Moses H. Nickerson by Margaret E. Messenger

Stammbaum Der Famile Nieland, The Nieland Family Tree, by David A. Nieland, 1965.

Barker, A Search for my Ancestoers Including Related Families Names of Busby, Danis, Hacker, LaBruyere, Leavitt,
Nifong, Seat, Stiraman, Sizemore, Washington, and English Royalty by William E. Barker

The Nims Family: Seven Generations of Descendants From Godfrey Nims by Elizabeth C. Suddaby, Susan S. Oathout,
John H. Schultz

Nixon -
State of New York Memorial of the Legislature, Samuel Frederick Nixon Speaker of the Assembly 1899 to 1905

The History of the Ole Njos Family, by Charles J. Twomey, revised by Lois Schulte

Davis, Noble and Kinder Reunions and Family Records 1975

Back Through the Years 1941-1998, by Lydia H. Leid

Norby Family History (in Danish), by H. F. Ewald, 1907.

From Norway to Northome, Minnesota, Nord - Enlid, 335 years of Enli Family History, by Robert Burton Porter, 1980.

Norfleet, The actual experiences of a Texas Rancher's 30,000 mile transcontinental chase after five confidence men.

Nornholds in America by Richard T. Nornhold Jr.

Lineage and Biographies of the Norris Family in America From 1640 to 1892, by Leonard Allison Morrison

John North of Lincolnshire, England and his Descendants by M. O. North

Northrup - Northrop Genealogy, by A. Judd Northrup 1908 [RP files]

Genealogy of the Norwood, Hogg, Lovick, Benners and Howell, Garrett, Harrison Lines, by Alves Norwood Apperson

General John Norwood and Related Lines, by William Howard Norwood, James Harvey Norwood Sr. & Henry Offie
Norwood, 1964.

Eliphalet Nott by Codman Hislop

Noyes - Gilman Ancestry, Being a Series of Sketches with a Chart of the Ancestors of Charles Phelps Noyes and Emily H.
(Gilman) Noyes, His Wife, by Charles P. Noyes 1907 [RP files]

Genealogical Record of some of The Noyes Descendants of James, Nicholas and Peter Noyes 1634 - 1904 Volume 1
Descendants of Nicholas Noyes, by Col. Henry E. Noyes and Miss Harriette E. Noyes [RP files]

Genealogical Record of some of The Noyes Descendants of James, Nicholas and Peter Noyes, Volume 2, Descendants of
James and Peter Noyes, by Henry E. Noyes and Harriette E. Noyes [RP files]

Descendants of Reverend William Noyes, born England 1568, In Direct Line to LaVerne W. Noyes and Frances Adelia
Noyes-Griffen, by La Verne W. Noyes [RP files]

A Goodly Heritage (Autobiography), by Pierrepont B. Noyes 1958

Oneida Community, An Autobiography 1851-1876, by Constance Noyes Robertson 1970

Nycum Family by Norman Niccum and Homer C. Nycum

Edward/William Talbot of Cambridge, New York with Allied Lines of Seeley, Scofield, Nye, and Van Vranken by John
C. LaPiana

Walton Family Records 1598 - 1898 With its intermarriages the Oakes and Eatons 1644 - 1898 and the Proctor Family
1634 - 1898, by Josiah Proctor Walton [RP files]

The Family Tree of Friedrich Oberg, by Helen Cooper Howe, 1979.

The Descendants of Henry Martin O'Brien and his wife Lydia Houghton, With Sketches of the Families of O'Brien,
Houghton, Evelyn, Hely and Day, by Willis Harry Miller

Historical Memoir of The O'Briens, by John O'Donoghue [RP files]

History of the House of Ochiltree of Ayrshire, Scotland, by Clementine (Brown) Railey, 1916.

The Ochterloney Family of Scotland, and Boston, in New England, by Walter Kendall Watkins

Through The Hourglass, A History of the Families of Russell Turner Odell and Florence (Turner) Odell by Russell Turner

Genealogy of the Odiorne Family, by James Creighton Odiorne, 1875.

The Quaker Ogdens in America, David Ogden of ye Goode Ship "Welcome" and his Descendants 1682 - 1897, by Charles
Burr Ogden [RP files]

Ogden - Preston Genealogy, The Ancestor and Descendants of Captain Benjamin Stratton Ogden and his wife Nancy
(Preston) Ogden, by Josie Powell Stone and William Ogden Powell 1914

A Genealogy of the Henton, Hill, Kunkler, Van Meter and Wright Families  Plus Blanchan, Briscoe, Compton, De
Courcy, Du Bois, Morgan, Oldham, Rawlings, Sears, Strode and Swann by Ronald Lee Secord

Oldham - Harris  
History and Genealogies of the families of Miller, Woods, Harris, Wallace, Maupin, Oldham, Kavanaugh and Brown, by
William Harris Miller

The Mansfield Family of Jefferson County, Ohio and Related Families: Browning, Burns, Holmes, Kimball,
Oliver, Osterhous, Pumphrey, Roberts and Wilkin by Elizabeth Mansfield Johnson

Oliver Genealogy, A Record of the Descendants of Joseph, Reuben, and Levi Oliver of New York, Pennsylvania, and
Delaware 1727-1888, and of Pierre Elisee Gallaudet, M. D. of New Rochelle, New York 1711-1888, by Horace Edwin
Hayden 1888

History and Genealogies of the families of Miller, Woods, Harris, Wallace, Maupin, Oldham, Kavanaugh and Brown, by
William Harris Miller [RP files]

A Complete Record of the John Olin Family, by C. C. Olin, 1893.

The Ninth Reunion of the Olmsted Family held at "Pine Lodge" Lakewood, New Jersey September 15th, 1928

Charles and Ella Mae Sherman, Ancestors and Descendants 1433 - 1995, Sherman, Olney, Finley Families by Verlene
Vaughn Weber

The Olson Family Living History Notebook by Sharon Olson Babbitt

Our Homelands - The Olson Family by Sharon Olson Babbitt

The Lacey - Gardner - Olson Family History Notebook by Sharon Olson Babbitt

The Gardner - Olson Family History Notebook by Sharon Olson Babbitt

Johann Christofer Omieg (1814-1901) and His Descendants, by Robert W. Layton, 1999-2004.

The Omwakes of Indian Spring Farm, 1926.

Genealogy of the Onderdonk Family in America, by Elmer Onderdonk

The Op Dyck Genealogy, Containing the Opdyck, Opdycke, Opdyke, Updike American Descendant of the Wesel and
Holland Families by Charles Wilson Opdyke

Elijah Ormsbee by Edwin A. Pratt, A paper read before the New England Chapter, Steamship Historical Society of
America, at Providence, R. I. May 12, 1946

Ulster Pedigrees, Descendants in Many Lines of James Orr and Janet McClement Who Emigrated from Scotland to
northern Ireland ca 1607 by Ray A. Jones

Outlines of the Orvis Family, September 1913, by Francis W. Orvis

Descendants of Jacob Orwig & George Orwig by Elmer W. Orwig

Quaker Hill Series VIII Richard Osborn, by Margaret B. Monaham

Genealogy of the Osborn Family, by Henry Runyan 1891

The Mansfield Family of Jefferson County, Ohio and Related Families: Browning, Burns, Holmes, Kimball,
Oliver, Osterhous, Pumphrey, Roberts and Wilkin by Elizabeth Mansfield Johnson

The O'Toomeys of Croom, and their Descendants, by Thomas Noxon Toomey

Madeline Bird Otto, A Memorial, with Historical Data of the Bird, Bourne, Sparkes and Otto Families, by Arnold C. Otto

Samuel Overholtzer Of Virginia and Some of his Descendants by Helen Overholser Turn 1981 (Partial copy only)

The Family Search of Clarence Rice Owens by Katherine Bruce Jones
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